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Mittwoch, April 16, 2003
I can't hear it anymore.
I jus wrote a comment over at micheles place. It's way too late to write about it in the length it would deserve (not my comment, I mean the general topic). I'm fed up with this warblogging about how funny and easy this little bit of looting was. I have talked to several Europeans about this. Many see it that one has to be as arrogant and clueless about history than the average american is to buy this story. Yes, I have no idea what US folks know about history besides the american history. But when I read these pro-war folks whining about the poor children who had to be liberated and that a bit of looting is clearly worth free children, it really sucks! This shows so much ignorance and stupidity about worldwide connections, it's really far beyond anything I could explain with intelligence. It's arrogance paired with no clue. It pisses me off. Do they really have any idea what it is we are talking about? We're not talking about some local museum with some history stuff about some iraqian tribes. We are not talking about some stuff one can replace like Powell is reported to have said. We are talking about the history of mankind. This loss hits every living human being on the world, maybe except the aboriginies, but that's it. Does any of this folk get this? And who says the children shouldn't have be freed? But if just a quarter of the effort to guard this effing oil ministry was used to protect this museum, nothing would have happened. But no - why should one waste a thought about this ridiculous old stuff? I really can't believe people to be so naive and self centred.