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Donnerstag, April 03, 2003
The first heroine of this war
Group Commander Steve has it, like many others on his page - a link to a story reporting the rescue of Jessica Lynch.
First: I am happy that she is safe and alive. As I keep saying, if the United States had a different president, she any many others would have been never in danger to risk their lifes for the Iraqis who, as our media report in the biggest parts - really don't want to be liberated from the US right now. They hate Saddam and want to see him dead or at least far away, but this US attitude is a bit too much for most of muslims. As for some other parts of what I call civilized world. ;-)
Back to Jessica Lynch.
She was captured, she was brought in a hospital. She was maybe tortured, at least she saw and heard torturing around her. She was rescued by american soldiers. Great!
So, this was the whole story in one line. The american media will make a handfull of talkshows, a lot of news-flashes and I bet there is someone already writing the screenplay for Hollywood about her. It comes so hany right now! The girl seems to be made for a heroine. She's the lowes military grade, so everyone, even the most stupid dumbass who survives daily life just by accident, will be able to identify with her.
She is young. She looks really cute. These two things are never bad for a person on page 1.
Her family is poor, her brother is also in service. Also looks good and helps this "American Dream" thing a lot. Everybody can be a hero, even if he's poor and has nothing but tw children at the army.
She is said to have fought like crazy. Well, I always assumed that's expected from a soldier, but I can be wrong there, since I don't know what the exact skills are a soldier has to fulfill.
Well, he rescue came just right in time. The support in the US was decreasing, the stock marked, also and the numbers of people who started to think about peace and who started to talk about it, became bigger and bigger. Now then there is this young woman, and the biggest dream and mythos of the american army is shown to be reality. Here it's said you're the safest as an american soldier because your colleagues try everything to rescue you. Here it works. It also works for the 11 dead soldiers. Somehow.
The comments in our media mostly are a bit hesitating. On the one hand we also are happy that this lady survived, on the other hand it's still possible she's a fake. And we don't understand this whole fuss about it, because that is what we always expected. They go in and rescue her. Period. The more I think about this whole war thing, I come to the conclusion, the we are really heavily different from each other. In perception, in perceiving an atmosphere, in believing in authorities and many stuff more. I wonder what the criteria are.