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Samstag, November 08, 2003
The 10 Greatest Germans?
The ZDF (German Television) is hosting the series that goes round the World right now - The Greatest.... Here we have the Greatest Germans.
But who are they?
Well, Michael Schumacher is way ahead of Albertus Magnus and Dieter Bohlen ranks higher than Richar von Weizsaecker. That's sad but due to the actual day to day life.
What really pisses me off on this list (with thx to PapaScott):

Konrad Adenauer
Johann S. Bach
Otto v. Bismarck
Willi Brandt
Albert Einstein
Johann W. Goethe
Johannes Gutenberg
Martin Luther
Karl Marx
Hans & Sophie Scholl

Is not that with Willy Brandt and Karl Marx some of people I also adore are to find, but that's Sophie Scholl is the only woman. And she is just in addition to her brother but without a ranking on her own.

Don't we have any Great German Women?
How about Rosa Luxemburg? Rita Suessmuth, to grab someone from the ideological different side. It's really, really sad, that Germans can't find any Great German Woman in the Top 10.

Either it's sad that Germans don't come up with one, or it's that there is just none. I'm not sure.