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Mittwoch, Dezember 31, 2003
Here's wishing a Happy One!
While parts of this world are already celebrating, here it's yet some hours in the future, but I wish all and everyone a Happy New Year and Health and whatever one wishes at such a time.

We just come back from a walk with Wondergirl and since it's Mr. Lillis birthday today, I'm on cooking-duty. We'll have a snack right now and some hot-stone Raclette-ish tonight. I bought a piece of nearly each eatable animal I could get right here so we'll have lots of fun with them, I guess.

The Fireworks will happen - as usual, without much participation of the Lilli family. I don's see the reason for spending enourmous amounts of money for stuff that makes "bang" and is literally blown away. No. We know how to scare the demons away. It worked for the last years and will also do for 2004.

In Cologne, there are lots of parties held, people celebrate in private, meet with friends or visit organized events with a Buffet and Champaigne, just like everyone likes and can afford. Most people come at midnight to the two inner-city bridges over the Rhine so that the complete traffic (the few cars that drive at that time) stands still but the bridge is full with thousands of people cheering, drinking and celebrating.

Yes, it's effing cold and pretty dangerous, because I don't believe the bridges are made for this use. I did it once some years ago and I must admit it's nice when at midnight all ships start hooting and all bells ringing (especially the big bells in the Cologne Cathedral), but I can have that at home, from my window, too, since I can see a part of the Cathedral from our Bedroom, we will have the original sight here and the total on TV.

We'll see if Wondergirl will wake up or just sleep through. The last years she didn't mind the New Year coming, but we'll see what will happen this night.

We'll have a nice glass of Champaigne (just Mr. Lilli and I) and will look what the New Year will bring. I hope for more fun, less work for me and more political success for both of us. Also I hope for Wondergirl that she keeps on developing that great she did before and that our financial situation stays as relaxed as it is right now. Is that too much to hope from a New Year?

Sheikh on Headscarfs
Even when the BBC claim, he bans them, I can't see that in toto, I must admit.
Let's get into it again - the French forbid big religious signs in Schools. Not more but also not less. And now the whole world wants to react. The Grand Sheikh of the al-Azhar mosque in Egypt, Sayed Tantawi said, that any Muslim woman is obliged to wear a headscarf.
Which is - by the muslim theoretics I know if not wrong than at least not consens in the Muslim world. Would it be demanded too much to make it visible that there are people who think it's different? We're not talking about average people, but professors and other prominent Muslim, but however, the Sheikh also claims that a Muslim has to obey the laws.
And f also France has a law that bans the scarf then it's okay for Mulsim women to obey this law and not wearing one.

That leaves the Muslim women in France having two possibilities. Either acting by french law and not wearing a headscarf at school, or using Democracy and electing people into french government who will ban this ban again and let them wear whatever they want in their head.

To me, this is some kind of a fair solution. I do think that religious signs don't have anything to do with school, as long it's not a religious school. I think, Germany might find to a similar solution and I bet the screams will be louder because of the German "Dark Past".
Bullshit. We're not talking past here, we're talking presence, so I do hope the government won't hear too much on this voices.

Dienstag, Dezember 30, 2003
Sorry, but could anyone please explain me what happened there? I'm serious, I really don't have an idea.

British Hooligans in Portugal?
I have no idea how a Hooligan is seen in the UK, but let me assure you - for me, Hooligans are really, really assholes. Completely. I've never met one who had more brain than the average wooden-bedpost. Several years ago there was a huge uproar in Cologne about a female Hooligan. And also she - I had the pleasure to meet her through a common friend (mine not for long) - was as dumb as a fish in a can.
So, yes, one could say I feel some amount of dislike against Hooligans. Here in Germany, most Hooligans are Nazis and deserve each hit they can get, but it can't be that a football team might be excluded from a European Cup, because some of the inhabitants of the country it's playing for, haven't made the final step from Ape to man, yet and behave as if they were still living in caves (And I bet, even then, the average behaved better and was not that dumb).

But this - not the cave but the exclusion - is what could happen to the British team. And why? Because of the British Hooligans. You might notice that I avoid to call them fans, because in my book, folks like them can't be fans at all, because they don't mind if they harm "their" team and this is not what a fan does.

So, what's the story behind me shouting? Actually it's pretty simple. The British Hoolinganassholes are well known and usually noone sells them a card if he wants his stadium still standing after they leave. But the Portugese don't mind and the British Police fears, the British Hooligans have bought cards via Internet for the Euro 2004 in Portugal.

Now some British Officials will go to Lisbon and try to talk with the Portugese about security.

Oh my! This must be so embarrassing for any British football fan (and I mean football, with a round ball, 22 players and played with feet and not this funny stuff the US calls football) that there are countries who have to be warned from people who call themselves also fan! Unbelievable. But yes, if there will be huge riots, the British team faces to be sent home because the Hooligans don't behave themselves (German link, Story from The Times, where I don't pay money and so don't get it to read.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hysteric football fan myself, but I don't mind anyone supporting any sports team of his and her choice. I also don't mind real fans who watch each and every game, training and TV-Spot with the supported team, but what I can't stand are people who make it necessary that there have to be hundreds of policemen watching each game and costing public huge amounts of money.

Terror Alert in Hamburg
Our media report, that not only Hamburg should be the target of Terrorists, but also Frankfurt Main Airport. While the Hospital in Hamburg and the area around has been searched through completely, the US states that there never have been brought US soldiers, while other sources claim that there just right now aren't any US soldiers from Iraq but have been before.

The US Military claims that there is no actual Terror Warning for the military part of Frankfurt Airport right at the moment.

The potential terrorists or at least some of them should be already in Hamburg, as US and German intelligence should have said. It's said the the Islamic suicide terror Group Ansar el Islam should have planned the attacs.

This all gets a strange taste when one puts in mind that it's just this Hamburg "Innensenator" Dirk Nocke who informed about this alert. He was also the one to mention the Airport, but neither the airport holders nor the Hesse government seem to be informed about the threat and there seems to be no higher security level right now. Nocke belongs to the former "Schill"-party, which is nicely to describe as right-leaning. That doesn't mean just a little bit republican, in Germany, leaning right is leaning there where the fascists and Nazis are. Otto Schily, German Innenminister, is a bit pissed that this uncertified warning has been given to public that early, but he can't drag it back right now. He claims that it would have been easier to investigat while not the whole world knows aht you're doing. Yeah, wasn't that the problem in France, too?

Let's assume, the threats are real and Nocke didn't make the up nor exaggerated, what does that tell us? I mean, how should a reasonable state as Germany (hrmph) react to such a threat? Should we now also fall in collective panic and ban everybody with black hair and dark skin, just when he looks a bit "strange"? Should we ignore the helpfull tipps from the US and the CIA and trust in German intelligence and police only?
No, of course none of the above would be a sensible answer.

I fear that some hysterics, like Otto Schily, now ask for even more "security" and more control of everyone's movement and even faster the possibility for better passports, better visa, more fingerprints and biometric stuff, but I doubt they will be the majority. Fact is - I think we do all we can. We react whenever there is a chance of danger, we try to be as prepared one can be against stuff like that and we all know - if there are enough people trying it hard enough they will be successfull. Whenever, wherever.
Suicide bombers will have some amount of success, simply because they don't mind their own lifes.

This is shown best in Israel/ Palestine. From what I know from people who have been there or still live there, they have a really high security and they are really more than aware that everywhere could be a suicide bomber. But these bombers still come through. Okay, some get caught by police before - and mostly kill themselves and way too often also innocent bystanders - but there are still always enough coming through to make it in our news. The same is IMO valid for the US and any country in the whole world. If you don't enforce total control of everyone with barcoding every single person, there is not such a thing as 100% safety.

And so I think, we already do enough. There is possibility, here and there, to improve things. For example the process of schieving a visa in german embassies is IMO poorly handled yet, but it will be improved, soon. We have worked on visa-security, but again - any paper is possible to fake. Whatever paper it is, it's just a question of the price and you can buy it illegal, so also here I think we do the best we can. More would mean loosing the relation between cost and use.

All links in German, an english link can be found here.

Terror Alert in Germany
In Hamburg Wandsbek people won't have a really nice end of the year, because the US intelligence has hinted to Germany that a Terror Group might plan a car bombing of the military hospital, where also American and allied soldiers from Iraq should be taken care for, at least that's what speculations say.

Four Letterbombs the last three days
Whew, is there someone wanting to the something special to the EU? Why else should it become hip to send letterbombs to EU officials? And how many conspiracy folks will see that also here, the CIA is involved?? *g*

Serious, please. What did happen?
The last days someone (or some people) sent four letterbombs. One reached her aim Romano Prodi, EU Comission President, and even with opening the letter/ parcel with his hands, the bomb was unable to injure him seriously.
Two other bombs were found before they could harm anyone, one was sent to Europol (European Police) and the other to Jean-Claude Trichet, the leader of the European Central Bank. On Tuesday morning there was found the fourth one in an office of Eurojust, who coordinates the EU fight against crime.

It was said, that at least two of the bombs were sent from Bologna.

While some think, it might be the same group who claimed responsibility for the explosions in Prodis Dustbin the week before, this is not yet clear and noone else claims to have done it, til now.

Montag, Dezember 29, 2003
Cuba calls Guantanamo Bay "Concentration Camp"
As the BBC report, Cuba is really unhappy with the Camp Guantanamo where the US held people captured they found in Afghanistan.
Actually now Cuba compares them with the Concentration Camps.
And in China a bag of rice hits the Ground.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of GB at all, but for the opinio of the US there is not much more irrelevant than what Cuba has to say.

Welcome Norvegians
As I see on my sitemeter, there are many Norvegians landing on my site because they're looking for "Kurt Nilsen".
Hello you! Make yourself comfortable here and be sure, I do cross my fingers for him to win, I think he was better than the US girl Kelly, even when she was really great, Kurt was outstanding.
update - here is the link you were looking for.

Elections in Serbia
I think it is a strange election when some of the main candidates are held in Prison by the EU in Den Haag for bad crimes against another countries population.
I was also reminded on Life of Brian when I saw there is one party called "Democrat Party" and another "Democratic Party of Serbia".
I also am not used to any party using the word "radical" in their name.
But well - in Serbia this all seems possible and was even elected.

The Serbian Radical Party got 81 seats and became so strongest single party. But this isn't enough to make a government when there are 250 seats at all, so who would be next?

Democratic Party of Serbia with 53 seats.
Democratic Party with 37 seats.
G 17 plus with 34 seats.
Serbian Renewal Movement - New Serbia with 23 seats.
Socialist Party of Serbia with 22 seats.

Well, at least what calls themselves Democrats get on total more seats that what calls themselves Radical.

I do hope, Serbia will come forward on its way into Europe as some other ex-jugoslavia countries are doing right now. The BBC also offers some Party Profiles for each party.

BSE, Creutzfeld-Jacobs, Mad Cow Disease, Scrapie
Where else would I find something about this if not on a UK website?
It came through our news, when the panic about the British Beef (and the netherlands and finally German, too) was starting, that usually older people get Creutzfeld Jacob which is similar to Alzheimers Disease, but in Great Britain there were several cases of young people in their thirties or even twenties who got diagnosed with Creutzfeld Jacob. Noone knew what could have happened that they got it that early, but they were told to have had one thing in common: all were pretty regular customers of Fast Food Restaurants provoding Hamburgers and other stuff with beef. I mean, is there any young person in Europe who doesn't know Fast Food Chains selling them? The Lilli family prefers Burger King to Mc Donalds, but we don't have the huge choice the Americans have.
Okay, so there was a theory but there was no person able to verify it because it would mean that there have been Mad Cows ages before and were never brought to attention. Is this possible? Sure it is!
The British Science Museum website explains at first, what Creutzfeld Jacob is and that it's in its old form, a rare illness of the Brain.
It's also claimed that there is (until now?) no cure for it.
Btw - what John wrote seems not completely correct to me. He said that one has to eat either the Brain or the spinal cord of an infected Cow to be in danger. From what I know, this is for several reasons not completely correct. First is that everywhere, especially when it comes to Burgers, there can be pieces of Brain and spinal stuff in the normal beef and that second it was never clear that you're safe when just eating muscle-flesh. They assume it might be so, but there is no Scientist willing to bet on it.
Here in Europe there went a small silm through the media showing an infected Cow and when you think, that BSE will make your brain into the same mess, you really start shuddering, at least I did.
The Science Museum makes also pretty clear that it's men's fault that this happens now.
Men fed vegetarian animals fodder with parts of other animals in it, which is on the one hand unnatural, on the other hand understandable because it makes them grow faster, but as I wrote before, maybe we all might just think about eating less beef and meat and dead animals in toto instead of trying to hold our animals into a contest for the biggest, fastest and most beef providing animal.

Sonntag, Dezember 28, 2003
Nobody knows where the cow came from
Well, here in Europe, since BSE, I think, we have a system that every new born cow is chipped and you can follow her life from birth til supermarket shelf. I have no idea if that helps, but we feel better now *g*.
Actually in the US there isn't such a system, neither is there one in Canada. It might have to do with the masses. I can imagine US beef need is a tad higher than the German numbers, so it might be that it's simply too much to regulate.
On the other hand it would help a lot if one knew exactly where this cow came from and where her beef was sold.
Well, I just buy two kinds of beef, either German (where I can read nearly everything about the cow on the package) or British (they already killed all Cows and started with healthy ones some years ago, so chances are good with that). American Beef will be on my personal Boycott list, but not for political reasons (as I keep saying, private-boycotting is politically bullshit) just to feel better.

Lord of the Rings
I'm not a huge fan of LOTR, actually. I know this is a shame for a Science Fiction and Fantasy fan like I am, but Tolkien does not really speak to me that much. I've read the books, I loved the Hobbit *g* but the rest is okay. It doesn't make me hysteric but it's okay, period.
But I know, there are many, many people who really loved this movie(s), among them for example Mr. Lilli. One of the characters I didn't like (and I know it was meant so) is Smeagle the Gollum. It kinda frightened me when I saw it the first time. But Glenn found a Gollum for me, I could lik. If you want to know, up with your sound and watch!
Really great and thank you, Glenn!

Samstag, Dezember 27, 2003
She's threatening, isn't she?
I mean, Bloogers-World is a nicer place with her keep on working her project and period. And now, she starts threatening to come back into the Blogworld, maybe to keep herself stored in her first category?

Robbie Williams (TM)
He has registred himself as a Trademark, which makes a lot of sense to me. He once claimed, people should go and suck his music from the net, since he has earned enough money. Well, I like his music so much, I pay for it in the stores because I want him to earn something for it.
While I'm not enthusiastic about VIVA but I really adore Charlotte Roche and I love the interviews she made with Robbie Williams. And, just like her (oh my, she's ten years younger than me!), I don't feel sexually attracted by Robbie Williams, all I feel for him is I want to feed him with cookies, hot tea and give him a blanket to cuddle in on my Couch. Am I becoming old?

Ich glaube, der nächste, der mir mit umflortem Blick "besinnliche Feiertage" wünscht, bekommt einfach mein Knie in den Unterleib (tut auch bei Frauen weh) gerammt. Ich kann es nicht mehr hören.
Warum kapiert Ihr es nicht - Weihnachten ist ein fröhliches Fest!
Ich meine, was feiern wir denn? So prinzipiell ist das eine Geburtstagsparty für das Baby, das vor gut 2000 Jahren geboren wurde. Und wie benehmt Ihr Euch auf so ner Party? Sitzt trübselig rum und habt Tränen in den Augen? Murmelt "Oh, da muss ich mich jetzt erst mal besinnen und nachdenken, was dem Baby so alles Schlechtes widerfahren kann"? Bekommt Depressionen, weil Euch und der ganzen Welt so viel Schlechtes passiert? Nee... auf so ner Party ist man fröhlich und freut sich. Freuen, Ihr Luschen (um Ausbilder Schmidt zu zitieren), nicht schlaffig rumhängen, weil man Weihnachten gefälligst "besinnlich" sein muss. Ich scheiss auf besinnlich, echt, nur weil Ihr Euch nicht richtig freuen könnt.
Sorry, meine niemanden besonders, aber das musst jetzt mal raus.

French Man to sue Disney over Nemo
There is this French author who claims to have written a story about a Clown Fish called Pierrot in 1995 in France and now he feels that in "Finding Nemo" he finds many important things from his story in the Topseller Movie. What does he do? Of course he sues Disney and Pixar, the producing studios. I'd do the same if I felt a story of mine had been used.
But... when does the plagiate start and when is it just inspiration? Is there a legally defined line? I think I've heard something like that about music, when you have seven or eigth tones in a row as another song, you plagiate, when not, it just has inspired you. How's that with stories?
I haven't watched finding Nemo at all and I don't plan to, I'm not so much into cinema at all and especially not into the annual Disney christmas stuff. Wondergirl will drag us there early enough.

The missing Beagle
It's a thing with Beagles. My neighbor had one and this Beagle was always where it was not supposed to be and did things noone wanted her to do.
Seems to be the same with the Beagle on Mars right now. It just doesn't answer and noone knows where it is.
Maybe it landed but its antennae just show into the wrong direction (down to Mars surface or so).
Maybe it landed but got smashed because of a hard landing.
Maybe it landed but is simply doesn't work because of the landing shock.
Maybe it was shoot off by some hidden Marsians when it try to land.
Maybe it missed Mars and flies to another planet?
Maybe it missed Mars and circles around it?
Maybe it came into a storm or fire.
And a good Science Fiction Writer could come up with some billions more and better ideas what all could have happened to Beagle. Fact is, it doesn't answer and noone knows where it is and we can't just hop out and have a look.
The Ship around is already a great step and even without Beagle this mission won't be a total loss because we'll find out more about Mars in any way.

Many more than 5.000 victims
is what our press is assuming right now. They talk from about 20.000 victims of the Earthquake in Iran. As Papa Scott reports, the Technische Hilfswerk from Germany is already on its way to help there, like many other organisations who come and search for survivors and others under the destroyed houses.
If you have some money you want to spend and don't know where, it might be good idea to give it to help the people of Iran.
You know, this is when I like the speed most countries are willing to offer their help, be it rescue and specialist teams like UK, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Russia or UN and USA or with money like Australia or medical help like Japan (don't they know much about the preventing part, too?).
What I have guessed but find it never the less stupid is the saying from Iran, they accept help from everyone but Israel

Strange feeling
It is a strange feeling to have a (free) weekend after three holidays. I mean, I'll hvae to be back at work at Jan. 5th, but it still feels strange after so many holidays.
I know, Germany is one of the economies with the most holidays per year and the least working days per year, and I could live with some less holidays. Not the Vacancy-days is what I have in mind, but some other, mostly in their origin religious holidays.
For example Bxing Day (Dec. 26th). Christmas Eve is a semi holiday here, while some shops are open, many offices and all already keep closed for the whole day, Christmas Day of course should be a holiday but why not go back to work at the 26th? We have two days off the week later. New Years's Eve is a semi-holiday here, too. While I had to work til noon, 10 years ago, nowadays we're completely closed as most others but bigger grocery stores and shops in the city who have open till noon. New Years Day, Jan. 1st is closed again, which is okay for me, too. So, Dec. 26th is a day we certainly could live if we had to work.
Same with Easter-Monday. We have Friday everything closed, Saturday is just a normal Saturday and Sunday again is a Holiday. So why do we have to have the Monday, too? I could live without the Easter-Monday, too.
One reason you often hear for it is that people want to visit their families and celebrate these holidays together.
But they still can do that. Either they take the days off from work or they just drive home a day earlier. Remember - Germany is not a country where you'll have to drive 8+ hours just to arrive at your home town. With cheap flights inner Germany you can reach each destination in an hour (even when I think such flight are ecologically devils work) and even when you go by Train you'll be really quick at where you want.

Freitag, Dezember 26, 2003
The first asylum seeker from Baghdad came with the ship to the UK
At least according to Ananova, Gracie cam as an unknown passenger with a ship right from Baghdad to the UK. She is told to have lived from bugs and water she licked from the walls.
Luckily it's just a kitten.

Christmas Days at the Lilli family
Yeah, here in Germany, 25th and 26th of December also are Holidays where most Germans don't have to work. Yesterday we slept really long. Wondergirl has mercy with us. But just because she was late in Bed the night before, too and had her new playing-kitchen completely built up in the living room to play with instead of coming into the bedroom and demand a break fast. Well, when we finally woke up it was because she was smashing the plates around and hissing to the cats (I assume they did not want her to mop the floor with them or so).
We then had a small breakfast because we were to appear at my Mom for lunch.
Okay, while Mr. Lilli was taking his shower I was busy wrapping the gifts with nice metallic-foil and putting Wondergirl made stars (at least she helped me) on them.
Then we were on the street and came just in time at 13.00 for lunch.
As usual they have made dead animal as the main part of the food, but this time, there was also lots of Salad (even when I'm not hysterical about sweet salad-sauce) and smashed potatoes - Wondergirl loved them. She was eating like she would never get anything afterwards and when the dessert came (ice with strawberry-cream) she was sorry but so full, after a few spoons she gave her dessert to her beloved mommy. (I love this child!)
Right then the Truck arrived and unloaded the gifts for Wondergirl.
Did I mention the playing-kitchen she has at our home? It's a monstrous thing about 1.30 metres long and 1.00 metres high and my Mom and her Hubby were pretty hysteric about it when they got it.
So, there were a bed for the "Baby Born" doll called Susie, some clothes, a book, and last but not least an organ for her to play. Isn't it a shame, that all these wonderful, loud gifts stay at my Mothers home for Wondergirl when she spends her two days a week with her?
Oh my.
Don't think people lie to you when you're told that hard parents canmake wonderful grandparents. It is true. My Mom was really looking for my gifts and Christmas. We didn't have much money, but she also did not look for occasions to give me gifts I wanted so much.
Wondergirl gets enough gifts for a dozen more children. I don't have the heart to stop her, because she and her hubby are njoying themselves so much with it. I don't think Wondergirl will suffer, because many things go straight into the hidden closet at home and get out only when we deciede.
Okay, so much for my Mom. Afterwards we headed to the hospital to visit my Mother in law. She got a bottle of self-made orange juice. Wondergirl made most of it and some packs of chocolate since she was so happy about it on her birthday last week. She's way better and says herself she feels better than for ages. She still can't move on her own, but she's making small progress each day.
Okay, when we came home, we were all pretty tired.
Today then, Wondergirl has made it to look me awake like the cats do, when she was staying at my bed. After a nice breakfast, we went off to the graveyard to visit Mr. Lilli's Grandma who died this summer. We used it for a nice walk and Wondergirl had much fun and trained her tired legs a lot.
After that we drove to the next graveyard and kept looking for my Dad's grave. He has died in 1990 and I haven't seen it for about the last 7 years or so. Not because I'm angry at him or so, but mostly because I can remember him without any place where his bones are and I didn't want to meet his last girlfriend, because we two... well... we had a few discussions with each other.
Actually at the funeral there were two groups of people, one group with the local people who supported her and the other group of family members and close friends who supported me and were happy to get rid of her that way. So, yes, on can say, we didn't like each other really much then.
So anyway, we found the grave of my Dad, I made two nice pictures of the stone and we had another long, fresh walk.
Wondergirl fell sleeping into the bed right now after some food and Mr. Lilli also has had his nap already. I will sleep early today, too, because tomorrow will be another grocery-shopping day and I'll have to come up with a birthday-present for Mr. Lilli.

Tracking Santa
Usually I don't visit NORADs site, but this link brought me to their Tracking Santa site, which I found really cute!
Btw - what do you teach your children, especially in Germany? Who brings the gifts? Santa (Wehinachtsmann) or the Baby Jesus (Christkind), while the Christkind also can be shown as a girl-angel.
I remember growing up with believing in the Christkind, but it was not Baby Jesus and I also knew about the Weihnachtsmann, but somehow children are capable of ignoring anything about logics and just accept and believe.
Yeah - not just children, some catholics can do that, too, especially when it comes to Mary having been a virgin when Jesus was born which is taught as a Dogma, what means it has to be seen literally.

Gas accident in China
What a merry christmas! But I think most people in Iran and China don't do the christmas thing at all.
I always have this absolutely non-rational fear of Gas. You know, I grew up in a flat where we had an oil-heating in the whole house and I never had to cope with having Gas in my house. My Cooking is done with electricity and the heating with Oil. I don't say it's the better solution but that's how I am used it.
Here in Cologne we have houses where the heating is done with Gas, and some of the had terrible blow ups the last years because either someone manipulated with the Gas or something was defect. So yes, I know Oil is with no chance in any way more harmless than Gas, but I do fear Gas much more. What was my point?
Ah yes, the Chinese. I was shocked, to read in this BBC article about 10.000 people a month get killed at work in China because of bad working conditions. Oh my. That's sure a method to keep the unemployment rate low but it's kinda.... finte, isn't it?
The steps taken in China remind me on the Nuclear Power Plant accident in Tschernobyl, where also the government first didn't say a word about it and then admitted step by step a few more deads and dangers whenever asked by others. I hope there won't be coming even worse news after.

About more than 5.000 people dead after Earthquake
Iran was hit by an earthquake today and it's said, minimum 5.000 people died during the last hours. The Earthquake is said to have been at about the same strength than the one that recently hit California, but since there are two losses to bemourn, in Iran the numbers are much higher. Even when Iran is regularly hit by earthquakes they are far away from having the amount of awareness the Californians have. And of course, they don't have the money to build houses like in California.

What's the Use of a site, thousands people a day read?
I have no idea, since I'm not talking about my site *g* but I saw at Lileks for what it can be used. I liked his story with the dominant ponies.

Donnerstag, Dezember 25, 2003
P.U.-litzer price for US media?
Yeah, every prize has its anti-happening. And so, there is also a P.U-litzer price. I think this is funny, but I'm not sure if it only belongs in the US.
Of course, Al Jezeera is reporting it, have you had doubts?

Pop Idol
Yeah - I'm just watching Pop Idol Worldwide, and I'm really deep in shame for the quality of the German Alexander. He's really a nice singer. Like any other who can sing, too, but what I've seen from other countries really makes me hope, the World won't judge Germans by this Alexander.
My personal favourite is Kurt Nilsen, this guy with "the Voice of an Angel and the Looks of a Hobbit". His Voice is really the only one that really is something special and sticking out from all the others. On two I'd set this US Girl (I forgot her name), because she really has a great voice. Nothing that I haven't heard before, but really great. Third for me is Will Young, the Brit, because I like his singing very much, too. Nothing spectacular like the first two, but better than all the others.
I guess the US girl will win, but well, maybe all Muslim of the world would vote for the candidate from Arabia and she will win??
Alexander Claws (Klaws? what's his name written?) did not sing, he just shouted the words of "Maniac" into the Microphone, reminding me on Jane Fonda in the early 80's doing Aerobics. He also bumped around on the stage and looked pretty like what he is - dumb. One of the jurors put it right "It was terrible". I do hope he'll be the very last one after all the others. And I still hope, this wonderful voice from Kurt Nilsen will win.

The Boy who always cried "Fire!"
You know this story for children? It's about a Boy who always cries "Fire" and people come together and want to fight the fire and there isn't any, because the Boy lied. Finally, there is a real fire the Boy cries "Fire!" and noone comes, because they don't believe him anymore. The End depends on the bloodthirst of the storyteller, sometimes the Boy burnes and dies in the fire, sometimes it just finishes and leaves the Boys further life open.
In some undertones of local reporting, the US starts to become percieved a bit like this Boy. Calm down! I don'T say that people wish the US burn or such a shit, and most people also don't think they lie, but just are a bit over-panicking, but yes, there are people (and not just in Germany or Europe, also in the US!) who think the US just makes this up and use it for propaganda or to have a reason for the latest bombings.
So what happened?
Yesterday, the US warned the French because they had seen names of Al Quaeda suspect passengers on flights from Paris to LA. And while Dave is right that better a father comes for christmas to his family some hours late than never because he died from a terrorist attac, the french way seemed not have to been successfull.
What was the outcome of this?
The French are pissed, because none of the named suspects showed any suspect-factors. Means, none of them seemed suspect to the French investigators.
The Americans are pissed because they didn't like the French to handle it that openly, because now all other terrorists are warned.
The Passengers are pissed because they had to stay at the Airport for so long.
And the Boy called once more Fire when there was none.

So either the suspects just show a suspect pattern but aren't in any way connected to terrorists, or they are but can hide that good. That leaves the question open if the French Police would be able to find a terrorist in such a group.

But what it's sure is, that if incidents like this will happen more often, the reputation of the US will sink. Again, I don't say they make it up while knowing it better. I have no idea how high the risk level is, but I know it won't become smaller the more time Osama Bin Laden isn't found.

I *will* believe this tension was held on purpose, if George Bush will come out with Osama close to the elections.

Will the American Mad Cow help all others?
As reported, there is a first incident of Mad Cow Disease in the US. We all had hoped that the Virus would vanish from the face of Earth if we just long enough would ignore it. But that didn't work.

Some thoughts of mine keep up again, I know it won't become true, but it's christmas time and a girl should be allowed to dream, or?

So, when Europe was hit by Mad Cow Disease all customers were avoiding cheap beef like hell. They were going to stores who just sell organic food (Bioladen in Deutsch) and bought beef to prizes they have never paid before.
How come?
First, the prize in such a shop is higher because the beef normally is better. It is better because the Cow the beef comes from normally has lived a better life. She has seen blue skies and green grass and she has learned how to walk, she was feed just with fresh food and as a baby she was given the milk from her mother. A Cow for cheap beef, normally has never seen one of it. She grew up in a huge stable with some hundreds of other Cows next to her. She was fed some strange food with animal proteine in it to make her grow faster and bigger and noone cared that a Cow is a Vegetarian by belief.
So, I think, one can say that the beef you get in a organic shop is way better than other beef. And so, it might be worth the prize. I was shocked, too, when I saw some sausages, I usually pay 3 or 4 Euros for and they were for 14 EUR. So I didn't buy them. I do like my Steak and I do like many other dead Animals, but I also know that we are eating them too often in the Lilli family and could do with less and instead of this more Green Stuff or so.

The customers were fearing Creutzfeld Jacob who seems to be a kind of infection humans can get from Mad Cow beef and tried to avoid it as good as possible.
Now was the chance for Germany and whole Western Europe go and have healthier animals giving healthier beef to people to eat. But we screwed it up.
We made some nice first steps but like a Baby that starts walking but then deciedes to go by wheelchair, we didn't make it right. Today we're kinda back to normal. Okay, a few people are eating less beef, but the most still (or again) go and buy the cheap stuff and feed themselvs and their children with it. People get money the more beef they can deliver and noone asks anymore for higher quality beef.

If I'd want to buy some, I really had a hard time, because the only shop in my neighbourhood (and I have everything else in my neighbourhood) closed last summer.

It would be a great thing if the US would be able to make the step we failed, but I do seriously doubt that anyone there wants to do it because it would surely first mean, less profits, less beef, higher prizes for customers. All thing the US folks hate like hell.

Mittwoch, Dezember 24, 2003
Usually it's not the dog's fault,
but the owners. Usually you have "normal", also mentally, dogs who don't do any harm if not provoked. In the hands of the wrong person, these dogs can grow to killer-machines.
Not just Pitbulls and Rottweilers, even this effig German Sheperd-dog or a Golden Retriever or even a poodle can become dangerous with the right training from a dangerous person without any scrupel.
Here we have some laws (what else, we're Germans!) how to handle such dogs. In extreme cases the dog can be killed by the vet to not have a danger for others. This will usually happen when a dog bites a child or so, without being provoked and in presence of the owner.
The dog of Princess Anne didn't have to fear anything when it did bite two children the last time. Princess Anne had to pay a fee (so the taxpayer paid it) and okay.
But now the Dog seems to have done something much worse than biting a child - it killed one of the Queens' beloved corgies.
I see dark clouds for Princess Anne's dog.

Terror alert hits Europe
There are six or seven flights being cancelled for today and tomorrow because of actual terror threats. The flights should go from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Los Angeles abd US intelligence seems to have warned the french because they found the name of someone on the passengers list, who - as they think - belongs to Al Quaeda.
Yes, that's a good reason to cancel a flight, but wouldn't it have been easier to just deny all suspect people the flight and let the others go? I don't want to know how many families and freshly in love couples are seperated for christmas because of this incident. And yes, it worries me. I still wonder how long the US will be able to hold the tension? Some day it will become used and then I think, just then will be when this Lunatic terrorist will hit again.
I wonder if the person on the passengers list got caught or not,

Arnold and Fox news
I've learned that Fox News is for the truth of News what Cola is for a glass of Gin Tonic - it might look nice but tastes awful.
So when I read what the Gropinator wrote about the Arnie-event and the behaviour of Fox news, I wasn't really surprized. I've seen that here, too, when I was working for this Gay-newspaper and we went to local events and some TV teams graced us with their appeareance. Yes it was exactly the same. They came, ran over everything and if you were not willing to jump out of their way, you got hit, shouted at and could be happy to be not used as ladder for them to climb higher.
Arnie... well, my thoughts are with the victims of the earthquake and I wish all of them the best possible I could wish. But isn't it a tragedy that even the earth shudders when Arnie makes the governing job? Well, I'm sure, the Gropinator will keep us on track.

No Christmas feelings in Bethlehem this year
So what's christmas about? Well, we'll get as many ideas as many people we'll ask. Many people like to see Bethlehem as the place the Bible tells, where Jesus was born.
People in Bethlehem of course have made their living with the tourists money. In former times there were about 6.000 tourists a day, now the numbers are down to about 20 per day which leaves them in bitter depressions and unemployment rates at about 60%.
I wonder if there will be ever peace in this area.

Why it doesn'thave to do with global warming when people die from cold
is, I'm sure, clear to most of us. Now there is a report that Diesel soot is also responsible for it, what a surprise!
At work we are testing some hybrid Toyota which needs just a bit gas and the rest some other fuel cells, it drives nice. Maybe that's a hope for a development in the future?

BSE in the USA
Well, even when many people claim, Mad Cow Disease is acute in the USA for the last years, I won't go further into details which White House Decision could have been based more on this disease than anything else. But serious - it seems that the first case of Mad Cow Disease is diagnosed in the USA. Several Asian Countries and Russia have banned american beef now. I do hope the disease won't go that much around like it did in the UK, but I think the country is way too big for it, if then people behave just a bit and show responsibility.

Have some Happy Holidays
All of you, whatever religion you belong to, in some way will profit from the holidays coming now.
So let's thank the old Barbarians to celebrate the start of the winter and other religions to celebrate it with whatever festivity coming in hteir mind and have a happy, peaceful time for the next days.
What I mean is - for whatever reason you celebrate - I wish you all some happy days!

Our planning for the days is:
Today: Cleaning flat, cooking Turkey, decorating the christmas tree, eating, gifts for Wondergirl and candles at the tree, Wondergirl goes to bed and we might have a nice evening and watch "Ist das Leben nicht schoen? (I have no idea how the english original title is, but it's the movie where, whenever a bell rings, an angels gets its wings)".
Tomorrow: Getting up, driving to my parents for lunch, having lunch with them and giving our gifts to them, having coffee with them and giving our attention to them, escaping with too much food right before the next meal, Visiting my mother in law at the hospital, giving her her gif (chocolade, she loves them), staying with her for some time and going home when wondergirl gets too tired.
Boxing day (also a holiday here): Sleeping for long, getting up, celebrating brekfast, maybe meeting some friends (?) cooking - roast duck breast (yummy!) and having a family walk around the quarter.

And did I mention it? I'll have to be back at the office at Jan. 5th - until then I'll stay at home, sleep for long, play with Wondergirl and might find even more time for my Blog.

Dienstag, Dezember 23, 2003
Last Christmas
Via Ernie. Last Christmas (from Wham!) Versions. Eleven different ones. And I have a CD with a 12th version at home.

Headscarf ban reactions
Somehow I'm happy the French did the first step in this. After their ban of headscarfs from school, I posted about it some time ago the international reactions spread wide.
Of course one of the louder comments comes from Iran.
I was on a meeting with german MP Dr. Lale Akgün, as we can see by her name, she was born turkish and is now a german citizen and MP. She also explains that, as I wrote before, in Germany the muslim women never wore headscarfs if not for praying. Instead of some muslim who say that every muslim woman is obliged to have her head and breast covered, she explains this is bullshit and she gets backup by many muslim professors and people. She also explains that one of the main rules of being a muslim is to not stick out from the others, but with the headscarf just the opposite is done, in Germany and other non-muslim countries you do stick out. I found this POV really interesting and she talked about things I've never heard about.
But now, the Iran asks France to take the decision back. Bad idea. Was it also the happenings in after-Shah Iran that lead to a higher grade or radicalization in the muslim world.
What really surprizes me is the US reaction.
Does this John Hanford not get that a headscarf ban has nothing to do with religious freedom? I mean, we don't speak about the whole world, we don't speak about refusals to have muslim women go in a taxi or underground, all we talk about is the Ban of religious signs on schools. Nowhere else. Just schools.
In one of the comments to an earlier posts it was stated that also political signs will be forbidden then, too.
Okay! On German schools we're already forbidden to wear political signs at all and I thought it were that way in most schools.
As I say - we're just talking about schooldays and not the whole life or whatever. We're talking about letting young women choose what they want and not indoctrinate them until they can't find a way out.

Nader does not run
I read it first at Atrios in the comments and looked it up at yahoo. com, where it's said that Ralph Nader would not run for President in 2004. As I wrote before I think it's a pity that Greens and Democrats can't find a common candidate, but well, the Democrats maybe are far away from the Greens and the Left, when Dean is seen as a radical (lol).
I don't know so much about Nader, but what I do know is that the Democrats have way better chances to send Bush out of the White House when there is no Green Candidate. So to me this sounds like good news!

People died from Cold?
Well, somehow, news like this still shock me. In the UK people think thousands died from the cold of the last week. I know, in Germany, people also die, but here it's mostly homeless people who live on the streets and can't fight the cold.
It still shocks me, when I read stuff like this from a neighbour country, somehow I thought, stuff like this doesn't happen in western Europe.

Montag, Dezember 22, 2003
City of Cologne introduces Sex Tax
Well, actually it's no "Sex-Tax" at all, but the title sells better.
It's what I'd translate literally as "Enjoyment Tax", and it has not just to be paid by the red light workers, but also by Discos, Concert-Halls and others.
Since Cologne - as any other City in Germany - gets a too small part of the tax money in general, the cities have very few possibilities to start new taxes. This is one.
I mean, don't forget - Cologne is really poor here. I'm happy for each month they pay my Salary and don't have me work for nothing like the Belgians did some time.
The people in power forgot about their conspirations and friendship-systems completely that all this carrying friends in good jobs leaves a lot of "not-friends" who come from this jobs, the friends have now.
The red light folks and some others have started with attorneys and the whole official stuff. It's be interesting what will coe out.

The Linux Experience
Since Mr. Lilli and I usually can't wait for christmas to exchange our gifts, we did it today and I got my DigiCam (yaihh!). Because it was asked so, I first installed the complete software and then plugged the USB plug in and it ran at Win98 - my other partition, I just use for playing. Everything works fine.
After that, Mr. Lilli took it, and just plugged it in with Linux on. No Software, because no Linux drivers were given. What happened?
Everything works fine because he just recognizes as external device. Grumble - so far for plug and play for Win!

Charles I to be beatified
I don't know, somehow I find this talking of "miracles" and that a tad irritating. I mean, one doesn't expect something like that to happen nowadays and to become a Saint he'll have to have done two miracles and not just one.
That shows me, that deep inside me, I'm not really a believer, because I have a hard time to accept that concept.

Sonntag, Dezember 21, 2003
Protests in France about Headscarf ban
As I posted some days ago, the French completed the Headscarf ban, which will come up in Germany somehow, too. And now - as expected, French Muslim started demonstrating and protesting.
Good. Should they do. It's their free right as french citizens. What I find interesting is the poll mentioned, claiming that even 50% of the muslims do agree with the ban.
I wonder what would come up if one would ask parted between men and women.

How long can a nation remain alarmed?
Today, Tom Ridge called the alert level orange at the Homeland Securiyt Alert System.
I have no idea, how long a nation like the United Stated could be hold on this alarmed level? And why do they do that? I mean, what would be won if the whole nation is in panic state? Why don't they just handle it and shut up instead of making such a fuss about it?
I don't think the chances for terrorist attacs are much higher now than they were the months before. They are high. Especially in the US and Great Britain, they are pretty high, but I don't feel so safe here in Germany, too because it has IMO nothing to do with what happens in Iraq, but more what's happening in Afghanistan and the rest of the world.
I'd bet the alert level will be highest when it comes to presidential elections.

One more for the Conspiracy
I do remember when a friend called me and told me "Princess Diana is dead" my first question was "Who killed her?". I have no idea why, but since then the conspiracies have never really stopped that she was murdered or something like that. Sure, one reason why it never stopped was Dodi's father who never stopped to shout it into the world. We all know, Diana wasn't the innocent angel she liked to let her being pictured by the press, she wasn't the golden shining beauty without any harm as which she appeard. She knew pretty well how to use the press after she and Charles split up and she also knew pretty well that the British Royalty never would be able to let her have a love affair with an Arab like Dodi Al Fayette.
So the thought of it not having been an accident coms close and I bet the whole conpiracy world will find now back to this topic, when the reports are true that Diana really was pregnant when she died.
It was told for years, but official sources always denied it.

So it weren't US troops who found Saddam?
Not that it plays a role, but all reports had left the idea that US troops have found Saddam because of the fabulous work of US intelligence. I even thought the soldiers would get the reward for Saddams head.
But as several sources report now, Saddam was given over to the Kurds by one of his Clan/ Family or so and they handed him to the US troops.
Okay, I know what several people will say now - who cares who caught him what counts is that he's captured.
Hmm, this is just in parts correct, because it is indeed important how he was captured. Especially when officials let the idea come up it was different. I don't say they lied, that will others do who know the speech by word, but they let the impression come that it happened the way that american and UK intelligence had given the directions and the US troops went there and got him.
It's said it was the British Sunday Express and of course Al Jazeera jumps on it. If it were only Al Jazeera I'd have my doubts but with a British source behind it sounds pretty serious.

Samstag, Dezember 20, 2003
you are coral

Your dominant hues are red and yellow... most of what you do is motivated by your need to change things and have a good time, but you've been known to settle down and think out a situation, too. You tend to surprise people just when they're starting to feel like they've got you down.

Your saturation level is higher than average - You know what you want, but sometimes know not to tell everyone. You value accomplishments and know you can get the job done, so don't be afraid to run out and make things happen.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the html color quiz

The Commonwealth
Maybe that' s just an oldie, but I hav never seen that before and like it really much. The Commonwealth of Blogosphere.

Will Ozzy stay at home for christmas?
It looks like the chances are not bad for Ozzy to be allowed to leave the hospital for a family event on christmas eve.
What we will never know is the reason for that idea. Is Ozzys health really that good or is it just the nerves of the hospital stuff? I mean - would you want to be a nurse or a Doctor on Duty in a hospital Ozzy and his whole family inhabit?
I can imagine Kelly and Jack - the horrific Duo - bounce through the Hospital Floors. Swearing and shouting, smashing things and entertaining the whole hospital
I would not want to be the nurse to tell them to shut the fuck up and sit on the fucking ass to not fucking upset the other fucking people lying at this fucking hospital. I mean - they wouldn't understand it otherwise.

Deutschland sucht den Superstar
Mein Gott, wann fliegt denn dieses kreischende Kind endlich raus? Das ist ja nicht auszuhalten, was diese niedliche, kleine und süße Judith da abliefert. Jetzt hat sie einmal nicht so gequietscht, wie sonst, schon kann Bohlen vor lauter "Onkel Dieter" nicht mehr gerade sitzen.
Dieses niedliche und süße Liedchen, dass sie so daher geträller hat, kann Wondergirl in drei Jahren (da wird sie dann sechs) besser, da bin ich sicher.
Nee nee.... da war ja Vanessa in der ersten Staffel noch besser.

Europe's Mission to Mars
Okay, we're over the fear from the Men from Mars and we're sure they won't be slimey and build pseudo-legs or arms as Heinlein described.
Isn't it great that we already can put our eyes - somehow - on Mars? Somehow the developement reminds me of Computers. The first ones were huge, slow and did cost immense sums of money, the next step from one to another took ages. And then the Computers became smaller and smaller, step followed after step in a rapid speed and everyone in the Western World can own such a thing.
Well, what if the steps into the space will develop at a similar pattern? That would be wonderful and mean I'd have a chance to at least see when others would go and start to a journey to Andromeda or so.
Anyway, right now there is the European Mission to Mars and the whole world can be a part of it.

What's happening in Lybia?
It seems Gaddafi realizes his isolated position and reacts. Good!

The Best of the British Weblogs
Yes - also the Brits have their Blogawards and the results can be seen at the Guardians page. Congratulations!

Off for christmas shopping
The Lilli family is off to do the christmas grocery shopping. I mean how much food can we eat on the next days? We'll have a look. We will have christmas Turkey on Christmas Eve and Duck on Boxing Day. (in between we're at my Mom).
Worse is that on New Yeras ve it's Mr. Lillis Birthday and I have to do the cooking. But I came up with a great Plan, so even this will be handled.

Freitag, Dezember 19, 2003
Don't forget
this Oldie but Goldie and so much for today!

And I thought I was just in the wrong corner of the Blogosphere
when I saw so many right wing Blogs and so little lefties. I was convinced there are as much and it's just my fault for not having found them.
This seems to be a wrong theory. Yet. At least according to The England Project, who is linking to the Adam Smith Institute who think they can explain why there are more rightie than leftie Bloggers.
I'd add one more reason.

Just what do you think? Why did the christian belief win over all the other ones in the western world? I'd say because it's an easy belief. Compared to the Muslim or the Buddhist, as a christ I have a pretty easy life. All I have to do is to confess my sins from time to time and to live by the ten commandments (and whatever my priest in charge thinks) and heaven is mine. The expectations of other religions seem pretty much harder to me. You don't have to know, not to understand, all you have to do is to believe. Easy.
I think it's the same with right wing politics in the US. All you have to do is to believe. You don't have to know and it's pretty much not wanted that you understand. Just believe. Believe in a strong Dollar, believe in George W. Bush.

Okay, and so, because being a rightie is so much easier than a leftie, it's totally clear why so many Blogs are right winged. ;-)

One more on the Cannibal
Most of the German News were full of this Cannibal guy the last weeks and I've written about him too. So then I read over here another entry and was right on commenting on it when I found my answer might be too long for a comment and I'll make an entry here about it.
John in the comments there also had a link to the german and english ads the guy had made to find a victim to butcher.
While I read it, it came to my thoughts that often dreams and fantasies should stay where they are and that this "Don't dream it, be it" (humming in best Rocky Horror Melody) is not just making all people happy. Why? Well (climbing soapbox):

People have fantasies. Some years ago I read about a poll where a huge amount of women had told, one of their secret sex fantasies were to be kidnapped by King Kong and have Sex with him. Others dream of a Gangbang with the whole Football Team at once, others fantasize about a threesome (or foursome....) with the whole neighbourhood.
All these fantasies are such and are made to stay where they are. Most people never live them, and for many I'd say this is good!

And some others have fantasies about being butchered and eaten by other people. I would not go so far and call it a kink, but more because I'm not so much at home in english language to understand the fine nuances of some words. So I remain calling it a fantasy. Any because this fantasy is pretty rare, it is usually a really danger-less one, because the chance you'll ever meet a person who would fulfill this only dream is pretty small.

Now the Internet comes in and people with special fantasies can find the one whose fantasy matches.

So the masochist finds his Sadist, the food lover fins a cook and the guy who wants to be eaten finds someone who has the only dream to eat a human being. That should not excuse anything, it should just point out that it's way easier to find a matching partner than it was 30 years ago, without the Internet and its various contact-areas.

I'm with most of people - it is a crime to kill a healthy, young person just for the own pleasure, if the person consents or not is IMO irrelevant in this point. Even when in Germany the simple fact of cannibalism is not a crime itself, it is a crime to kill someone else, even with consent.

So what will the murderer have to face? Some time in prison. I can imagine the guys there would respect him, like they would respect Hannibal Lector. If the guy's not really mentally ill, he knew pretty well before what would happen, but well, now he's a man who lived his dream.

I wonder if he still has one.

Egon Krenz is free
Egon Krenz, the last leader of the former DDR was released from prison after he spent 6.5 years in prison. He was charged for him being part of a system that was found guilty for manslaughter at the German/ German border.
Having not lived in the former DDR but always in the western part of Germany, I have no idea how powerful Krenz was when the DDR was existing, and I know enough about how a political party works to know, that he had to work for years or better decades to achieve such a position. So he can't tell anyone that he just was never involved in anything.
His time in prison was pretty comfortable, too. He just slept there. Left it in the morning for work and came back at the evening to sleep and worked during the day.
Now he threatens to do what everyone wants to do who has nothing to contribute to worlds history (at least the last months in Germany) he wants to write a book.
I wonder who will buy it.

Elections in the USA
Since we here have a coalition of Greens and Social Democrats in charge at the government, the Greens aren't such big players in the USA. I have no idea why, but maybe there aren'T just enough sypathisants for such a party (yet) or maybe the US Greens don't get to meet the voters needs as our Greens were able the last years.
So at the Elections for who will be President the next years, George W. Bush will have good chances. Maybe also because of his politics, but of course because of the gigantic amount of Dollars he's willing to invest in the "President Inc.".
Another candidate could IMO just have a chance if he would be able to unite the left behind his back. The last he would need would be a candidate from the Greens. Like Ralph Nader.
I haven't read much about him, since the Greens don't touch me that much, so I have no idea, if he would be a good president or not, but there's one thing he'll never be - a President. Simply because he'd never get the needed amount of votes for his name. But if he weren't showing up, a Democrat candidate would have better chances to win against George W.
So it's the question if "The Left" in the US - even when I doubt there is such a thing a "The united Left" at all, could find consens into a Democrat Candidate.
One simple reason is that the Democratic Candidates in the US aren't really left, for my standards and for the standards of many leftie US folks, too.
A friend of mine keeps saying that some of the US readers of Lilli Marleen think I'm a ultra-leftist treehugger. LOL! Me? Naaah!
I'm standing of course much left of the centre, but on my left side of the political spectrum is really much space, not just for communists. When I - as a declared moderate left - think that Guys like Dean and Clinton stay pretty much right from me (I guess they all were in the CDU or at least in the right wing of the SPD) I can imagine that many US folks on the left don't like any of the now declared Dem candidates at all.
So what would be to do? I have no idea. Of course if would be the best idea, Nader wouldn't become a candidate, but will his Ego allow that?
Here's a poll, I found via Eschaton, where one can vote if Nader should run or not. (Not that they would count on it if the result won't meet their wishes, but it was the root of my rant.) Attention from tricky question 2!

Donnerstag, Dezember 18, 2003
Life sentence for sex party?
Whew! And I was getting upset about the Lady who was charged for selling a Vibrator.
Yeah - just when you think you've seen life at its worst you see it can hit back even more worse and teach me that in China it's not just forbidden to organize a Sex Party for about 400 men and 500 women, but even more verboten to do it on a day with a special meaning.
And I have the idea that a life sentence in a chinese prison is even less fun than in an average German or American prison, or?

A Ban of religious signs on schools
I think something like this is what Germany will have pretty soon, too, but right now the French are doing it( which doesn't make it automatically to a bad thing). They ban headscarfs - even when I'm still convinced, they're not religious but political signs - but also huge crosses and Jewish skull caps.
I can live with that. Even when I know that banning anything Jewish is a different thing in Europe and would be even more in Germany.
But when you want Jewish religion treated the same as any other religion, it's just fair.
We do have a separation from state and religion in our "Grundgesetz" and to enforce this, it might be necessary to ban any religious signs besides some discreet stuff like a necklace with a small cross or something like that. I must admit, I find a skull cap pretty discreet, too, but I can understand to ban it, too, for the sake of fairness.
I also think religions should no longer be taught in state run schools. For two reasons:
What we call Religions here in Germany (don't know what other countries do) is either catholic or Lutheran. Any other religions just come up when mentioned, if the teacher likes to, but as long as we don't teach all of the main religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Jewish, Muslim), we should not offer just one or two of them and neglect the others.
The other - why should the state have to do with making young children come into the hands of the church? If parents want their child to be educated in a religion, they should care for it out of school as it's done in many countries and as parents who don't believe in Christianity have to do, too.
This altogether would be understandable and taking all consequences, but I really doubt, any German government would be able to do this.
The opposition of course not, they wear the C in their name (CDU and CSU) and even when they love to forget it when it comes to "Naechstenliebe", they will remember it immediately when such a thing would be suggested.
The SPD? Well - somehow I doubt this, too. They would fear to loose all church oriented voters after such a thing, so they would keep their fingers off from this, too.
It is a fucking shame - what will be over will be some hectically knitted law which will forbid some stuff, allow some other stuff and noone would be able to understand what and why and it will be unfair and people will be right to be against it.

Another sunny day
I can't believe it. It's a few days before christmas and I sit here with my window open and the sun shining in my room. It's not really warm, but I would hesitate to call it cold. Is it just me or is the weather strange here, this year?
I mean, in Cologne it's usually warmer than in many other parts of Germany, but that much?

Mittwoch, Dezember 17, 2003
Christmas Depressions
No, not mine. I don't have that. But it seems that too many Germans are alone at Christmas.
Don't forget, here it's usually not a funny party with friends and all, it's a more quiet holiday you have just with your closest family members.
So if you don't have any, you might end up alone. Some years ago, there weren't even any pubs open on christmas eve so it was really hard for many people to stay alone at that special holiday.
What was the name of this movie with Steve Martin where he was a single who had a fern? His friend had paper-friends standing around in the flat when having a party. Such an idea seems now bringing prices to some german designers who designed a wallpaper with people on it. They sit on the sofa or something like that and you don't have to talk to them if you don't want to.
Yeas, sometimes, Germans are strange, too.

Saddam Hussein will have his trial in Iraq?
At least that's what the Iraqis say, according to the BBC news.

I still ponder about several things:
- who will be able to grant the safety of Saddam while the trial is going on and of the judge (s), after the trial has happened?
- will Saddam have the possibility to talk to reporters? What will he say? I could imagine he has much knowledge that could be, well, at least difficult for the USA, he was for some time a good friend of the US, to not forget it.
- what will happen if the outcome won't meet the hopes of either the USA or the UK (Blair didn't want execution, Bush indicated he had no problems with it)?
- if death penalty wouldn't be an option, where would he be held imprisoned and who would be able to grant safety there, maybe for years?
- what will "the Arabs" do, and what solution other than setting him free would be acceptable for them?

I must admit, I'm too lazy to wade through tons of Press material, so if anyone of you would find some official material answering one of these questions, I'd be happy for a link or so.

What was this war for?
Among the children and the oil there is still this rumour about the Weapons of Mass Destruction who are so dangerous for the whole western world.
Until the opposite is prooven, I don't believe in this WMD, simply, because noone was able to find them until now. Mr. Blix has his own theory about this.

Jetzt weiss ich,
wieso ich viele deutsche Blogs nicht leiden kann. Ich habe keine Ahnung, ob das jetzt typisch Deutsch ist, ich glaube aber nicht, denn die englishsprachigen Blogs machen genauso ein Getue, wenn es um deren Blogawards geht.
Ich habe bis heute noch nicht kapiert, was so toll an einem Antville-Blog sein soll und wieso Leute ihre Comments nur nach Einloggen freigeben. Ich mag keine Blogs, auf denen ich nicht kommentieren kann und bis auf einige wenige Ausnahmen mag ich mich auch nicht erst einloggen, bevor ich einen Kommentar absondere.

Kindergarten von Jens finde ich für diese Diskussion aber noch sehr nett bezeichnet (wobei ich froh bin, das Jens kein antville blog hat, denn den les ich echt gern).
Haben die echt nix anderes zu tun? Das Internet ist so groß und Blogs, die mich nerven, die les ich einfach nicht mehr. Haben wir alle was von. Die können gut ohne mich leben und umgekehrt klappt das auch.
Aber es ist immer wieder schön, wenn ich mein "Bauchgefühl" bewahrheitet sehe.

Solche Mechanismen habe ich leider schon bei vielen solcher "Gruppen" beobachtet. Da gibt es erst eine tolle Stimmung, wenn wenige da sind, so ein "Wir Gefühl" und alles, was dazugehört. Leider ziehen solche, ich nenn sie mal, communities auch immer wieder Pflegefälle an und so nimmt der Grenznutzen recht schnell ab und nach mehr oder weniger kurzer Zeit sind dann alle nur noch mit sich selber und den Angelegenheiten Ihrer Nachbarn beschäftigt. Schade eigentlich, aber das scheint wohl doch ein soziologisches Phänomen zu sein (hätte vielleicht doch mal besser zuhören sollen), dass Gruppen nach einiger Zeit (wobei ich mir nicht klar bin, ob es was mit Zeit oder Größe der Gruppe zu tun hat) so degenerieren und dann auch zwangsläufig auseinanderfallen.

Da bleib ich lieber weit von weg und gebe Waldorf und Stadler von oben links.

You are 26% geek
You are a geek liaison, which means you go both ways. You can hang out with normal people or you can hang out with geeks which means you often have geeks as friends and/or have a job where you have to mediate between geeks and normal people. This is an important role and one of which you should be proud. In fact, you can make a good deal of money as a translator.

Normal: Tell our geek we need him to work this weekend.

You [to Geek]: We need more than that, Scotty. You'll have to stay until you can squeeze more outta them engines!

Geek [to You]: I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but we need more dilithium crystals!

You [to Normal]: He wants to know if he gets overtime.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at

thx to Jens, who also seems to be a translator-type for the link

Btw - the picture above doesn't show me, it belongs to the result.

For the different greeting cards
Bored by all those traditional christmas greeting cards? IT&W found a great alternative for us, a place where you can make up your own Movie Poster Greeting Card.

Prison for selling a Vibrator?
I know, each counry has its share of silly and stupid laws, but I always have assumed that the officials of these countries have brain enough to not enforce these laws.
That doesn't look so in Texas. There is a woman facing some time in prison for selling a Vibrator to an adult couple. She's doing what? Yes, selling a Vibrator.
She's not offering underage virgins for sale; she's not offering illegal Drugs or selling sex toys to children.
All she is doing is selling sex toys to adults. And well, nowadays one could a vibrator hardly call an offensive sex toy - believe me, I've seen worse than that.
But Texas seems to have too many narcotic officers to hunt such people instead of fighting drugs on schools and such irrelevant stuff. Sorry, but this bigotry leaves me foaming, as some folks over at Eschatons comments. They allow guns and that stuff, what really can hurt people, but forbid vibrators. I wonder if a gun-style vibrator would be allowed.

Dienstag, Dezember 16, 2003
Bush's strong belief
Belief is a good old english word. Even when it's nowadays also used in German, which makes it pretty ridiculous, it's absolutely okay to use it when one speak English or American-English.
I, too, do have some beliefs. I do believe in justice of life (it always hits back, even when it sometimes needs a little help or time), I have the belief in the Wonderfull-ness of Wondergirl and Mr. Lilli and many other things.
Bush has a strong belief in a strong Dollar.
Okay, but the actual numbers look really, really the opposite, so I wonder where he has this belief from. And how he can have this belief while the facts are showing something totally different - a rising Euro and a weaker and weaker Dollar.
Busybusybusy was also wondering after his press talk today.

Stumbling Blocks around Germany
The sculptor Gunter Demnig realized his project "Stolpersteine" Stumbling Blocks" in Cologne some years ago. He put golden shining stones into the pavement. These stones are in front of houses where Jews lived in Cologne who were deported into Concentration Camps by the Nazis. In the stones engraved is usually the name, birthdate and the Concentration Camp the person was brought and murdered. I've seen this stones several times here, since right in my neighbourhood there were living some people who were deported. I really like this project. It's some kind of "practical rememberance", and not just a statue or so, you always have a bigger distance to. While you walk, more stumble, on this stones, you stop (at least I do) and read the information written down. And somehow I believe that as long as someone remembers the name of someone else, this person isn't really "dead" and forgotten, even when I didn't know any of them.
Some guy has tried to sue the sculptor and have this stones removed from the pavement at his house, because, as he claims, the house would be less worth when sold, which is pretty bullshit. The judge saw it the same and told the guy to go away and bother other people but not the state with his problems.

The Kamsutra s I have never seen it before
Since I'm as bendable as a bag full of potatoes, I kept myself always pretty much away from kamasutra stuff, but thus time I couldn't resist, when I found a link over at Ernie, which showed me the Kamasutra with Star Wars Machines. Hilarious!

Ozzy will need six months for recovery
is what his wife Sharon tells the media.
Well, time enough for the rest of this strange family to run amoc, I'd guess. I haven't heard his new single yet, he recored with his daughter Kelly.
And after thinking about Kelly, let's think a minute about Jack, this short, spotted guy who IMO should sue MTV for showing him always as a really serious case for any psychologist. I'm sorry, but I can understand the oldest daughter who didn't want to get envolved in that series. I'd die from shame, too, if I had a brother and a sister behaving like that.
Sharon claims in her interview about how much better her husband now is: "he can't talk properly..." Sorry, could he so before? I must have missed some things.
But whatever - I like watching the show on MTV, simply because it shows me, how "normal" the Lilli family is.

Action figure Saddam and others
As Ananova reports, there are also the first bearded Saddam Action figures available. While I can be okay with the Saddam one, they also sell one from Uday, his son who was killed and because this is difficult they sell him with two heads, one head before the shooting and the other one afterwards with the holes in it. Yeah - that earns the Tasteless Prize for today from me.
Btw - you can also get action figures from Schroeder, Putin and Chirac which is, even when it's stupid and pretty obnoxious, on the other side pretty funny. I wonder if there are really people buying that stuff. If so - hurry up, maybe they will deliver to christmas.

Saddams family demands an international court
I was wondering how long it would take until they will speak out. Now one of his daughters gave an interview to Al Arabia network. She said her father should be brought to an international court so he can be defended legally.
And what then? I mean, how can you defend what he has done? How can you defend the killing of thousands of people after the Gulf War I? What do they think will be brought up? His bad and poor childhood? How long would a judge live after a sentence for Saddam? Whatever sentence? Either the one or the other side would not find satisfaction. And who could be a judge everyone accepts? The Pope?
She also claims, her father was under drugs when shown on TV because he usually fights like a lion. Hmm... the pictures didn't remind me of a lion, actually. Or if, then of a very old and very tired lion.

Bored students
Hmm.. aren't they expected to do things like studying and so? But anyway. There were some German students who felt bored. And what does a student today when he feels bored? Accoring to this three, he cracks an online account and bids in an online auction (do we have an idea, what house this may-be?).
This is really stupid.
I mean - we know, online stuff can be hacked, so they don't even can wind themselves out by saying we wanted to show what is possible. We all know this is possible.
I wonder, what the judge will say.

Michael Jackson
We haven't heard much about him, the last weeks, here in Germany. I have no idea how it is in the US but our news are pretty much busy with much other stuff than him. I guess this will change when the trial will start.
The BBC reports today that "he will be charged this week". and also offers a link to the website created for what his attorney wants the world to know (as if press wouldn't give him enough possibility). On the other side, also the County of Santa Barbara has a website where the press releases and that stuff are stored, too.
Michael Jacksons speaker might be right in one point, where it's stated "this is about money". Sure, it is.
But if he really if guilty of what it's said, it's even more about abused children. Boys, when I get this right. It's about a man noone knows how he ticks and what drives him to do whatever he does.
Look at him and look up some old pictures of him when he was younger.
I remember him first with "Billy Jean", where he looked pretty natural. The more hits he had, the more he (and the doctors) changed his look. The colour of his skin and the shape of his face. I have no idea how he look now without any make up and huge sunglasses and I'm pretty sure, I don't want to know.

Plague or troll-itis
I'm still not sure if I should feel proud to have a troll or if I should feel like my Blog is infected with some special kind of online plague.. anyway, I post my standard comment (copy and paste) and have fun when I think about IP-tracking and that stuff...

Some more thoughts on the fair trial
As I posted yesterday, Bush said, he wants Saddam to have a fair trial. That's worth several headlines, also in our german newspapers.
But please - what else could he say? Shoud Bush have said, he wants Saddam to have an unfair trial? *That* would be worth a headline, but not the fair trial.
The US is often claiming the job as "world police". Yes, somehow as the biggest guy in the sandbox you have the job. And the US is the biggest and most powerful nation we have, since the eastern block broke into pieces there is noone who could play in the same league.
Bush very often plays the card "we judge because we're superior, not just in material things but also when it comes to morale, to "good guy factors". So, if he - and some part of the world - think this is true, where is the special news factor in guaranteeing a fair trial.
Would it mean that Osama bin Laden would not get a fair trial? Would Osama be shot the minute they would find him? I doubt this.
I also don't think one could compare that with the Nuremberg trials after WWII. That happened in different times. There were so many people involved in that trial and since Hitler had prefered to chicken out in his bunker (and drag many innocent people with him (the children who were poisioned, too) there was no possibility to also have Hitler in this trial. What would have happened if Hitler were caught alive? Would he have had to face such a trial, too, or would they have brought him to the US (or Russia or the US, whomever would have found him) to have it there? Would Nuernberg have happened the way it did when Hitler were found alive?

Montag, Dezember 15, 2003
Women in leather gloves wanking men
Hmm... that's at least what some people type into their search engine and come out here at Lilli Marleen.
Okay, I don't post picture, so I don't have wanking women in leathergloves, but if you won't find them here on the Internet without my help, you don't deserve to see it.

Ozzy is better!
What a relief! Ozzy Osbourne is feeling better now and can breathe for himself again. Even when his kids look like pampered brats who need counselling for years, somehow the series on MTV makes him look like a cuddly, drug-destroyed daddy.
Anyway, after his accident where he broke several bones and was pretty bad, he's on his way up, again.
Btw - I'm really not sure if the kids are as ... strange ... as they show in MTV. I mean, excuse me, Kelly Osbourne is a teenager who grew up with daddies golden card and becomes a singer because her older sister didn't want to. So, where's her quality? I pretty like the style she sings, but I don't consider that really art or so. When I then see how arrogant she behaves in shows and interviews, this pampered girl is either very, very insecure or really a stupid brat.

Fair trial for Saddam?
As I expressed before, I have my problems imagining how this should be.
Don't get me wrong, I want a fair trial for Saddam. Even he deseres a fair one, but I can't see who should be able to give that to him.
Let's face it: in Iraq, the death penalty is abandoned. So if there will be an Iraqi judge, he might sentence Saddam to 500 years in prison.
Does Iraq have secure prisons where noone is still on Saddams side? Or so much against him to kill him when not watched?
Will the US be satisfied with a Saddam in jail? With a Saddam who has after his capture a better life than he had just before? Will the World be okay with that result?
Who will have to pay for the costs of Saddams stay in jail? The USA? Iraq? He will not just need a room and food, he also will need soldiers who are there all the time and protect him from attacs all day and night.
Suicide terrorists will use the place where he will be as a thankful target, either to kill him or to protest against his stay there. As long as he lives he will be a great person to press free for hijackers and other terrorists. So he might be a greater risk for peace now, when he's captured as he was before, when he was on the run.
I do hope, I see this all too pessimistic. Really.

Sonntag, Dezember 14, 2003
More on Saddam
Now it seems to have left the state of being just a rumour. it seems that the captured guy really is Saddam Hussein, one of the men, most of the world was looking for, next to Osama Bin Laden.
The BBC has a great overview about all you need and has IMO more class than CNN or any other US network coming in my mind. (Maybe that's what you pay them for with your money, Lionel?)
But the question remains - Bush has claimed Saddam should face justice for what he's done to Iraqi people by Iraqis.
But by whom? By the Iraqis, the US chooses? By the Iraqis, some of the US choosen government-style group chooses?
Do they really believe there will be any peace in Iraq as long as Saddam is there, alive? I can't imagine that.
How will they be sure he won't escape or be freed by one of the so many relatives or friends he still has?
How will they be sure, he will face a fair jury? What is fair, when it comes to such deeds he did? Can any human being stay fair, when in such a jury?

The Iraqi, many Iraqy, celebrate the capture of the man they followed blindly, just some months ago. That would not stop some of the friends he still has, to keep on bombing and attacking whatever they find worth a target.
That also will not stop any muslim terrorist from going and comitting a suicide attack, or something similar.

And to answer what Hans asked in his comments to my last entry - yes, I know he is a father and a family member, too. But I do think, world without him would be a better place and I also think, the US troops might pay the 25.000.000 Dollar to some of the soldiers, but I'm sure they would have prefered to pay them for a dead man.
But well, when you look at the pics, I mean, not that anyone who gets captured by some troops after he spent some time in a more rural area would look really great, he doesn't look like he's really fit and in best shape, does he?

I have no idea, how many doubles he has and how similar these doubles are. But I'm sure, some people won't believe it's him whatever proof you bring (might be the same who still meet Elvis shopping at a Wal Mart in Utah or Hitler on the Argentine beach)

And what now?
Okay, let's assume for the sake of discussion, the guy, US troops dragged out his cellar room is really Saddam Hussein.
What will happen now? Will he be brought at Gunatanamo? Will he be imprisoned in an american prison? Will he be shot openly in Iraq after a court from Iraqi people will have declared him guilty? Guilty of what? Torturing and murdering thousands of people? Would it be possible for him to wind himself out this all with a good lawyer?
What sentence will he face? Who will sentence him? The US? The UN? The Iraq?
I come to believe that it would have been better to capture him dead than alive.