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Samstag, November 22, 2003
Wondergirls new bed
Yesterday, the whole Lilli family decieded we need new beds.
Wondergirls bed is the one where she can't get out on her own and it's becoming really too small and too short. We were thinking on a "Hochbett" a bed where she can climb a ladder into and use the space under it for playing and so, but she's a tad too young for that. The danger of falling out is a tad too high for my taste. We will wait a few years and if we'll be still iving in a place with high ceilings, she will get her "Hochbett".
We also thought that we needed a new bed, too, since ours is my old one which I got about 13 years ago. It's time!
So, what else could we do as go to the next IKEA?
So we went there, on a Friday afternoon, like a few thousands other people, too. Mr. Lilli and Wondergirl collected me from the office, and when we drove on the IKEA ground, we saw it was not the wisest idea. IKEA is great for families with children. Wondergirl is not yet old enough to play in the childrens.paradise, so she was joining us.
Finding aplace for the car is alredy a bit difficult. They do offer space extra for families having children with them, but they're always full and used by everyone who thinks it counts as a "being with child" when they have either the picture of a friends baby with them or the safety-seat back in the car. Well, we found one with a bit of luck right next to them and then we went up into the restaurant. Great restaurant. I could spend the whole day there. They have extra space for the children to play, you pay once for your coke and can fill up as long as you want and the food is okay, too.
I might consider spending my next holidays there with wondergirl.
After a long process of comparing, decieding and matress-testing, we decieded on two beds. One for Wondergirl and one for us. The one for us will be delivered on Friday (at least they promised it) and the one for wondergirl we wanted to take with us.
So there we were, heading to the counter. Like gazillions of other people, too. We were standing in this effing line for about 40 minutes until I was able to see then end. They just had five spots from about 12 possible availabe. Really ugly. I mean - what helps the best childrenfriendly house, when you and your child stand there for ages in a row and wait? Awful!
After we paid (and got frightened about the huge amount of money we spent for the beds and "some stuff"), we had to wait again for Wondergirl bed to be brought out to us. After another 30 minutes it was ours. We came home too late to build it, so we had to do this today.
Both of us - Hubby and I love building IKEA stuff. Usually we fight who is allowed too, but today is was hard. Maybe it was because he smashed a woodn piece against my toe, or because I have my periods and my bitchie mood, but anyway - Wondergirl went to bed today into her new bed.
We know are fearing what might happen tomorrow morning. Not that she comes to us and waks us up at 6 am, I'm fearing more that she doesn't come and wake us up and instead re-arranges the whole flat...