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Freitag, November 21, 2003
Michael Jackson
So - what are the facts about him? What do I know? He is right now bringing his new album. And he is on the headlines again for child abuse.
Is this a coincidence? I German radio guy said this is just a huge marketing strategy. Someone else claims, the Cherrif just wants to be in the news before his retirement.
And some others say it has to be true.
I'm not really a fan of Michael Jackson. As in many other caes, I like his older stuff, mostly because it reminds me on my wild years in the 80ies. His music usually makes me kinda - fit. But that's it. Never bought an album, never paid for a card for a concert (seen him a few times, since I had to work there when he was in Cologne).
Sure, it could be a trick just to promote the new album. But child abuse? I don't know. I might buy that someone starts shoplifting or so to not fall out of the news, but child abuse?
So there is just two possibilities - he has done it or not.
And a huge part of the US seems busy discussing this question. Everyone who once had a sister in law whose uncle's third girl frieds younger brother once mowd the grass for Michael Jacksons Milkman's mother now hold his face into a camera and tells the world about what he either has "always known" or about this "big, infamous lie".
I hope he'll be proven innocent, otherwise it would mean one more child to suffer from that trauma. It will be interesting to follow it all and see what really will happen to someone as a big celebrity as he is.
At least his family stands to him and is completely on his side.