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Sonntag, November 30, 2003
France and the Headscarfs
As I wrote several times before, I do think Headscarfs don't belong into schools, not for teachers, and also not for pupils if it comes to call.
The french have a lot more problems with the society conflicts between muslim and others than we have here, even when I think the reasons are the same.
Integration doesn't work as a one-way street. But that's how we and other European countries have handled it the last 40 years. We failed to also have a certain amount of pressure added as other countries have. But maybe this will happen now, too.

One more on Gay Marriage
I must admit, I have no idea, why this topic and its related ones fascinate me that much. I do live in a hetero-marriage (non church) and my contacts to the gay scene have not been active for years. My last CSD-march was three years ago but somehow this still touches me more than many other topics.
I know, this is a really controversal topic. I know that I would never be able to get my point to someone who is homophobis or has " a problem" with gay (mostly men) in general. But I can't let it be.
Let me compare: In Germany, Gay couples can have a ceremony by the state, similar to a marriage but it's called something like "official partnership". I know some (men and women) who went this way with their gay partners and in their life you won't find many differences to any other couple, what gender ever they might have. Most of them don't have chidlren, since it's nt allowed in Germany for gay couples to adopt children. But well - adopting in Germany is so complicated, you have a hard time adopting a child, even when you're 28, hetero-married and well earning. So Couples who want children do what they feel appropriate. They either adopt some from abroad or they find other ways (lesbians let their gay friends give the sperm and whatever).
I don't see that my marriage is worth less now, because gay couples can live together officially.
I don't want to marry in a church for several reasons, but I believe that everyone should do as he or she wants. I don't see that such a marriage is worth less because maybe a gay coule could have it, too.
Here in Germany you have tax advantages, when you're married. But this is what sucks. You get these advantages when you're married, if you raise chidlren or not.
So what's the difference between a gay couple and a het-couple that doesn't want to have children?
Both will never give their contribution to the gene-pool, but just one should have the advantages?
That's not fair!
I was christened and raised catholic and I'm still a member of the catholic church, so I have the right to argue against it. As long as they get my money, I can critizise them. When I read stuff that catholic bishops call the people to stand up against gay marriage, I ask myself who died and made him to God?
Go and read the comments over at Atrios where I got the link from.

Samstag, November 29, 2003
Pablo Picasso
I found a great link to Mr. Picassohead where I can create my own picasso-style head. That's fun. Go and have a look at the Gallery, one of my favourites is "Bad Hair Day".

Bush in Iraq
Since all I had to say, has been said by so many others, I had decieded not to say anything about it. But, once more, I can't resist one facette of the whole picture.
Let's have it clear from the beginning - it was a clever move. Thanksgiving Dinner with fighting Troops is a really great idea. I'm sure it will have motivated the soldiers a lot.
If it's true what Atrions writes about the reactions about it, then again, the whole thing is really embarassing.
Quoting Hesiod dear Atrios said: The press were acting as if Bush grabbed a machine gun and personally stormed a building filled with armed insurgents.
Just the picture makes me smile.

Freitag, November 28, 2003
Sorry, but "Bloodvertizing" is tasteless.

A Common Defense in Europe?
I know, some Brits get shudders when they think of a military where Fremch, German and British soldiers have to work together. As much as the Germans start frightening, when they think of one Army with Italians, Polish, Greek and Turkish people. But well, we all will have to learn about the qualities of the other and find out where the common goals are.
At least France, Germany and the UK seem to have reached a common ground in that question, as the BBC reports.

Donnerstag, November 27, 2003
Why don't they publish it?
Hmm... it seems there was made a study in Europe about Anti-semitism. Now some US politicians want this study to be published. Maybe it's because the French seem to have the highest numbers of it?

I find this disturbing for two reasons.
1 - I must admit, anti-semitism doesn't move me soo much, because I see it as a part of a bigger picture. It's the anti-foreigner-ism (I know, there is not such a word, don't panic), that scares me.

2 - Why do the French have such high numbers of anti-semitic incidents? Because they have a high Muslim percentage. And many Muslims are causing anti-smitic incidents, period.

Europe and the whole western world (including the US) should better work on general acceptance of differences, be it colour of skin, religion, sexual orientation or lifestyle, but instead of doing that they wonder how a bigot society causes such crimes and problems.

Anti semitic things draw more attention, because they're strictly religion-based, but is it a kind of better discrimination when I discriminate someone because of the colour of his skin than because of his religion? Sometimes people seem to think that. I don't.

The BBC reports.

Uh Ah - what went wrong??

Torture Garden
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. You are a sickening work of art.
You excite me and disgust me at the same time.

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thx to rouquin ricain's Journal for the link.

Wirtschaft kann so einfach sein ... - auf die Erklärung kommt es an:

Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Ihr Nachbar besitzt keine. Sie behalten eine und
schenken ihrem armen Nachbarn die andere. Danach bereuen Sie es.

Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Ihr Nachbar besitzt keine. Die Regierung
nimmt Ihnen eine ab und gibt diese Ihrem Nachbarn. Sie werden gezwungen,
eine Genossenschaft zu gründen, um Ihrem Nachbarn bei der Tierhaltung zu

Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Ihr Nachbar besitzt keine. Sie fühlen
sich schuldig, weil Sie erfolgreich arbeiten. Sie wählen Leute in die
Regierung, die
Ihre Kühe besteuern. Das zwingt Sie, eine Kuh zu verkaufen, um die Steuern
bezahlen zu können. Die Leute, die Sie gewählt haben, nehmen
dieses Geld, kaufen eine Kuh und geben diese Ihrem Nachbarn. Sie fühlen
sich rechtschaffen. Udo Lindenberg singt für Sie.

Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Ihr Nachbar besitzt keine. Und?

Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Ihr Nachbar besitzt keine. Die
Regierungbeschlagnahmt beide Kühe und verkauft Ihnen die Milch. Sie stehen
stundenlang für die Milch an. Sie ist sauer.

Kapitalismus pur:
Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Sie verkaufen eine und kaufen einen Bullen, um
eine Herde zu züchten.

EU Bürokratie:
Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Die EU nimmt ihnen beide ab, tötet eine, melkt die
andere, bezahlt Ihnen eine Entschädigung aus dem
Verkaufserlös der Milch und schüttet diese dann in die Nordsee.

Amerikanisches Unternehmen:
Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Sie verkaufen eine und leasen sie zurück. Sie
gründen eine Aktiengesellschaft. Sie zwingen die beiden Kühe, das
Vierfache an Milch zu geben. Sie wundern sich, als eine tot
umfällt. Sie geben eine Presseerklärung heraus, in der Sie erklären, Sie
hätten Ihre Kosten um 50% gesenkt. Ihre Aktien steigen.

Französisches Unternehmen:
Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Sie streiken, weil Sie drei Kühe haben wollen. Sie
gehen Mittagessen. Das Leben ist schön.

Japanisches Unternehmen:
Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Mittels modernster Gentechnik werden die Tiere auf
ein Zehntel ihrer ursprünglichen Größe gezüchtet und geben das
Zwanzigfache der Milch.

Deutsches Unternehmen:
Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Mittels modernster Gentechnik werden die
Tiere "redesigned", so daß sie alle blond sind, Milch von höchster
Qualität geben und 160 km/h laufen können. Leider fordern die Kühe 13
Wochen Urlaub im Jahr.

Italienisches Unternehmen:
Sie besitzen zwei Kühe, aber Sie wissen nicht, wo sie sind. Während Sie
sie suchen, sehen Sie eine schöne Frau. Sie machen Mittagspause. Das Leben
ist schön.

Russisches Unternehmen:
Sie besitzen zwei Kühe. Sie zählen jedoch fünf. Sie trinken noch mehr
Wodka. Sie zählen erneut und kommen nunmehr auf 42 Kühe. Hoch
erfreutzählen Sie gleich noch mal und jetzt sind es zwölf Kühe. Enttäuscht
lassen Sie das Zählen sein und öffnen die nächste Flasche Wodka.. Die
Mafia kommt vorbei und nimmt Ihnen ? wie viele Kühe es auch immer sein
mögen ? ab.

Schweizer Unternehmen:
Sie verfügen über 5.000 Kühe, von denen Ihnen aber keine einzige gehört.
Sie betreuen die Tiere nur für andere. Wenn die Kühe
Milch geben, erzählen Sie es niemandem.


Mittwoch, November 26, 2003
I was pretty amused to find the german word "Verboten" used in the english language. Maybe we are a society of "Verbote", we have many of them. Even when I don't think we have more than anyone else, we seem to be the only one who have them all written down and enforced most of them. We don't have the freedom of speech in Germany. And many of us like it.
We can pretty say what we want here, but there are things about the Nazis, about Jews, about the Holocsast being forbidden. It's, for example, forbidden in germany to deny the holocaust. You know - there are those ugly models of mankind who claim that the Holocaust never happened or other rubbish like there have not been 6.000.000 jews killed in and around Nazi-Germany; or public talk like "all foreigners are parasites and have to be shot" or !all Asylum seekers have to be shot" and that. This stuff is truly "Verboten" and I must admit, I don't have a problem with that.
Some signs are also verboten here. Like the signs of the "Waffen SS", "Hitlerjugend" and so on. From most of them I knew it, but some others I didn't know.
I found at the lawblog (thank you Udo!) the link to a german site of the "Kriminalpolizei Hessen" with a list of some of the "Verboten" Signs, Songs and talks, if your German is okay, you would understand what it is abuot.

Sonntag, November 23, 2003
N-TV poll in Germany
N-TV is a german sister of CNN. They have a poll online and ask something like "has the US lost the war on terror?"
No wonder that in germany about 79% of the readers said yes - they have lost it.
Go and have your say!

She did sleep well
just was up a bit early this morning. But she stayed in bed, and waited til I came in her room, then she grabbed one cuddly toy and came with me to our bed to snuggle with us til we were awake completely. I love those Sunday mornings! Tonight she fell asleep even before the meal was ready. "Are you tired?" "NO!" and a second later she was away in dreamland. She even didn't awake completely when we changed her clothes and nappy. Was a nice Sunday!

Samstag, November 22, 2003
Wondergirls new bed
Yesterday, the whole Lilli family decieded we need new beds.
Wondergirls bed is the one where she can't get out on her own and it's becoming really too small and too short. We were thinking on a "Hochbett" a bed where she can climb a ladder into and use the space under it for playing and so, but she's a tad too young for that. The danger of falling out is a tad too high for my taste. We will wait a few years and if we'll be still iving in a place with high ceilings, she will get her "Hochbett".
We also thought that we needed a new bed, too, since ours is my old one which I got about 13 years ago. It's time!
So, what else could we do as go to the next IKEA?
So we went there, on a Friday afternoon, like a few thousands other people, too. Mr. Lilli and Wondergirl collected me from the office, and when we drove on the IKEA ground, we saw it was not the wisest idea. IKEA is great for families with children. Wondergirl is not yet old enough to play in the childrens.paradise, so she was joining us.
Finding aplace for the car is alredy a bit difficult. They do offer space extra for families having children with them, but they're always full and used by everyone who thinks it counts as a "being with child" when they have either the picture of a friends baby with them or the safety-seat back in the car. Well, we found one with a bit of luck right next to them and then we went up into the restaurant. Great restaurant. I could spend the whole day there. They have extra space for the children to play, you pay once for your coke and can fill up as long as you want and the food is okay, too.
I might consider spending my next holidays there with wondergirl.
After a long process of comparing, decieding and matress-testing, we decieded on two beds. One for Wondergirl and one for us. The one for us will be delivered on Friday (at least they promised it) and the one for wondergirl we wanted to take with us.
So there we were, heading to the counter. Like gazillions of other people, too. We were standing in this effing line for about 40 minutes until I was able to see then end. They just had five spots from about 12 possible availabe. Really ugly. I mean - what helps the best childrenfriendly house, when you and your child stand there for ages in a row and wait? Awful!
After we paid (and got frightened about the huge amount of money we spent for the beds and "some stuff"), we had to wait again for Wondergirl bed to be brought out to us. After another 30 minutes it was ours. We came home too late to build it, so we had to do this today.
Both of us - Hubby and I love building IKEA stuff. Usually we fight who is allowed too, but today is was hard. Maybe it was because he smashed a woodn piece against my toe, or because I have my periods and my bitchie mood, but anyway - Wondergirl went to bed today into her new bed.
We know are fearing what might happen tomorrow morning. Not that she comes to us and waks us up at 6 am, I'm fearing more that she doesn't come and wake us up and instead re-arranges the whole flat...

A fuzzy one for the weekend
As I know, many of you don't like those fuzzy stories about puppies and little kittens finding home for hundreds of kilometres and all that.
I have read about experiments of bringing pets to school hourwise and let the kids experience how the dog reacts to what they do and how cuddly and soft a dogs fur is.
I also know that old people live longer when they have pets to care for.
And of course it's the Brits again who make it the first time officially in a school that a pet "works" with the children. Great idea!! Why don't we copy it soon?

I wish I had more time!
All I want is just more time. Usually I can get to my Computer at 20.00 pm, after wondergirl is in her bed. So you can imagine, Mr. Lilli sitting next to me, waiting to go online, when I'mm finished with blogging.
Especially when I read stuff like that, I wish I had more time for games like Blog Scavenger Hunt.

They are strange
Okay, somehow we speak a common language, we share lots of our history and worldwide we're not really perceived as a difference, but somehow these Austrians are really, really weird.
We have them here a bit as joke-victims, when you have to compare nations (like in jokes like "An Englishman, an american and a Russian man die and go into heaven.....", the last and most stupid one is usually the Austrian in german jokes.
What they speak is somehow german, but a strange version and a strange dialect to it, which can make it really hurtfull to talk to someone from Vienna, for example.
And when I now read, what Bill writes about Austria media - yes, my prejudice is confirmed, they are strange!

Donkey to Guantanamo??
PapaScott reminded me on more often reading Baghdad Buring, when he linked to Donkeys and Guerillas.

Freitag, November 21, 2003
Euro stronger and stronger against the Dollar
I have no idea why this is happening. Some people claim it's because of the Dollar falling and others claim it's for the Euro rising and rising.
On the one hand, I don't want the Euro to be too strong because of our exports. On the other hand I like the idea that the Euro is stronger than the Dollar because I hope the strength in currency will the first step to a real economic strength in Europe.
The less I don't understand what point Lionel is trying to bring, when he claims that right now Germany and France affect the Euro negatively. Maybe this time it's not the Euro but the Dollar?

Michael Jackson
So - what are the facts about him? What do I know? He is right now bringing his new album. And he is on the headlines again for child abuse.
Is this a coincidence? I German radio guy said this is just a huge marketing strategy. Someone else claims, the Cherrif just wants to be in the news before his retirement.
And some others say it has to be true.
I'm not really a fan of Michael Jackson. As in many other caes, I like his older stuff, mostly because it reminds me on my wild years in the 80ies. His music usually makes me kinda - fit. But that's it. Never bought an album, never paid for a card for a concert (seen him a few times, since I had to work there when he was in Cologne).
Sure, it could be a trick just to promote the new album. But child abuse? I don't know. I might buy that someone starts shoplifting or so to not fall out of the news, but child abuse?
So there is just two possibilities - he has done it or not.
And a huge part of the US seems busy discussing this question. Everyone who once had a sister in law whose uncle's third girl frieds younger brother once mowd the grass for Michael Jacksons Milkman's mother now hold his face into a camera and tells the world about what he either has "always known" or about this "big, infamous lie".
I hope he'll be proven innocent, otherwise it would mean one more child to suffer from that trauma. It will be interesting to follow it all and see what really will happen to someone as a big celebrity as he is.
At least his family stands to him and is completely on his side.

Mittwoch, November 19, 2003
No blogging tomorrow
I guess I won't find the time to blog tomorrow, since I'll be out at an SPD meeting with Dr. Lale Akguen, a turkish born now german member of our parliament. She wants to tell us something about this stuff with the headscarf, I wrote about some time ago.
She is working now for our government on a concept of how we as Germans can handle such problems without discriminating people.

Comments back
Here they are again. Good.

Comments down?
It seems my comments aren't working right now. So if you want to write something, just mail it to me! Adress is on the left bar!

Bush in the UK
First I planned, not to write a word about it. Not to write about the about 100.000 protesters, not to write about the 14.000 policemen and -women who have to protect him, not to write that if you want to commit a crime, London won't be a good idea this week, but when you go far east or north, you might be luckier, no word about all this.
Bu then I didn't want to disappoint all these rightie folks who stop by here occasionally and want to find some "tinfoil" stuff or how else they call everything that doesn't fit into their nice little picture of how the world has to be. So here it is.
Bush in the the UK. He's staying the the Buckingham Palace and the Brits go mad. Thousand protest on the streets, news deliver new highest numbers from hour to hour and Bush is happy to be in a country where people can practise free speech.
I don't think that securiry standards have to be way so high as they are in and around London right now, but I know them pretty well, since Bill Clinto was here in Cologne a few years ago and all of us who had to work around him remember really, really good, alle these men with little pieces in their ears. So, well, the President of the USA is the most powerful man in the world, so I guess he must be protected.
Even if I don't like him.
And even if a few hundreds of thousands of Brits don't like him, too.
The protesters are pretty good arganized, and of course they use the Internet for it. One of the more official sites is Chasing Bush.
Somehow, it doesn't really affect me, if he's in the UK or not. Blair and he are good friends but if he thought to help Blair with his visit, I guess he was wrong.

Dienstag, November 18, 2003
More tomorrow
I'm tired. I'm fighting with the rest of a hangvover from last night when Mr. Lilli asked me out for my birthday and made me eat great food, lots of wine, Grappa and Prosecco at our local Italian, and I still have tons of work to do this night, so please excuse me for not writing more. I'll do so some of the next days, I promise!

Stasi shredded papers restored soon?
After the Nazis it didn't take a long time when Germans acted against Germans once more, but this time it was in the former DDR and the acting group was the Stasi. (No I don't compare Stasi with Nazis. Read the letters above, just read them and you get the concept.) The Stasi were the Spys (or spies? What's the correct plural of Spy?) of the DDR and they had their ears at all places in western germany, but also among the own people. They acted hidden, so til now it's not clear who all was working for them and did spy out what about his friends, fmily, church or employer.
When the Wall fell down, Stasi members were in panic burning stuff and shredding papers in enormous amounts, thinking noone ever will be able to restore it again.
It seems, that it can be restored in a pretty soon future and I can't wait to find out who all was working for the Stasi and is now a well known politician, actor or whatever person in Germany.

Sonntag, November 16, 2003
Stores open to help economy?
Well - this weekend came and with it came statements of some German politicians (more B-category, but anyway) about how long to open stores in Germany before Christmas.
Don't laugh, but in Germany we also have laws how long a store is allowed to stay open. In general the opening times are from 8. am til 8 pm and Sunday closed completely. This is valid for your average grocery store, supermarket, butcher or H&M or GAP store. After 8 pm there are just some special shops allowed to be open who are similar to pubs (legally) and sell also stuff you can get in a supermarket, or shops at gas-stations selling stuff you need for traveling. Well, I have no idea, for what I need the latest Playboy or a can with "Ravioli in timatoe souce" for traveling, but well, definitions might be different there.
But again - in general, stores have to be closed on Sundays.
One can discuss if this is a good thing or a bad thing, fact is - in Germany it's traditional (especially unions-traditions) handled that way.
There are good reasons for not changing it (working times for personnel - mostly women; problems for small family-run shops; profits just for the big centre and not in the suburbs...) and also for changing it asap (de-regulation; other countries still survive with opening times around the clock; more freedom for customers; more attractivity...), but the reasons, the politicians around Bruederle call, definitely don't belong to the serious sort.
Bruederle (FDP, what else?) states, that it would help the economy when all shops would have the possibility to open on Sundays before Christmas so that people can be sure to spend all the money they want for Christmas gifts.
He Bruederle, let me tell you some things:
We are no Brits. We don't spend such amounts just for gifts.
And one more - if you can also buy gifts on Sundays, there is just a little chance that people buy more. We don't have economy problems because people reject to consummate stuff, our crisis is because people can't afford more. They can afford really enough - as I use to say: people can't be poor as long books like the ones from Dieter Bohlen rank high of Bestseller lists.
People can't be poor as long Michael Moore can charge you more than 20,00 EURO for a ticket to his "performances" on a German stage. I'd have liked to see him, but sorry, 20 Euro? LOL
So, even not being a specialist in economic things I know pretty well that money won't get more when people have more possibilities to spend it. It just gets spent different. People will spend more money in huge city centres (like my hometown Cologne) and less in their small suburbs or smaller cities and villages (no - no word about Duesseldorf from me).
People who want to spend money on a Sunday also have many occasions, even in Germany. They can go and place bids on eBay; they can use all these internet-shops and Call-Centres with 24 hour hotline, so it's not that the German in general isn't used spending money on a Sunday.
So what should happen?
I don't have problems to erase laws about shop-openings. In that for example, Germany is pretty oldfashioned and not up to date with what the customer wants. But Germany also is a state where it should be that the employees are protected from too worse conditions in that.
But anyway - our economy won't get better from that.
When I go shopping in the Cologne "Hohe Strasse" or "Schildergasse", some of the most frequented shopping miles in Europe, I can't believe in Germany there is something like high unemployment rate or so. People squeeze through the street and the shops like fish in a can. Pure horror.
Maybe an open Sunday would help and have it sorted on one more day, so the other days would be less horrid? I seriously doubt it.

Georgia O'Keefe
Fantastic!! You are GEORGIA O'KEEFE.
You are a true spirit of nature, and it shows in
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Well, they had neither Kandinsky not Monet, so I think I'll go with that....

Samstag, November 15, 2003
Christmas is coming...
and sometimes I want to be a Brit. One of the times is Christmas. Not only that the British attitude to Christmas is nicer than the German one - while Christmas is done here pretty... quiet and sentimental and "besinnlich" with just the closest family (bringing a boyfriend with me to christmas was really close to marriage), the Brist do it more fun. They have more some kind of party and are kinda "happier", you know what I mean?
Well, when I see what the average Brit plans to spend money for gifts, I can really understand the Happiness at all.
I've never spent so much money just for gifts, for whomever and none of my friends would do so, too.
So, please let me become a Brit for christmas...

Gay Nazi victims
When I see sometimes how some priests and bishops start to talk about Homosexuals, I start frightening, because there was a time in Germany, where the words "mentally ill", "re-orientation" and so, were used in a way none of us wants to have to see.
Next to Jews and Gypsies there also were lots of Homosexuals who where brought into Concentration Camps. While Jews had to wear a yellow star, the Homosexuals (mostly men) had to wear a pink triangle.
It's said they were really at the deepest step of the social ladder in a concentration camp.
Now there are plans to build a memorial for the homosexual people who were brought into the Concentration Camp.
But it wouldn't change some people's mind that Homosexuality is still something against nature, something sinful and something that must be "cured" somehow. I hope, society is nowadays so far, that also this part of the Horror around WWII won't happen ever again.

Squishie? Naah...

lip kiss
kiss on the lips - you're sweet and simple but
quite daring. you move for the kill confidently
knowing the other person wants the same thing.

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Freitag, November 14, 2003
First Nuclear Plant closed!
Yipppeeehh! The first step is done to get away from these "dark technology". All I'd love to see were now real starts of even trying to find alternative energies the next decades until all powerplants will be shut.

We had a discussion about it at work this week - we all were in consens that nuclear energy is dangerous and that it would be great if we could replace it with something else, but it's the same as with oil and gas - the supporters are far too many and too powerful (and too close on all governments with their Lobby-works) to make it possible. If Germany would have started to pay people money to build their houses with solar-panels for example, if Germany had started 20 years ago with for example using water-energy at the Northers Sea and also work on optimizing modern windmills (and of course their placements), we wouldn't need any nuclear plants in Germany.
I know there are countries like the USA where people need way more energy per person than in Germany. Sometimes it's because of the weather - I'd rather not live without air condition in Canada for example or without really huge heating possibilities in Alaska and so on, and sometimes it's just not being aware of possibilities to live and use less energy.

Don't get me wrong. I live in a huge City and I drive a car. I don't use candles if not for romantic or so reasons and while I'm on my Computer right now, the lights are on, the TV and Mr. Lilli's PC, too, so I'm not that green as it might sound.
But here in Germany my generation grew up with "energy-saving" ideas, which I can't condemn all.
I use to switch off the lights when I leave a room into another. I use to switch off the motor of my car when I stop and wait for a few minutes.
I just think one can save energy in many ways without having to live in a cave with candlelight and if whole countries would be able to save energy that way it could be possible to use less nuclear power plants and have so the common danger a bit minimized, to hold it easy.

I had hoped from the current government more efforts in that direction, especially after they had the law of leaving nuclear energy the next 30 years, but they seem to think the solution will either come from the white light (giggle) or from Singapure or so. I have no idea what they think how it should work. Maybe wit us, buying nuclear energy from other countries like the poor french who have a plant nearly on every doorstep?

Democrats vote for 98% of Bush's judges...
and all they get is a lousy T-Shirt? LOL
Well, they had a 30 hours session (30 hours, OMG! that's awful! Do they live from Red Bull or what?) where the Democrats had the possibility to not approve 4 judges, Bush had picked for appeal court.
Bush calls it "shameful" and his compagnong Bill Frist called it "partisan destructionism" while Democrats said, they can't see the reason to make such a fuss about it, since they approved all but four, while Republicans have refused to confirm 63 picks from Clinton.
Hmm... this electing of judges is not common here, so I don't really have an idea about all the consequences. We have it just for the "Bundesverfassungsgericht" and there are just five (I think it's five, not really sure) judges to call, so it's a bit easier.

Martin Hohmann expelled
Even when it ws not a huge majority, it was enough to get the 2/3 quorum and expell this guy (as reported here, here and here.
from the CDU parliament-group. They also think about starting a hearing to have him completely out of the whole party. Which might be a good thaugt. It won't help anything, he is elected he can stay as a single member of the parliament (Bundestag) for the next 3.5 years til the next election. He just won't have any (official) contact to the CDU group.
But it might be a signal to CDU bigheads like Roland Koch who alsways flirt with the very right side of their party and the political spectrum in the whole. Maybe they'll have to face the fact that Angela Merkel, the actual elected leader of the CDU is gaining the power that should be hers, because until now she hasn't got it.
Question is - when will the remaining (minimum) 28 sympathisants of him leave or what will they make?
The CDU might suffer from this scandal some time - I hope as long as possible and I hope too, people see again the real differences between the politics a CDU stands for and the SPD stands for.

Donnerstag, November 13, 2003
Well, according to this, you're a snapdragon. If
these results are right, you are a fiercely
independent person and you don't care what
peoeple think. You have the potential to be
anything and everything, so long as you live up
to your goal of living every moment to the
fullest. Personally, I think that kicks ass.
Rock on.
oh yea, and dont tell the others, but you're my
favourite result :)

what non-stereotypical flower would you be (with pictures)
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Snapdragon - what a nice word for a flower...

A Thought Project
is what shell from Across the Atlantic calls her question, how the last US presidents might be remembered in about 100 years.
You'd be shocked to hear what average Germans know about US Presidents, but let's ask some above-average educated ones in their 30ies and you might get answers like these:
Carter: Peanuts, didn't he get a peace-prize??
Reagan: He was an actor like Arnie.
Bush I: Who?
Clinton: Monica, Impeachment
Bush II: Time will tell.
I'm with shell on the last one - Bush will either be remembered as a stupid Cowboy who had his four years and really screwed it up or as hero of the middle East who earned his second four years.
From the older Presidents, I'd guess germans just know
Kennedy: killed by whom?
Nixon: Watergate
Ford - Cars?
Not to think about what Europeans will remember in 100 years. But let's justwait for 20 years, meet then again and compare notes, okay? ;-)

Mittwoch, November 12, 2003
Italian soldiers killed in Iraq
A new suicide attack in Iraq has lead to the deaths of 26 people, most of them italian in Iraq. Italy is in shock. I must admit, I have no clue what the current trends in Italy are. I know, Berlusconi is still president but since that annoys me so much, I don't read much news about Italy here, also because Italy usually is not a No. 1 headline in German newspapers.
I do really hope, they'll finally get a grip on Iraq, or how long should this killings go on?

Right Wing of German CDU against kicking Martin Hohmann out
As I wrote the last days here and here, the german conservative party CDU has its problems with its right wing.
And when I say right wing, I don't mean some conservatives, I mean people who think brown deep down inside. For people like me it looks like the CDU has collected all these people on the right wing the last 20 years and has never asked in what a trouble they could bring their party. These Nazi-slogans from time to time at the "Oktoberfest" or other occasions were silenced to death and somehow they must have thought this could go on so for ever.
But well. Angela Merkel made the move and said she wants him out. But now she confronted with the fact how small her power is in her party and how big this very right wing is, which people now call Angela names because she fell for left propaganda and so on. Poor her.
But Hohmann still has his fans in the CDU as this yahoo report points out. For example this guy called Hans Knoblauch (Knoblauch=garlic). He now has to face the kick out himself.
But it will again, just be the small ones who get hit, the big fish will keep on swimming in the Hesse presidency....eeehh I mean the water. ;-)

Wondergirl ill again
Dear Wondergirl jumps from one infection to another. Was it last Week Angine, today it's feverish mouth-infection. The problem is she doesn'T want to drink and whenever she should get her medicine she starts vomiting. F***
I've changed clothes five times today, cleaned up the bedroom and held a crying girl on my lap (since the vomiting hurts in the mouth) several times. I wonder what the night will bring - lucky me, tomorrow (and so also this night) Mr. Lilli is on duty since I took a day off today and he can stay home tomorrow.
Send her some good vibes if you care.

"the joker, worker, stabilizer"
You are gifted when it comes to protecting yourself
from judgements cast upon you by others. In
fact, you are not easily thrown by external
reality. You have the capacity to work and
play hard and to laugh at yourself. This is
the card of humour and sexuality (it is the
only card with genital symbols).
"Devil" spelled backwards is
"lived", and it is very fitting. You
live with humour and have a stable foothold on
life. Of course, you do love setting the
occasional bit of mischief into play.

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Veterans Day
As some of you will know by now, I have a problem with this concept of a Veterans Day. That may be, because Nov. 11th is our starting day of carnival and in a Carnival Capitol like Cologne, there won't be space for anything else.
The other might be the Definition of a veteran. Veteran for me is someone who actually was in the Military and has been to a war, so you can imagine that in Germany it's not really easy to find honorable Veterans who served in a war, either it's WWII and the honour stuff there is really, really wicked, or we don't have any Veterans left (okay, some from WWI, but I don't know anyone).
So what's the concept of such a Veterans day? Why should I thank people who decided to go to the Military? They have great career chances there and in middle Europe, until recently the chances of really having to risk ones ass were pretty low. Why not instead thank nurses? Or Kindergarten teachers? They do their job, get paid really, really poor and don't have any career chances at all (at least here).
I also like, what Chad thinks about it when he states:
The American military does it's best to drum into it's members things like 'honor' and 'courage' and other lofty concepts, but for the vast majority, that's not really why we were there. I certainly wasn't there because of any such notion -- I wanted to go to college, which I never ended up doing. Other people did it because of other opportunities the military could give them. I know that more than a few have joined the military to run or hide from a past they no longer wanted. I think very few have enlisted because they have some notion of honor or commitment that the average person does not.

Dienstag, November 11, 2003
Blair in trouble?
It seems, the english voters see the relationship between Blair and Bush very critical. The numbers of people who don't support Blairs decisions grow even more, as Ananova reports.
Yeah - I do agree with them, I also don't think the UK will have any benefits from it, but dead young men.

Martin Hohmann will be expelled?
Well, at least maybe.
CDU leader Angela Merkel has said she will ask the CDU group in the Bundestag, the German Parliament, to expell Martin Hohmann for his anti-semitic talks (we reported here).
After many four-eye talks to him and talks with many other CDU-members who tried to make him excuse and really mean it, he did not take back his words completely, so even Angela Merkel realized that it's time to do something against it.
I'd say - good! But take away his pensions, too. No reason that taxpayers pay for the pensions of someone like this.

Sophie Scholl - Die Weisse Rose
As I wrote some days ago, Sophie Scholl appears as only woman on the List of the ten Greatest Germans. Via PapaScott I found a site, where the dedicated reader might get to know more about her and her resistance work against the Nazis in Germany. Sophie Scholl, sister of Hans Scholl and part of "Die Weisse Rose" a resistance group in Nazi-Germany was executed by the Nazis.
We have schools, kindergartens, streets and so called after her and her brother, some months ago I saw a report that the revealing of the true nature of Die Weisse Rose was a bit mysterical, because it is still not known who told the Nazis about her and her brother. I have not taken the time and checked all facts provided on this site, but it's in any case a fascinating read for all who care.

When Pudding really is a cake...
and marmelade is not from fruits but from orange skin, who wonders then when people who make real yoghurt want to protect the name?
So it seems, what the Brits call yoghurt doesn't deserve the name but is in reality just fermented milk, it's like if they would call prosecco champaign. And who is really made for finding nothing more important than rub it into their - whatever body part you prefer? Of course it must be some EU-comissioner, preferably a french one, i'd say, but a German would also do.
Lionel of course has his say about it and here is what Ananova has about it.
I don't mind, I can knit my yoghurt myself or go to the supermarket and buy some. At least I know what's inside.

Montag, November 10, 2003
At the night from Nov 9th to Nov 10th the so called "Reichskristallnacht" or also called "Reichsprogromnacht" occured in Germany. Thousands of Germans ran around and destroyed whatever they saw as Jewish. They destroyed Jewish Shops, houses, and of course - Synagogues. This night, 65 years ago, the "Kristallnacht" started the biggest part of the Holocaust.
Some Synagogues were build up again, for some others, this was only possible, when done virtually.
Like many others, IT&W link to the site where the interested person can look up the architectural tricks and wonderful details of some synagogues.

Self Exposers - listen up!
Don't mess with Catholic Schoolgirls because they know how to handle fuckwits like you!
I've seen one of these guys twice - once at the park and the next time on court, where he was way less confident and I felt way better, because the park he had used was frequented by many kindergarten groups for their afternoon walk and so.
I wish he had met the School Girls from St. Maria Goretti School instead of the judge.
What a hilarious story I've found at Rubbernun.
But even better is the comment from gttim
I love this. Just too funny! Can you imagine the guy in prison:
"What ya in fo'?"
"I was exposing myself to Catholic school girls, and they kicked my ass."
"Nice. Bend over."

LOL! This one really made my day!

Sonntag, November 09, 2003
All the ebay-freaks among you will know it as well as post-orderers in general - Bubblewrap! It's fascinating and something the whole Lilli-family has as much fun with as our cats. And now Mr. Lilli got sent the link to some Virtual Bubblewrap! Isn't it great fun to play with?

Nigerias War on Corruption
At least it's a story on BBC. Even when it sounds to become as short as "Roseanne Barrs fight on food" or "Vatican fight on Opus Dei" or so.

Good for self esteem
Two weeks ago was a really lousy week and it didn't promise to become better when last week started on Monday with problems over problems. And to make it all worse, I had agreed to give a Word-course from Tuesday til Thursday instead of working on my project and keeping other people working on it.
I've never taught Office before, so I really was more nervous than the participiants (12). But - it really was a boost for my self esteem. It went great. I had fun, the others did have fun, they learned much in these three days (it was a Word-Beginners one) and from their notices at the end I think they'll want to have me back for more teaching which means, I'll get more money, since it's payed extra (while I have to take holiday or plus-hours for it, no problme!).
So, I'll plan to do some of them next year, whenever my project schedule will allow me a three day off-time.

Veto as veto can
Sometimes, to me it seems that Stoiber and his Lads veto the ideas of Chancellour Schroeder just because it's fun. One might not like all ideas, Schroeder has in his Agenda 2010, but I guess we have a consensus in Germany that changes are bitterly needed. Whatever changes. Of course do I prefer the changes the party I support suggests and not the changes of a party where always the one with the bigger bank account gets the justice, gets the benefits and has his life well, like I see the CDU.
So our Upper House rejected the Agenda 2010 Plans of Schroeder and sees more need for negotiating. Idiots.
And this Stoiber has the guts to state, his decision was not a political or tactical one - really, really funny.
They all fear for this 3% border, but well, there is a growing supportance in Germany for the idea - fuck the 3%, just ignore them. What will the EU do? Kick Germany out? Give us back the Deutschmark? What a funny idea. Since I don't own a black belt in finance politics, I'll have to think this through, before I'll really be sure, if this is a good one or not.

MTV European Music Awards
We do watch some MTV from time to time, especially when both of us are sitting at the computer and we need some background music, we either "watch" VIVA or MTV. Of course we had our ideas who should win some of the prizes of the European Music Awards last week in Scotland. And well, never ever the name Justin Timberlake fell in any context.
So, Justin Timberlake won in three categories oh my god - who did the voting? Only 14 years old teenagers? If not, either Eminem or Robbie Williams would have won. Best Album, best Male and Best Pop, all three for this.... Boy. Shocking. I guess, I'm really becoming too old for that.
I don't wonder that Robbie Williams didn't have a chance - somehow the US folks don't like him, even when he's one of the real few Superstars we have in Europe. Maybe he's too European for US taste? I have no idea - I adore his music. Mr. Lilli and I do think that he's one of the little few nowadays musicians who show at least some bit of the genius musicians like Freddie Mercury have had.
Justin Timberlake... ridiculous.
Best HipHop -Eminem. That's okay, I don't know much about HipHop. But I like what I see from Eminem.
Best German Act - Die Aerzte, that's okay, too. I knew the one or the other good German act, too, but they do their special style of music for years and deserve it, even when I'd have preferred to read a name like Xavier Naidoo or Herbert Groenemeyer or so, that's more my kind of music, but as I noticed above - I seem not to be the average MTV watcher.
Best Female - Christina Aguilera, I can live with that. I'd have preferred Pink over her, but Madonna would have hurt me more.
I mean, I like Madonna, but she's... weird. Her Britney thing is really frightening.
Aguilera is having catfights with Kelly Osbourne, that counts.
What really enjoys me is the Best Rock - White Stripes. I haven't seen much from them, but what I saw until now really made me feel placed back in time and years and that's what I like on Rock Music.

The Pink Prince?
Here in Germany, we associate the Colour Pink (Rosa) with Gays. I have no idea if it's the same in other Countries and languages, but here, just Babies and Gays come in the averages mind when he's ask to talk about Rosa/Pink.
Over at Eschaton I read that the New York Times hand an article online (for about 20 minutes) where it was claimed that Prince Charles is Gay; it's also reported about at the Drudge Report and some other Blogs.
Even when I think this is bullshit, he might be bi-sexual, but I can't imagine someone who is purely gay saying things to his girlfriend like he did (remember this tampon-thing?) or even care with whom he lives together (why couldn't he have stayed with Diana then?)
But well, besides Queen Elisabeth II and some Gay-Groups - who cares?
He'll never be king of the UK and he'll never have a happy life at all, so who should care with whom he shares his sexual desires, as long the whole thing is consentual and among adults?
But there, there is the twist coming in. There was this scandal some time ago where it was about sexual abuse of one of the men working fro Charles and some of his close servants was accused. And now - the New York Times killing a report because of the English laws?
Fascinating (I'm practicing on that eyebrow-move yet).

Samstag, November 08, 2003
The 10 Greatest Germans?
The ZDF (German Television) is hosting the series that goes round the World right now - The Greatest.... Here we have the Greatest Germans.
But who are they?
Well, Michael Schumacher is way ahead of Albertus Magnus and Dieter Bohlen ranks higher than Richar von Weizsaecker. That's sad but due to the actual day to day life.
What really pisses me off on this list (with thx to PapaScott):

Konrad Adenauer
Johann S. Bach
Otto v. Bismarck
Willi Brandt
Albert Einstein
Johann W. Goethe
Johannes Gutenberg
Martin Luther
Karl Marx
Hans & Sophie Scholl

Is not that with Willy Brandt and Karl Marx some of people I also adore are to find, but that's Sophie Scholl is the only woman. And she is just in addition to her brother but without a ranking on her own.

Don't we have any Great German Women?
How about Rosa Luxemburg? Rita Suessmuth, to grab someone from the ideological different side. It's really, really sad, that Germans can't find any Great German Woman in the Top 10.

Either it's sad that Germans don't come up with one, or it's that there is just none. I'm not sure.

Mittwoch, November 05, 2003
I'd say she knows, what she's talking about
Via a link from another site, I found the Dirty Whore Diary, which is really great to read. She describes pretty well the life of a sexual active young woman with a what she calls "High Sex Drive".
It's sad, that she doesn't give the possibility to comment and normally I don't read blogs without comments, but when I really like what I read, I do it anyway.
So, what is she writing about? In this special case, the Whore is describing where and how she meets guys to get laid.
What I really love is this absolute pragmatic way of planning and doing she shows, I really adore her. I know I've done many, some say "wild", I say crazy, things when I was 10 years younger, but I never reached that level of professionalism and routine than she does. Adorable!
It's not really worksafe, so better read it from home!

Montag, November 03, 2003
Crisis Watch
Haven't seen this site before, and it's in any case interesting.

Israel a threat for world peace?
Some minutes ago, I posted at A Fistful of Euros, that as a German I won't say anything about this, because I found that, when it comes to Israel, a German opinion is the last, anybody wants to hear (but the germans). So I'll hoild my tongue in cheek and link to this BBC report "Israel "threat" survey sparks ire".
So what has happened? There was a poll in 15 European countries and people should answer which countries they thought to be threats for world peace. Israel won.
I must admit, the reasons given in the BBC article sound pretty understandable to me. Noone with a brain deserving the name, would claim all Europeans are anti-semite, that's ridiculous, but it's maybe really a point that the media covering is way higher than it is about countries like Corea and Iran and so. There are many reasons and points to see, so maybe a look at A Fistful of Euros might help.

Sonntag, November 02, 2003
Is Atlantis near Gibraltar?
As some of you know, I like to read Fantasy Stories as much as I like Science Fiction Stuff. Of course I've also stumbled across the one or another Atlantis story over the years.
I've ready about several "scientists" who were completely sure to have found it, to have found 100% evidence in what Plato said and in what in some places is underwater, frozen or just burned.
Now, there is someone who claims to maybe have found Atlantis near Gibraltar. We will see if it'll be true this time of if - again - there will be one place to add where Atlantis could have been, but wasn't.

Turkey for Christmas
Yes, I love to plan things in advance. Today I started Christmas plannings and we had the idea of a Turkey. This is absolutely not traditional in Germany, so I'll be happy if anyone who knows a good (and easy) recipe for a fine Turkey either mails it to me (mailadress on the left bar) or posts it on his/ her own side and send in comments here a link. I have visions of a great brown bird in the oven, with a crispy skin and a great stuffing. Any help out there?

Linux is really fun
Here we are - Mr. Lilli should be preparing for a test on Tuesday and I should be either blogging or knitting the scarf for wondergirl or even preparing stuff for my party-meeting on Tuesday. But what are we doing? Playing all the games we can find on KDE. Yeah - Linux is really fun. And it feels so good to do something completely legal with my computer ;-)
I'm not sure yet what browser to use. I came to like my Opera on windows, but this Mozilla or Konqueror aren't bad either, so I'm hesitating to decide. The same with Mails. I'll have a read in some Computer mags before I decide, I guess.
Only Mozilla or the IE are able to show me the blogger window the way I can use all shortcuts and helps. Neither Opera nor Netscape or Konqueror can do this, so I'll stick with Mozilla for Blogging and maybe Opera for reading my Blogs, since I miss the dictionary Opera offers.
The only thing that doesn't work is my Webcam, but I'm sure it will after I have found the driver-CD and the local network, but that will need some fiddling and then will work, too. It never was so easy with Win 98, too.

The Linux Experience
Today, we did the step and moved over to Linux. Right now I'm online with Mozilla and since I always liked Netscape, I don't mind using it. I will also install my Opera I got used to and have a lots of links saved with, I still have tons of links at my IE. It will be interesiting to find ways to move links and mails and adressbook and all that stuff over to Linux, but since it's so comfortable running, I don't see a reason to stay with what we had til now. Mr. Lilli, acting as my personal net admin is really doing a great job!

Samstag, November 01, 2003
German Conservative MP Martin Hohmann calls Jews Perpetrators
Actually he said, they can't be called that way. But he gets the fire anyway, as you can see at PapaScott and (I don't have to look at it, I can guess what he'll be writing) Hans.
So Martin Hohmann is said to be known for his leaning to the far right side. I have no idea, have never ever heard his name before. He is said to be one of the veery conservative folks from Hesse. Okay, so very conservative now translates that way. Interesting.
I do think he deserves each and every kick he gets for this speech. He might say about comparatibility what he wants, but he is simply wrong when he compares "The Jews" with the Germans. "The Jews" are none-existent, because they are not a nation, but a religion.
So for my understanding one can compare The Jews with The Christs or even The Catholics or The Muslims or so, but not with The Germans. But in doing so anyway, I'd say is revealing where he comes from. To me, someone who states that is not far to see the world-jewish conspiracy and the picture of the bad jew, that was build last in Germany by the Nazis.
And, as someone else already claimed - from someone like Hohmann, who is said to be quite familiar wit how this game is played, I assume he knew pretty well what line he was touching.