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Freitag, Oktober 10, 2003
News noone wants to hear - flu update and reception on Sunday
Mommy and Mr. Lilli say I'd go and see a Doctor because I can't breath properly. I have some Lutschtabletten (lozenge??) with many of natural stuff and herbs and all, and they really help a bit. But my head hurts like hell, my eyes feel like they want to pop out and I have this coughings that drive me close to vomit.
I drunk two huge glasses of Met (honey-wine) I got from a friend and now at least the cold feelings stopped, I feel sooo warm right now and Mr. Lilli says I'm a bit feverish.

I'll have to hold a reception on Sunday morning and have to do the grocery shopping for it tomorrow.
We get a visitor from the department of Schools, Youth and Children in Northrhine Westphalia and we invited many of people in prominent positions of local groups, schools, church, clubs, businesspeople, police, youth organizations, Social Workers and all people who live and work here in our area.

The special Guest will tell us all something about the new model here in Northrhine Westphalia for the primary schools. We call it "Offene Ganztagsgrundschule" (Open Primary Schools the whole day). Usually Primary School is from 8:00 - 13:00 if you're lucky and no teacher is ill. But even in Germany Officials found out that there are people who can't afford just living from one income.
So one-parent families and families where both parents work have clear problems here. Usually children went to school and then either at home and a small percentage went into the kindergarten where they have a group for schoolchildren. But it was all the times a really really small percentage and most children didn't have the opportunity to visit the "Hort". At this kindergarten there are qualified folks who spend lunch and afternoon with the children, sometimes helped with the homework and offered some educational programs.

Now the new model will make it possible that the percentage of children who can spend even the afternoon outside home will increase enormously. This will happen at school and teachers and parents and students and professionals and some other local people will take care for the children then. I think it's a great idea. I know that for many of you this is boring since you have it so or better where you live for ages, but remember, we're in Germany (sigh).

So, of course many people in Germany don't like this model. First there are the professional educators, mostly women. They fear for their jobs because they won't be needed so much when the new model will be practice.

Then there are parents, mostly of children who have the privilege of having a afternoon-space in the kindergarten. Of course they don't want to give up their privilege and don't want the situation to change because they don't have problems with it. They also, together with the professionals sing in the choir of "loosing professionalism", "educational concepts will be neglected when grandparents care for kids" and so on.

Well, I don't see the weight of any educational concept at afternoon kindergarten for schoolkids, but I just worked for one year in a kindergarten, so I would not really qualify as someone who knows what' sup, even when I somehow think I know a bit more than most of the other parents. I wouldn't go so far to say they don't have any concepts but when I have to choose between the now in practice concept for a few children and the new model for many more children, my choice is clear and easy.

All this will be topic at the reception on Sunday. I hope my voice and ability to breathe will be back by Sunday since I want not just to host the thing but also to take part in the discussion. The New Model won't be the only topic, in general on Sunday people should meet, socialize, get to know each other and change cards or so.

The Shopping on Saturday will be okay since we hold it each year (it's just the first time with me as chairperson) and the shopping list is saved on my HD and just modificated each year a bit.

There will be many conservative guests, too, not just lefties, so the discussions might become interesting.