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Sonntag, Oktober 19, 2003
No posts today
I'm way too busy reading comments here at samizdata, reading and answering comments on other sited who refer to my post about German victims in WWII, like the comments over at the pickup truck, where I try to convince Dennis, that all I meant was a theoretical discussion about when will who say that Germany has paid back enough for WWII and that I'm not a skinhead not a Neo-Nazi (nah, I think he knows at least that part). Of course there is also dear Hans the Beeman, who gets it all done and posted with a load of guilt and excuse dripping out of every line of his writing. What I don't like about his posts is, that he always somehow claims - without really clearly saying it - to stand in example for all germans or at least for the majority of germans. I'd doubt that, because not the Hans the Beemans of this country have the say (yet), so there seem to be at least not a very small amount of people who think different.
Maybe I do the same, and people think I try to sell I speak for any majority. If you think so; Stop it. You're wrong. The only person Lilli speaks for is Lilli. If I quote some friends, it's just these friends. And you can imagine that to the core neo-conservative folks won't belong to my friends, can't you?
But what he writes on his blog is up to him, I don't have to read it. And if I read it - as I do quite frequently - I still can comment on it.
Also Alex has given me another POV, his, about the bombing of the Wilhelm Gustloff. Since none of us was there, some things will always remain a secret and depending on which source you trust.
Anyway - that's why I don't write right now - it's late, I had a hard weekend, I'll have an even harder week and I'll go to sleep right now.