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As you might see soon, english is not my mothertongue. And since english speaking people are used to others stumble around in their language, I hope I don't make too much of an idiot of myself here. So - my deepest apologies adressed to the English Language for not worshipping her better.

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Mittwoch, April 02, 2003
This is soo boring!
You know why sites like this just plain bore me? Because it's neither new nor funny nor everything else positive than just waste of webspace. I am no France-Fan myself, I don't like the language, I don't like most of the food and I can't stand the beer, but I'd never have the idea to boycott stuff like Coca Cola or Microsoft or Pepsi and Ford, just because the US government is lead by this ... president (it's really difficult to use this word for that guy). If some people (and all the supporters of such sites seem to belong to them) haven't noticed it: We live in the age of globalism. This might not all the time be a good thing, but right now it means that you have a hard time finding out what bigger and boycott-worth brand belongs to whom. Ford for example, is an american child. It has a big department here in cologne, let's assume I'd be the decieder about car-buying in a noticable number and let's further assume I'd think because of the invasion of Iraq, I'd boycott Ford. Whom would i hit? Well - first the cologne workers whose jobs were in danger. Than the german firms who make and deliver all the stuff around this car building (from tyres to glas and colour). And at least the city of cologne because Ford would pay lower taxes if they would have sold less cars. So what should it teach any thinking human? This idea doesn't work. And it doesn't work the same way with French product, not all shareholders of french stocks are non-american. So with every bottle of Chanel No. 5 you make them losing money(I assume, Chanel belongs to a bigger global concern which is traded at the stock exchange). Is that what you dumbass from such sites want to get? Whew! Impressing! Go and chew your freedom fries and use freedom mustard and whatever. It doesn't show anything than your lack of sence for reality.