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Freitag, April 18, 2003
Who was responsible for the looting?
Many bloggers are still discussing about the looting in Baghdad and the whole Iraq. Yes, I do believe, there will come up some stuff here in Europe. Simply because there are europeans who have the money to afford such stuff. I also believe, some of it will come up in the USA like the golden gun they found today at London heathrow in a bag which beloenged to an US soldier. He wanted to take it home, our news said. But who did it? Did the US soldiers do it? I seriously doubt it. In german news this morning there was said that rumours run through Baghdad that american soldiers encouraged the people to go to the museum. They are said to have told to the people stuff like: Take it, it's yours. Well, I think the probability is the same that this story is a simple lie. Others, like michele say, it was the Iraqi regime itself, which is of course pretty silly, too. I guess she tried to put it as easy as possible but again, jumped too short.The iraqi regime had better to do than to loot a museum. They had enough to do to save their own asses and lifes and of course their money. People who one can count to the regime, wouldn't have wasted a thought on this stuff. No, I do believe it was this anger of the people and the want to do anything at all. So that's what I think who did it. But who was responsible? Of course the main responsibility is at the people who did it. People are responsible for their actions. But is one, who can prevent an event not even the same responsible than the one who at least did it? Especially if the one who could have prevented, was able to really see that danger? I do believe the soldiers could have done something, anything to save the museum and the artifacts. They didn't. Out of malice? I'd doubt. More out of the combination of arrogance paired with being clueless. It's a shame. Monothematic I am, I always repeat myself, they did guard the oil ministry. So any speech for them being neither responsible nor having been able to prevent it, must be wrong and stupid. It's a shame.