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Donnerstag, April 03, 2003
Boycott again
I got a comment from Kamil to the entry below. Kamil states:

Hey, I'm stll calling them french fries and I always hated French's mustard. But, I am boycotting French products.
Boycotting is the only way that I can make a difference.
And, if millions of other Americans are doing the same, which they are, then it will hurt the Frog's economy.
Also hurt will be all the French and German firms who WON'T be getting any contracts in post-Saddam Iraq.

That might ring true at first, but lets try to think about it a bit aside from all media-planned bashing, okay?
What products are real French products? How does one get to know enough about the company structure not to hit someone one doesn't want to? What if this french sounding company, maybe also sitting in France is in truth a cooperation with an english company? Or a spanish one? Or maybe it belongs to a group which owner is american? Hmm....
It might indeed hurt the french economy. But do you really think some consumer boycott would change anything? I don't believe. I don't think that international trading structures are so easy to break. For the french product you boycott, you also boycott the american company who organizes the import. You hit the american truck driver who brings it from north to south or back. You hit the american product, the French people who might lose their job about this, would buy if they had money. Naahh... world's way too globalized and the import and export countries are way too dependant on each other for consumer boycott to really work.

And yous last sentence really made me laugh out loud. The US does need all this French and German money and works and stuff bitterly to rebuild what they destroy there right now. In germany there are many voices stating that germany should not take part in the re-building work, because the US should pay it all alone, when they damage it. The only thing one can get our of Iraq right now is oil, and since this war is not for oil, there is nothing to gain.

It amuses me and many other europeans that it is described in the US news as if the UN and european companies would stay in row for puleeeze be able to spend mony in rebuilding in Iraq. In our media it's more described what amount of money and amount of credits are necessary for Iraq to be rebuild. And in the opposite to the US, germany uses to pay its membership and other fees and amounts of the UN and some contracts. The US is due to pay millions of Euros to the UN, so they dare to speak about
gaining profit from contracts? Come on... you can't be so naive, or?

Again, I do think the real truth (if there is such a thing) is, as usual in between the both P'sOV .