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Sonntag, November 30, 2003
One more on Gay Marriage
I must admit, I have no idea, why this topic and its related ones fascinate me that much. I do live in a hetero-marriage (non church) and my contacts to the gay scene have not been active for years. My last CSD-march was three years ago but somehow this still touches me more than many other topics.
I know, this is a really controversal topic. I know that I would never be able to get my point to someone who is homophobis or has " a problem" with gay (mostly men) in general. But I can't let it be.
Let me compare: In Germany, Gay couples can have a ceremony by the state, similar to a marriage but it's called something like "official partnership". I know some (men and women) who went this way with their gay partners and in their life you won't find many differences to any other couple, what gender ever they might have. Most of them don't have chidlren, since it's nt allowed in Germany for gay couples to adopt children. But well - adopting in Germany is so complicated, you have a hard time adopting a child, even when you're 28, hetero-married and well earning. So Couples who want children do what they feel appropriate. They either adopt some from abroad or they find other ways (lesbians let their gay friends give the sperm and whatever).
I don't see that my marriage is worth less now, because gay couples can live together officially.
I don't want to marry in a church for several reasons, but I believe that everyone should do as he or she wants. I don't see that such a marriage is worth less because maybe a gay coule could have it, too.
Here in Germany you have tax advantages, when you're married. But this is what sucks. You get these advantages when you're married, if you raise chidlren or not.
So what's the difference between a gay couple and a het-couple that doesn't want to have children?
Both will never give their contribution to the gene-pool, but just one should have the advantages?
That's not fair!
I was christened and raised catholic and I'm still a member of the catholic church, so I have the right to argue against it. As long as they get my money, I can critizise them. When I read stuff that catholic bishops call the people to stand up against gay marriage, I ask myself who died and made him to God?
Go and read the comments over at Atrios where I got the link from.