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Dienstag, April 08, 2003
An Answer about Boycotts and putting it simple
Part III, I think. The last post I did last friday, where I linked to Tobias page where he stated his opinion about boycotting (which is pretty similar to mine). Kamil, over from ZogbyBlog today sent me an email where he answered Tobias Post. Here it is:

Yes, I'm quite sure the Germans and French would love to delude themselves into thinking that the American boycotting of their products is a function of our "simplicity," but the facts will prove otherwise.
With Old Europe's moribound economies producing record unemployment and deficits, the combination of three important boycotts will further sink these economies into the toilet. First, individual American boycotts of your goods WILL cause harm to your economy as exports are lowered.
Second, a ban on German and French companies from contracts for post-war Iraqi reconstruction will deprive your sickly economies from billions of dollars and further degrade any possibility of French and German economic recovery. Lastly, look for a post-war Iraqi government to abrogate any loans made by France, Germany, and Russia to the Saddamite regime, similar to what the Communists did in post-Tsarist Russia.
This three strike boycott will seriously harm Old Europe's economies beyond their ability to quickly recover. My advice, get your dental work done now because after we're through with this war, Schroeder and Chirac will be a memory and once your anti-American, Bush-hating, hangover subsides, the reality of the depth of the consequences of your treachery will be measured in mounting unemployment, huge government deficits, and ballooning public anger.

Kamil B. Zogby, Jr.
Philadelphia, PA.

Kamil, I don't share your opinion here. I agree to that part that of course it would his european economy if the trade with the USA would go to zero. But I'm pretty sure this won't happen so soon. First because there are enough Americans who need to drive a Mercedes Benz or a Porsche and some other stuff you only get in this quality in germany or other european countries (ever eaten british "Bratwurst"? Awful!).
Second because this would mean that Bush and his fellow falcons would really close all doors to the "Old Europe", what I can't think. The americans do export much stuff to Europe, too, and they also couldn't afford to stop exporting all that Heinz Ketchup and Microsoft X-boxes and all that.
Schroeder and Chirac have their place in history already and George W. Bush has it, too. IMO only time will tell who will have the better reputation some years ago. I do believe it will be Schroeder, Chirac and all the others while the Bushs and all the guys with them will be a bad memory in a democratic USA: I do believe in the self-healing qualities of the USA and they will see pretty soon, how much damage the politics of the Bush clan does to the american ideals. (Have you taken the time to go through what they are making for laws right now? They're going to cut your personal rights to a stance like at the Mc Carthy area.) So - I don't worry for the international climate too much.