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Donnerstag, Dezember 25, 2003
The Boy who always cried "Fire!"
You know this story for children? It's about a Boy who always cries "Fire" and people come together and want to fight the fire and there isn't any, because the Boy lied. Finally, there is a real fire the Boy cries "Fire!" and noone comes, because they don't believe him anymore. The End depends on the bloodthirst of the storyteller, sometimes the Boy burnes and dies in the fire, sometimes it just finishes and leaves the Boys further life open.
In some undertones of local reporting, the US starts to become percieved a bit like this Boy. Calm down! I don'T say that people wish the US burn or such a shit, and most people also don't think they lie, but just are a bit over-panicking, but yes, there are people (and not just in Germany or Europe, also in the US!) who think the US just makes this up and use it for propaganda or to have a reason for the latest bombings.
So what happened?
Yesterday, the US warned the French because they had seen names of Al Quaeda suspect passengers on flights from Paris to LA. And while Dave is right that better a father comes for christmas to his family some hours late than never because he died from a terrorist attac, the french way seemed not have to been successfull.
What was the outcome of this?
The French are pissed, because none of the named suspects showed any suspect-factors. Means, none of them seemed suspect to the French investigators.
The Americans are pissed because they didn't like the French to handle it that openly, because now all other terrorists are warned.
The Passengers are pissed because they had to stay at the Airport for so long.
And the Boy called once more Fire when there was none.

So either the suspects just show a suspect pattern but aren't in any way connected to terrorists, or they are but can hide that good. That leaves the question open if the French Police would be able to find a terrorist in such a group.

But what it's sure is, that if incidents like this will happen more often, the reputation of the US will sink. Again, I don't say they make it up while knowing it better. I have no idea how high the risk level is, but I know it won't become smaller the more time Osama Bin Laden isn't found.

I *will* believe this tension was held on purpose, if George Bush will come out with Osama close to the elections.