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Freitag, Mai 02, 2003
An email about Boycott pages
Dennis wrote me an email, because my comments are not able to work with his opinion (they have this limitation on 400 characters). So here I won't hide from anyone what he's saying about boycotts:
I looked over the Boycott Hollywood site thoroughly.
There are no threatening remarks on it. There are no
incitements to violence. Nowhere does it say to hurt
or injure someone. All the site says is that you
should boycott people who conservatives disagree with.
That might hurt someone financially, but thats the
only way. THey should expect to have that happen if
they something that the majority of people disagree
with. Putting e-mail addresses on the site is not bad
either. Maybe someone got a full mailbox but so what.
They need to hear what people think. Maybe some nut
jobs did write threatening statements, that is not the
fault of the site. They have no control of their
readers. This is just another example of the left
censoring those who don't agree with them. Here is
something to think about. On the Left Tim Robbins gets
to say whatever he wants. On the right, the people
that run this site don't get to speak anymore. Who is
doing the censoring?

Of course not, Dennis, but I never said the site contents are in any way against the law or call people for action against some celebrities.
My point is more, what is the reason for such a site?
Righties should be informed what celebrities say about a topic, the rightie reader has a different opinion about. And what should the Righties do?
They should boycott these celebrities like the Dixie Chicks or Susan Sarandon and so on.
For what? The celebrities shuld learn it over their wallet that there are lots of people who disagree with them. And what is the consequence then? The celebrities should shut up when their opinion is different!
Now we could start a discussion if any celebrity should be asked for an opinion about any topic besides movies or music, but that's another point. These sites try to make the celebrities shut up. In my book then it has no longer to do with Free Speech.
When I like an actor or a musiocian I usually don't care what kind of politics he prefers.
No, these sites don't say people should go and molest anyone, they don't say people should write them hatefull emails.
But they accept it to happen.
Personally, I would have survived if the boycott sites were still without any problem son the net. My share of hatefull mails is bearable and since I am not a celebrity I don't care about people threaten me, but I can imagine the one or the other celebrity (whose hate-counts are not comparable with mine) might be getting nervous about it.
I don't see it as censoring, what is now happening, but I wouldn't have done it myself. You see my point?