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Donnerstag, Dezember 18, 2003
A Ban of religious signs on schools
I think something like this is what Germany will have pretty soon, too, but right now the French are doing it( which doesn't make it automatically to a bad thing). They ban headscarfs - even when I'm still convinced, they're not religious but political signs - but also huge crosses and Jewish skull caps.
I can live with that. Even when I know that banning anything Jewish is a different thing in Europe and would be even more in Germany.
But when you want Jewish religion treated the same as any other religion, it's just fair.
We do have a separation from state and religion in our "Grundgesetz" and to enforce this, it might be necessary to ban any religious signs besides some discreet stuff like a necklace with a small cross or something like that. I must admit, I find a skull cap pretty discreet, too, but I can understand to ban it, too, for the sake of fairness.
I also think religions should no longer be taught in state run schools. For two reasons:
What we call Religions here in Germany (don't know what other countries do) is either catholic or Lutheran. Any other religions just come up when mentioned, if the teacher likes to, but as long as we don't teach all of the main religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish, Muslim), we should not offer just one or two of them and neglect the others.
The other - why should the state have to do with making young children come into the hands of the church? If parents want their child to be educated in a religion, they should care for it out of school as it's done in many countries and as parents who don't believe in Christianity have to do, too.
This altogether would be understandable and taking all consequences, but I really doubt, any German government would be able to do this.
The opposition of course not, they wear the C in their name (CDU and CSU) and even when they love to forget it when it comes to "Naechstenliebe", they will remember it immediately when such a thing would be suggested.
The SPD? Well - somehow I doubt this, too. They would fear to loose all church oriented voters after such a thing, so they would keep their fingers off from this, too.
It is a fucking shame - what will be over will be some hectically knitted law which will forbid some stuff, allow some other stuff and noone would be able to understand what and why and it will be unfair and people will be right to be against it.