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Samstag, Oktober 11, 2003
German Is Getting Sexy?
Is it? Why is there such a little number of german Bloggers who post most of their stuff in English? I think there are a few points on this discussion.
I guess, I'd have more readers if I would post in german. So, many Germans come by but don't read much because they either don't understand what I write (as do many English-speakers, I was told ;-)) or they just are not interested in international stuff I write.
It's really hard to blog in English about local stuff. If I were to discuss Popstars series here (I'm a fanatic watcher of casting shows for several reasons), I'd never do it in English, because just german speaking people could understand what I'm talking about - I doubt that anyone outside a few Germans knows anything about Detlef "Dee" Soost. And trust me, you're not missing a thing.
Of course, it's also hard to blog in English about german politics. My vocabulary is... well let's say pretty topic oriented and politics is a pretty new field for me.
So what is it I do?
I don't blog for most Germans, since I mostly write English; I also don't blog for most English speakers since they get a crisis about Lilli-English. Let's not start with *what* I blog, I'm just talking about the *how* here.
German blogs are... well, the most german speaking blogs I have seen until now, I don't like. They sound way too much like "Dear Diary, today I had a looong intensive talk with my cat. Then I went to the loo and felt really better. Later today I will meet my boyfriend and watch a movie. Til tomorrow..."
Sure, there are others, I know. Some of them are to be found on my linklist on the left, but somehow Blogging for me is not a german thing. It just feels not right to blog entirely in german. Can't explain it better. Maybe it's because all my Internet interaction has happened in English (I can type English faster than german) since I own a Computer (early 90s), maybe it's because the first Blogs I saw were English, but somehow it just feels wrong.
So is German getting sexy again? Surely not. We are a nation where the one half would prefer to shoot everyone who uses any non-german word, while the other half would prefer to mix up English and german completely.
Ah yes, one big thing comes into this for me: I really *love* English. I was together with a British man for some time and he spoke a very "well educated" English. I still start melting when anyone calls my name in English, not like Wanda in "A Fish called Wanda", but I really, really like this language. German sounds more... harsh and punctuated in my ears while English is far more melodic and somehow swinging. But I guess that doesn't help, does it?? (LOL the spellchecker from Blogger just wanted to replace the word Blogger with Flogger, we better don't start that, do we??)