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Sonntag, November 09, 2003
MTV European Music Awards
We do watch some MTV from time to time, especially when both of us are sitting at the computer and we need some background music, we either "watch" VIVA or MTV. Of course we had our ideas who should win some of the prizes of the European Music Awards last week in Scotland. And well, never ever the name Justin Timberlake fell in any context.
So, Justin Timberlake won in three categories oh my god - who did the voting? Only 14 years old teenagers? If not, either Eminem or Robbie Williams would have won. Best Album, best Male and Best Pop, all three for this.... Boy. Shocking. I guess, I'm really becoming too old for that.
I don't wonder that Robbie Williams didn't have a chance - somehow the US folks don't like him, even when he's one of the real few Superstars we have in Europe. Maybe he's too European for US taste? I have no idea - I adore his music. Mr. Lilli and I do think that he's one of the little few nowadays musicians who show at least some bit of the genius musicians like Freddie Mercury have had.
Justin Timberlake... ridiculous.
Best HipHop -Eminem. That's okay, I don't know much about HipHop. But I like what I see from Eminem.
Best German Act - Die Aerzte, that's okay, too. I knew the one or the other good German act, too, but they do their special style of music for years and deserve it, even when I'd have preferred to read a name like Xavier Naidoo or Herbert Groenemeyer or so, that's more my kind of music, but as I noticed above - I seem not to be the average MTV watcher.
Best Female - Christina Aguilera, I can live with that. I'd have preferred Pink over her, but Madonna would have hurt me more.
I mean, I like Madonna, but she's... weird. Her Britney thing is really frightening.
Aguilera is having catfights with Kelly Osbourne, that counts.
What really enjoys me is the Best Rock - White Stripes. I haven't seen much from them, but what I saw until now really made me feel placed back in time and years and that's what I like on Rock Music.