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Mittwoch, November 19, 2003
Bush in the UK
First I planned, not to write a word about it. Not to write about the about 100.000 protesters, not to write about the 14.000 policemen and -women who have to protect him, not to write that if you want to commit a crime, London won't be a good idea this week, but when you go far east or north, you might be luckier, no word about all this.
Bu then I didn't want to disappoint all these rightie folks who stop by here occasionally and want to find some "tinfoil" stuff or how else they call everything that doesn't fit into their nice little picture of how the world has to be. So here it is.
Bush in the the UK. He's staying the the Buckingham Palace and the Brits go mad. Thousand protest on the streets, news deliver new highest numbers from hour to hour and Bush is happy to be in a country where people can practise free speech.
I don't think that securiry standards have to be way so high as they are in and around London right now, but I know them pretty well, since Bill Clinto was here in Cologne a few years ago and all of us who had to work around him remember really, really good, alle these men with little pieces in their ears. So, well, the President of the USA is the most powerful man in the world, so I guess he must be protected.
Even if I don't like him.
And even if a few hundreds of thousands of Brits don't like him, too.
The protesters are pretty good arganized, and of course they use the Internet for it. One of the more official sites is Chasing Bush.
Somehow, it doesn't really affect me, if he's in the UK or not. Blair and he are good friends but if he thought to help Blair with his visit, I guess he was wrong.