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Freitag, März 14, 2003
German steps into civilization?
I was a bit angry about the BBC after I read what they wrote here. The facts are so far right - in germany right now the normal shops are opened til 8.00pm and on saturdays til 4.00 pm. Sundays and other holidays are closed. Now they will widen the opening time also on saturdays til 8.00 pm. Well, I must admit, I don't really see the point in doing so, since ebay and other internet sources are really becoming more and more popular here. But what really is poorly researched by the BBC was the part: "Previously, those who missed the Saturday deadline had to go hungry all weekend, or scour big cities for the few shops - usually at railway stations - allowed to stay open."
Dear BBC, sorry, but this is bullshit! In most bigger cities and more and more at the smaller cities are "kiosks" growing who have open al day and all night and who sell many things from cookies to tampons. And we have little supermarkets at the gas-stations where you can get everything from a mobile phone, newpapers and floor-cleaner to sausage, milk and fresh flowers. Okay, at the country, away from bigger cities, this will be different, I guess, but not because it's forbidden, just because it wouldn't work there.
Our unions have a big problem with the late openings, mostly because they were promoted as a job-machine, which is pretty bullshit. The longer opening has not built one single more job. It has let work more people overtime, have more women (mostly women work at supermarkets and so) even more problems getting work and family done in one move and it also hasn't brought more money to the shops, since only the few big chains get more out of it. People don't do more grocery shopping when the shops are open longer. Most people don't eat more, when the shops are open for longer. They won't buy a second TV or a computer. Even in the cities just in the really centres of the cities the shops use the longer openings. Most shops, especially the smaller ones close way earlier.