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Montag, Oktober 13, 2003
Michael Schumacher or so
Is Michael Schumacher the greastest Formula 1 pilot of the world?
Well, one thing is sure - he's of course the Formula 1 pilot with the biggest chin.

But that's not my point. The question I ask is Is Formula 1 Sports?
And why should I be happy for a guy winning a car race with an italian car, living in Switzerland because of the german taxes?

The first - how do I define Sports? I'd say Sports is, when you have to physically do something to win. That includes Boxing - even when I don't like it, and leaves Chess in a greyzone. It includes Motorbikeracing and Races like Paris-Dakkar or so, but clearly excludes in my eyes Formula 1 and that stuff, where it's not important what you and your body are able to do, but what technical devices you need. In Formula 1 the car has become too important to become a winner. It's not like in other sports where the equipment is part but never ruler of the chances. In formula 1 it is.

And Michael Schumacher? Well, he grew up in a village near cologne (Kerpen) but did now what many other germans also do, when they earn the big money - they move out of germany to a state where they have to pay less taxes. That's okay, that's their right, but then he's no longer Michael Schumacher from Kerpen, Germany, but Michael Schumacher from IHaveNoIdea Switzerland.

No, I don't like Formula 1, to me it's way too boring to watch some cars going round on round around. And I don't like Michael Schumacher. Maybe some part of me is jealous, but the biggest part of me just dislikes him, what he says and what he stands for and especially his "Sports" where he does nothing else than waste gas and endangering people (drivers and watchers) in spectacular crashes.

Is he now the greatest driver ever? I have no idea. And I don't care. I just make sure to have my remote near when he appears on the TV Screen.