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Mittwoch, November 12, 2003
Veterans Day
As some of you will know by now, I have a problem with this concept of a Veterans Day. That may be, because Nov. 11th is our starting day of carnival and in a Carnival Capitol like Cologne, there won't be space for anything else.
The other might be the Definition of a veteran. Veteran for me is someone who actually was in the Military and has been to a war, so you can imagine that in Germany it's not really easy to find honorable Veterans who served in a war, either it's WWII and the honour stuff there is really, really wicked, or we don't have any Veterans left (okay, some from WWI, but I don't know anyone).
So what's the concept of such a Veterans day? Why should I thank people who decided to go to the Military? They have great career chances there and in middle Europe, until recently the chances of really having to risk ones ass were pretty low. Why not instead thank nurses? Or Kindergarten teachers? They do their job, get paid really, really poor and don't have any career chances at all (at least here).
I also like, what Chad thinks about it when he states:
The American military does it's best to drum into it's members things like 'honor' and 'courage' and other lofty concepts, but for the vast majority, that's not really why we were there. I certainly wasn't there because of any such notion -- I wanted to go to college, which I never ended up doing. Other people did it because of other opportunities the military could give them. I know that more than a few have joined the military to run or hide from a past they no longer wanted. I think very few have enlisted because they have some notion of honor or commitment that the average person does not.