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Dienstag, April 22, 2003
Discrimination of women
So why do all religions do have this fun in discriminate women? Never seen a female Imam, the catholic folk doesn't even allow female priests and the Jews try to protect their women from their orthodox brothers in belief, so they don't allow them to pray where the men are. This is so silly! How about the Buddhist? What do they to discriminate their women? I'd bet some ancient Buddhist found a way to join the club, or? It's so sad. I mean, I grew up catholic. My mom went to church every saturday and I was with her. I was allowed as a ministrant (we were a very modern Church municipality) and I did it for seven years. Yes, I like the catholic ceremonies, the candles, the mystic and all that, but when I got older, so at 14, 15, I started to feel as a woman and I could no longer actively support a church which discriminates women so much like the catholic church does. Wondergirl is not christened (yet) and she will of course not be a catholic. We'll try lutheran for her, since Mr. Lilli is lutheran. But at least she should deciede for herself. I mean, my complete roots are in this christian-shaped societiy so I will educate her with christian beliefs, but I will never ever tell her rubbish about the virgin mother or this stuff. I'll likely tell her about the christian people who occupied the old german and other gods and goddesses and kinda made them to Saints. So the character of Mary has so many parts of the old celtic Goddess and stands for the female part of religion that I will maybe tell her about that, instead teach her to take the Bible word by word.