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Dienstag, November 18, 2003
Stasi shredded papers restored soon?
After the Nazis it didn't take a long time when Germans acted against Germans once more, but this time it was in the former DDR and the acting group was the Stasi. (No I don't compare Stasi with Nazis. Read the letters above, just read them and you get the concept.) The Stasi were the Spys (or spies? What's the correct plural of Spy?) of the DDR and they had their ears at all places in western germany, but also among the own people. They acted hidden, so til now it's not clear who all was working for them and did spy out what about his friends, fmily, church or employer.
When the Wall fell down, Stasi members were in panic burning stuff and shredding papers in enormous amounts, thinking noone ever will be able to restore it again.
It seems, that it can be restored in a pretty soon future and I can't wait to find out who all was working for the Stasi and is now a well known politician, actor or whatever person in Germany.