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Freitag, Dezember 12, 2003
Abdelghani Mzoudi is free
Hm, this is a strange story. This guy was arrested because he seemed to be a member of the group around Mohamed Atta in Hamburg. But well, he didn't end up in Guantanamo, he got to see a judge and this judge found - since here you are as long innocent until not prooven guilty - serious doubts if Mr. Mzoudi really was involved or nut just stupid and innocent.
Well, but now there comes a testimony from a "not to be named source" where it's said that he was of course not a member of the Hamburg cell.
It seems it's clear that this secret source must be Mr. Binalshibh, who is interrogated by the US right now.
It doesn't make things easier that Mounir al-Motassadek was just sentenced for exactly the same things, Mr. Mzoudi is said to have done.
It can't be that our services don't cooperate. It's to hear that US services just ask for informations but never give any themselves, on the other hand, where else should this come from? All other "prooven" members of the Hamburg Cell died in a plane that crashed into a house and killed up to 3000 people from all nationalities, genders, religions and social status.
Either the services should cooperate better or the work would be done from just one service (of course this would be the CIA) and all suspects have to be brought there.
But with Guantanamo and the Dilemma it stands for, they have disqualified themselves. Any mass murderer who would have poisoned some water source and murdered 4000 people would have a better perspective of seeing a judge than the guys without any status.