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Freitag, November 14, 2003
First Nuclear Plant closed!
Yipppeeehh! The first step is done to get away from these "dark technology". All I'd love to see were now real starts of even trying to find alternative energies the next decades until all powerplants will be shut.

We had a discussion about it at work this week - we all were in consens that nuclear energy is dangerous and that it would be great if we could replace it with something else, but it's the same as with oil and gas - the supporters are far too many and too powerful (and too close on all governments with their Lobby-works) to make it possible. If Germany would have started to pay people money to build their houses with solar-panels for example, if Germany had started 20 years ago with for example using water-energy at the Northers Sea and also work on optimizing modern windmills (and of course their placements), we wouldn't need any nuclear plants in Germany.
I know there are countries like the USA where people need way more energy per person than in Germany. Sometimes it's because of the weather - I'd rather not live without air condition in Canada for example or without really huge heating possibilities in Alaska and so on, and sometimes it's just not being aware of possibilities to live and use less energy.

Don't get me wrong. I live in a huge City and I drive a car. I don't use candles if not for romantic or so reasons and while I'm on my Computer right now, the lights are on, the TV and Mr. Lilli's PC, too, so I'm not that green as it might sound.
But here in Germany my generation grew up with "energy-saving" ideas, which I can't condemn all.
I use to switch off the lights when I leave a room into another. I use to switch off the motor of my car when I stop and wait for a few minutes.
I just think one can save energy in many ways without having to live in a cave with candlelight and if whole countries would be able to save energy that way it could be possible to use less nuclear power plants and have so the common danger a bit minimized, to hold it easy.

I had hoped from the current government more efforts in that direction, especially after they had the law of leaving nuclear energy the next 30 years, but they seem to think the solution will either come from the white light (giggle) or from Singapure or so. I have no idea what they think how it should work. Maybe wit us, buying nuclear energy from other countries like the poor french who have a plant nearly on every doorstep?