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Montag, März 31, 2003
All Iraq facts at one look!
My colleague sent me this link today at work and it was really hard not to post it immediately. The numbers are frightening, but much more I got frightened when I read the last lines at the "About" site of it. One day the history will ask the US "Was it worth it?" and all the dead young men and women will ask it like a choir. I wonder what the world, the US and this George W. in special will answer then.

More pics!
You think battleships and -planes are more erotic than your wife and the four children? You prefer to sit at you puter than to take care for the ones who love you and live with you? Than you might like the pictures one can find here.

Yeah! That's it!
The last weeks I saw in all these blogs the stuff about liberating and feeing all the iraqi people. The americans have started this war for helping and feeding them... Oh well, so this yahoo-writer seems to misunderstand something, or?

Satellite Pictures from Iraq
Throug a link at the Netzeitung I found this site providing nearly actual satellite pictures from Iraq, so, if you have no idea where on a map to find it and how the people are living there, you can at least have a look at the country from a satellites perspective.

Sonntag, März 30, 2003
Gary Hart has a blog
It's here. I wonder if he reads and/ or writes it himself or if it's written just by his employees.

No, I haven't been to France the last years, so it must have been done by someone else. But it's funny anyway.

Adopt Iraq!
You have children? You'll get some more according to what it's written here. A nice satirical piece of text. I found it via Arons site!

What History teaches us
I found this link via Schockwellenreiter and it's really a great article. Go - read it!

Samstag, März 29, 2003
William Kristol, Norman Podhoretz, Elliot Abrams, and Robert Kagan
- what do they have in common? This story reveals it!

Iraqi TV
You have read what I wrote about this streams from Al jazeera? It was reported here that some stuff, especially when it has to do with american POW, won't be showed on the american TV's. Well, even when I can understand the reason that they don't want the families have to get to know it from TV, I don't see it as the only reason. I'd guess they just don't want the ugly face of war to be seen from too many people. But however. As I use to say - the US TV isn't the holder of the only truth - of course not! - and I could imagine they are doing their manipulative job pretty well. The Iraqi TV, I'm sure, can do better with that! Here is a link where it's described how americans can also get the Iraqi TV stations. You won't understand a word, but you might want to watch the streams and pictures.

Nothing to do at work?
Usually, when I'm at work, I am pretty busy and have much stuff to do. Sure, I stare out of the window while I go on standby for relaxing, but I don't have any time for stuff like this, when I am at work. When I grow up I want to be a web-developer.

If you were a country...
which Country were you? Found it at Chads place.

Freitag, März 28, 2003
Have you read The Stand
from Stephen King? I did it several times, because I really loved that book. I feel somewhat reminded on it, when I hear about SARS nowadays. Two of the five german ones are in a hospital in my hometown. Both were just come from Asia. Can't we have a quarantene for everyone coming from there? That would be hard, but we were safer, wouldn't we?

As I always said...
I am not the only one in germany blogging. There are some more. For example Amiland. Haven't read too much from it, but it seems to be an Amercian living in germany. Well, from the bits I saw, he doesn't seem to belong to what calls itself the left in germany, but one might like this sita anyway ;-)

Donnerstag, März 27, 2003
Why is the US invading the Iraq?
Wesley Wheaton linked in his blog to a great conversation. It sounds like mostly what I've heard and read the last days and weeks, and it won't become better, just because it's repeated all the time. There are a few points missing in this, like the children and the women. The US also does it for them. To liberate them. Okay, they'll have to kill maybe thousands of them before, but then, the surviving will be liberated. Whew!

Whacky Iraqi Attaci
You know anything about the Happy Bomb? No? Neither did I until I found at Dean Esmay a link where he directed me to IMAO and I read this. Really great!

Sounds like a hard relationship
As I've read at Zogby Blog, this article has made some of the pro-war blogs being angry and hitting at him. Well... I would not state my opinion so hard, but there is of course some truth in it.

Ego part II
Are you depressive? No chance for any graduation or universary title (scroll down for the letter)? Hmm, maybe this will bring you down then completely . Found at Dave Barry. Abd don't call me cruel for that, I read it myself.

Mittwoch, März 26, 2003
Pretzels for Bush
This is a fun site to read! Have a look at it and get some, if you can.

Al Jazeeras coverage today
Here in germany I can't get AL jazeera live. I also have to go by what our media show us. So we know, we'll see what they'll want us to see and nothing more but nothing less, too. Dean has here some reports about what Al jazeera reports. I mean, it doesn't surprize anyone that they don't show the same things than the embedded journalists? (by the way - how can a journalist claim neutrality when he is embedded with the troops in such a situation? One doesn't have to know much about psychology to see how such stuff will work out in general.)

Heinlein is still alive
Yes, I like to read his books. I think I owe everything ever being published in german (and many english ones, too). That doesn't mean I agree with what Heinlein thinks and how he thinks the military is. I just like his concept of the world itself. And what I find here really sounds like it was written by Heinlein himself. Why should I respect any veteran, just because he managed to survive? Nah - no chance. Anyone who deserves my respect will earn it, anyone who is somehow disabled will get any help from me possible and wanted, but just because one once wore an uniform? No. Do I know for what reasons he did wear it? Do I know if he just didn't start a massacre in vietnam and murdered dozens of people? Do I know if he was a nasty doormat to the leaders and all his comrades hated him? If he reall was such a great soldier, he might be somehow still great and will get my respect very fast. This really is something I put under "They're funny, therse Americans"

Dienstag, März 25, 2003
Can you tell?
Can you tell the difference between a selection of murderous, human rights-abusing dictators and some Hollwood porn legends, simply by examining their moustaches? If you'll follow this link you can get some practise.

We don't do Body Counts
Why not? I believe that when the dead bodie count will increase too much, support for this war will be gone completely. As I don't stop to say: Im am so sorry for every soldier who has to dig into sand and heat, just because this american president says so. Anyway, here's the link.

Blogging goes germany
Of course I am not the only german blogger. But every day when I talk to people and tell them about weblogs and stuff I get completely surprized faces because so many never have heard of it. Well, today one of the best german newspapers, Der Spiegel, (german link!) had an article about Warlogs and Weblogs in general. The funny thing is that they perceive it that way that pro-war blogging is a clear minority. I think I just hang around at the wrong corners of bloggerworld, but I perceive it completely different. I feel surrounded by pro-war blogs and folks. Even if you don't understand german, you can catch lots of links over there.

Montag, März 24, 2003
World's gone crazy?
"Yeah, you know, the world is gone crazy when the best rapper is white, the best golfer is black, when Swiss wins the Amercia Cup, when France calls the USA arrogant and Germany doesn't want to participate in a war."
Thanks to Schockwellenreiter to this phrase (he had it in german).

It's ribbon time!
Okay, I ran around with a red ribbon, when they became understood here. I like the "free-speech" ribbon for a long time, and I would surely not tag my Blog with a yellow ribbon, so I decieded for the green one. Green is the hope we say in germany and so I have my hope. You know other ribbons worth displaying here? Let me know please!

A letter to Tony
Did we yesterday take a look to what Michael Moore writes to Bush, we now can see what Terry Jones writes to Tony Blair. He also sounds a bit of critique. Even when I can support what he writes, I don't see any sense in doing it yet, because the show is also running. It's sad to have to call the death of many people a show, but all partners in this sad war present it like it was one. Thanks to Rubbernun for this link.

Sonntag, März 23, 2003
Michael Moore writes to Bush
Have you seen the letter from Michael Moore to Mr. Bush? Several Blogs have their go with it, for example Kamil Zogby at his blog, displaying, what Rachel Lucas wrote. As we know better (don't we know just anything better right from here?? ;-)), some things of his letter sound really true, while some others are just a bit, well, too much for my taste. Have fun with it.

Why are the Al-jazeera reports not allowed?
Okay, the report from Al-jazeera where the captured US soldiers are shown (lets presume they are real and no fake) is clearly a violation of the geneve conventions (link found through the . So far so bad. Here in germany they showed this part all day long and it made me really feel so sad for the prisoners of war and for their families. I mean, just in case you didn't see it - they really looked totaly frightened and I felt so with them. This whole thing is not their fault at all, and they have to suffer for a war I still think is wrong. But anyway - why is now Rumsfeld on TV and asking the TV stations not to ait the report? CBS seems to have done it and was slashed by Rumsfeld at the press conference, and he said he hoped, the other stations would not put this on air. Why not? Does he want the families not to suffer when they see their beloved ones in that situation, or is it that he fears to lose popularity points for himself and his president and the whole war? Does he fear, the US opinion about supporting this war might change when people see these pictures. I found a link to the streams here through the link on little green footballs. I find it really hard that you see what the press serves you but after the CNN-thing with the ebassadors' daughter the last time we all should now we can't believe a single thing. It might be a fake that Iraq soldiers shot in the water while they suspected american pilots in there, these prisoners of war might be a fake by Iraq.... and I still have no idea, what the german media make up as speciality for our taste.

British Soldiers killed by "friendly fire"
Sources say that some British soldiers were killed by friendly fire from a patriot rocket. The german CNN, N-TV reports it here.

Prisoners of War - are they true or fake?
On german TV, N-24 shows a video from Al-jazeera where they interview Prisiners of War who claim to come from the United States, mostly Texas and New Jersey. The people look absolutely scared and seem to be injured. By one we don't believe he is an American, because he has an accent, but two others look completely believable.
The reporter ssays, the pictures are not yet shown on american TV, I have no idea about the Brits. The news contradict each other, in one minute the Iraq claims to have prisoners, the next one, they deny it.
The Al-jazeera rerporter talked to the prisoners and asked them some questions. From the prisoners one looks like they frightened the shit out of her and the other looks like he's under drugs. The third one just looks like he's not an american. (How many american human shields are over there?) All of them cerntainly are under worst shock.
I'm still hunting for the stream, but I can't find it on Al jazeeras site and n-24 doesn't provide it (yet), also. As many know, I don't support this war, but what is running wrong over there? I was at least hoping it will be short and finished, but it doesn't look like it.

Samstag, März 22, 2003
If you're like me and love making fun of others, you will have fun here.

Do you remember?
The first computer I owned was a 486 DX4 100 and it ran with Dos 6.2 and Win 3.11, but I had worked on several others til then. So, if you want to make a journey through the times of Microsoft Windows, click here.

Live cam in Iraq
I've read many of the bloggers blog from work where they don't have a TV nearby. The german CNN (n-tv) has a Webcam in Iraq where you can get pictures and sounds from what is happening there. All you need is to chose if Broadbend (Breitband) or Modem connection.

Germans in Kuwait
So what are they doing there? Why are our german soldiers out there in Kuwait, protecting US staff and stuff when we are weasels, assholes and US-hating? I have no idea. But serious - there are german soldiers out there, because we do, what we promised to do - fight against Terror. If Saddam would disappear from earth today, I wouldn't cry a tear for him, but just a country like the USA could feel itself having the job to take care this happens asap. Is it feeling responsible or is it overestimating? To me it feels like the last but the average american and some Brits think this is totally okay for the USA to do.

Freitag, März 21, 2003
Cocaine and caramel?
Well, I know some things about cocaine, but the ability to relax is not part of it. Cocaine was pretty modern in the 90s here, where people tried to be cool and always on top. There was no word from relaxing, smiling and tht crap. But like Ananova reports here, they seem to have found a way. I wonder if they confuse it with Marihuana, but who am I to ask since all my knowledge about drugs is a) long long time ago and b) of course just in theory!

Media critics
Well, here in germany I have the choice between CNN-style news like at CNN or n-tv (a german CNN) ro so and a more unbiased look at the things from ARD, ZDF, and surprizingly RTL. But most times I watch Phoenix for the coverage since they seem to be pretty neutral at all. Here I found some nice media critiques about US media coverage.

The costs of the war
Sure, war can always be an economical motor, but here's saying that this time, George W. has some problems afterwards, since he doesn't have the money at all. Well, here we'll find some stuff about the costs (in money).
What never appears on such lists are social costs, like psychiatrists for the soldiers and the families of the soldiers who will be traumatized after all.

Iraq Blogger?
Here its the saying that in the Iraq the private use of the internet is forbidden. I have no idea, what is true and what not, but this site reads really interesting. It sounds like it is someone who lives is Baghdad and is blogging daily.

Donnerstag, März 20, 2003
Your ego is bigger than your car? But you do not have really something to be proud of? How about the letter, I found im my mail today?
Betreff: Impressive university degree deal for everybody! (o58pUwTn)

An: "Spain Ellenbee"
Datum: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 16:00:20 -0800
Von: "Kurns Kirn"


Do you want a prosperous future, increased earning power
more money and the respect of all?

Call this number: X-XXX-XXX-XXXX (24 hours)

There are no required tests, classes, books, or interviews!
Get a Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diploma!
Receive the benefits and admiration that comes with a diploma!
No one is turned down!

Call Today X-XXX-XXX-XXXX (7 days a week)

Confidentiality assured!

Oh yes! Of course. Can I have the one with vanilla taste, please? I can't imagine this could be legal in the US? In german it certainly is not.

Some singing
On my way through the world of weblogs I found this wonderful piece of satire over at Les Jenkins. I had to sing it to Mr. Lilli and also the cats liked it. If it weren't so sad, one could laugh.

Times of war call for different beahviour?
Well, at the first look it sounds okay, when I read something like :
I would not have called you anti-American before this day if you protested and shouted slogans, even if you called the president a murderer. I would not want to crush your dissent or shut you up. But times of war call for different behavior. For our enemies and our soldiers to see a nation divided can only lead to terrible things.
Remember your history.

here at micheles place.
But when you use your brain (just in case you have one and didn't lose it while posting pro-war), you see here so many problems, some in the logic side and some just in the difference between them and us.
Sure, I do hope that all soldiers might come back home healthy and without any psychosis and that all Iraqi children would survive and never have to fear anything again. But I also know, this won't possibly happen. There will be soldiers killed and suffering from worst psychosis when they will come back. There will be many civilians being killed. Most accidentally, but what does it count when you're dead?
There still will be children starving at this area. And they won't have any democracy, just because the US will win this war. Look at Afghanistan. Did they get Bin Laden? No. Do they have real peace? No. Do they have democracy? Well... no. So, what do you think, how good are the chances that it will work this time? Go and support your troops, they will really need it or how would you feel having to risk your life in a war your president wants and needs bitterly?

.mil adresses at my side
As I see the EUCOM and others are visiting my side and reading what I do. I'm not paranoid enough to be really worried, I think, all I hope is they have a bit fun about my english.

Dienstag, März 18, 2003
A comment too long for my comments
Yes, I know, my comments just can handle 400 signs, and I mean it when I say just e-mail me when you want to write more. Today I had a letter from Terrey Cobb in my mail which I will not hold for me alone. Terrey wrote:

I am responding to your post about George Bush and patience. I left a short response in your comments section but 400 characters was insufficient. So here I am. In your blog you have indicated that you believe there might be a cultural disconnect between Americans and the Europeans. I believe that you are correct There seem to be some things that Europeans consistently fail to understand about Americans. The core of the problem seems to be that many Europeans seem to think that Americans are nothing more than "culturally inferior" Europeans. This is a mistake.

Just as the English (Anglo-Saxons) were once German does not mean that they are today. The paths have diverged. So it is with America and Europe.

Most Americans do not like their leaders. Do not misinterpret this. Most Americans do not much care for the concept of leaders AT ALL.
They are a necessary evil. As a whole the majority of the people just wish to be left alone to pursue their own lives without government
interference. For the most part elections are not about voting FOR someone but rather are about CASTING DOWN elected representatives who
have annoyed them. Many commentators have remarked that the Democratic and Republican parties of the US are not really all that different, and
that the American people really have no meaningful choices, as opposed to many European countries where the range of political parties runs
from the right to the extreme fringes of the left. They have it entirely backwards. Extreme political parties don't exist in any
significant numbers because they have no supporters. There is no impediment to their existence, there just are no significant numbers of
people who consider their agendas to be anything but the ranting of lunatics. Politicians who go beyond the acceptable opinions of the
American people find that they cannot be elected. The "sameness" of the major political parties in America is not a constraint upon democracy,
it is a reflection of the popular will. Don't stray from it too far, or we will vote you out. Americans don't believe in Utopias. One man's
Utopia is another's Hell on earth. If Utopia is to be obtained, it will be strictly on an individual basis.

Another aspect of the American mindset is that there is a strong tradition concerning the value of one's word. When you agree to a
bargain you are expected to keep that bargain. When you do not there are consequences to be paid. Among other things, most people who
weren't parties to the bargain to begin with won't deal with you either. You become an outcast, viewed with contempt. This is not a momentary
fit, subject to the pass of time, it is PERMANENT. It does not seem to be this way in the "Old Europe." Put UN Resolution 1441 into
perspective from such a viewpoint. ALL of the 15 members of the Security Council voted for that resolution, but now France and Germany
and others seemingly say, "So what, that was then and this is now. Serious consequences doesn't really mean serious consequences. Its
just something we said. We really didn't mean it". No,to Americans these nations broke their word. They have shown that they have no sense of
honor, and they will not be trusted in the future.
Despite ancestry, Americans are NOT Europeans. Until Europeans learn this conflict will ensue.

Dear Terrey, thank you for your thought through mail to me. I know how hard it is to stay at this tone when one thinks the other is talking bullshit. You think, I have lost connection to reality and I think you are misinformed and manipulated by your media. So, who's in the better place? ;-)

I'm really not sure. You know, when I can think that you are manipulated by your media and your gouvernment campaigning into this war, I can't neglect the possibility that maybe we here are also manipulated to the opposite. I have talked to german pupils and students who spent their time in the US right now and they also shared my view. They told me about the fanatic US media, about none of them having the balls to write anything against this war. They told me, iif they hadn't the internet and german newspapers they wouldn't know what is really up in the world. To me, this sounds like you're the manipulated ones. But I know my Stanislaw Lem way to good to be sure with that.
However. Our Chancellour Schroeder today said he understands 1441 not that Saddam and his sons should be murdered, but that all defined weapons should be dragged away from him. This is what happens. So why should there be a war with thousands innocent death? We agree - the world wuld be a better place if Saddam would not walk on her surface anymore. No question. But does that give you the right to go there - without the UN-consent - and murder him? It is Bush who weakens the UN and nobody else.
There is a theory about empires (from an american, I read it some days ago). The US behaves like one. But the living-span of them (empires I mean) gets shorter and shorter, so I'm pretty sure, with my now 30+ years I will be still alive when the US as empire will hit the floor. Their economy is already showing decreasing numbers, the US citizens are consuming more than they produce. This can't be a good thing for a long time. I think that in a multi-national construct like Europe lies the future power and that the US will have to face the new strength of it some day. It will be interesting where the UK will stay then.
I know, we wouldn't be able to stop George W. now, when he really wants to drag a big part of the world into this neurotic tragedy he calls a "War against Terror". He should better fight the terror in his own country, as I wrote at another place, as far as I know, most Americans die from being murderred by other americans (legally or not). Wouldn't that safe many more lifes?
(Please not, I did not use some keywords like "Oil", "Cowboy", "conspiracy" and "France" ;-))
But anyway, your mail gave me some insights to some parts of US-soul. You're right, when we talk about political parties meeting in the middle and noone being able to see any more differences and when we talk about really bad election participation, we use to call it "american style". I am also not sure who will have to learn something here. Maybe this also is a bilateral thing where both parties will have to learn and accept something of the other. If the US really were attacked by some terrorists, of course the germans would support them (like they did the last time). But we see the threat as made up and not real, and so we see no reason to be there. It has nothing to do with cowardice or so, just with sensibility. We do not see a reason to support a made up war. That's all. The US and UK gouvernment fails to convince us. Well, actually the UK fails to convince a big part of its own gouvernment members since three of them already resigned because of Blairs blind support for the US. So no weasels, no Saddam.friends, just not seeing any reason. And you will agree with me that the reason "because I said so" is really a bad one, or?

Montag, März 17, 2003
Losing my patience
Well, if wondergirl came with such a stupid reason she would have to face some talking with me about her being now about 2 years old and too old for such a crap. But well, as we might see the very soon future, George W. Bush gets along with it. Read this article, if you want to know what I mean.

You know what?

People who buy this, really don't have my sympathy. I mean - how can one be so keen on money to believe such a dumb story?

Datum: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 16:22:45 GMT
Betreff: CALL ME FOR DIRECTION 002289037341


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on the 31-10-1999 in U.S.A but, since then we have not had any body to
come for the claims as the next of kin. A situation I have monitored
closely with my position in the Company.

Now, having monitored this deposit and managed it over the years before
his death, and hence nobody has showed up as the next of kin for the
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I therefore request you to confirm your interest by a return message
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Believing to hear from you soonest.


Mr Mike Kokou.

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Sonntag, März 16, 2003
Private comments in my luggage?
Yeah, that's what I would expect. I would go the same route, but with the full nappies of wondergirl in my case. Each with an "No War" sign on it. If the same guy would open this, too? It would be also easy to find him afterwards - just the one with the green face at the toilet. Anyway - in germany he would at least have problems with his boss, if not get fired for that.

No, I do not compare him to anyone else!
I just say that the monster at this link follows such an old thing, one could guess it's from the old greek or even earlier. It's a shame, people still buy it. Thanks to Netron to provide this link.

Is it really this, what you want?
I know, there will be some of you feeling it necessary to answer this post with the numbers of the people who died in the WTC and Sept. 11. Which would be silly. Because terror never can be a good thing (or it is no terror) and because such a death of people can't be a good thing at all. So, you know here in Europe there are people who say the amercians want this war because they don't know how it feels to be bombed, to be raped and kicked off the house by an army wandering into your country. Possible, but the same is vlid for most of the germans and the Brits, too, because all this happened ages ago, Even my parents can't remember, because they were born in 1943 and 45. So this can't be a valid reason. But also I can't imagine that anyone wants his friends or family go through this or have to have a look at the reality of this. Attention, these links are very.. explicit and show things you should not see when you belong to people who talk about supporting troops, or having a short stay at Iraq. And don't show it to your children, they might get nightmares from these pictures. I, like Schockwellenreiter, who had this link, would wish, such pictures were shown to more people to initiate a thinking process like: Look! This is what your government wants you to see!

Freitag, März 14, 2003
My political weekend
We will be most time of the weekend at a meeting of our lokal SPD (the party of the chancellor Gerhard Schroeder). We have much to discuss. First there's part of modernising the whole party, then we surely have to talk about the USA and Iraq (but there won't be dissent, I'd guess), and last but not least, we will have to elect the new leading team for the local party. That will be really stressy and tiring, so I think blogworld might not get many comments from me these days. It will survive, I'm sure.

German steps into civilization?
I was a bit angry about the BBC after I read what they wrote here. The facts are so far right - in germany right now the normal shops are opened til 8.00pm and on saturdays til 4.00 pm. Sundays and other holidays are closed. Now they will widen the opening time also on saturdays til 8.00 pm. Well, I must admit, I don't really see the point in doing so, since ebay and other internet sources are really becoming more and more popular here. But what really is poorly researched by the BBC was the part: "Previously, those who missed the Saturday deadline had to go hungry all weekend, or scour big cities for the few shops - usually at railway stations - allowed to stay open."
Dear BBC, sorry, but this is bullshit! In most bigger cities and more and more at the smaller cities are "kiosks" growing who have open al day and all night and who sell many things from cookies to tampons. And we have little supermarkets at the gas-stations where you can get everything from a mobile phone, newpapers and floor-cleaner to sausage, milk and fresh flowers. Okay, at the country, away from bigger cities, this will be different, I guess, but not because it's forbidden, just because it wouldn't work there.
Our unions have a big problem with the late openings, mostly because they were promoted as a job-machine, which is pretty bullshit. The longer opening has not built one single more job. It has let work more people overtime, have more women (mostly women work at supermarkets and so) even more problems getting work and family done in one move and it also hasn't brought more money to the shops, since only the few big chains get more out of it. People don't do more grocery shopping when the shops are open longer. Most people don't eat more, when the shops are open for longer. They won't buy a second TV or a computer. Even in the cities just in the really centres of the cities the shops use the longer openings. Most shops, especially the smaller ones close way earlier.

Living at Mr Wongs'
Accidentally I found this nice place where you can move into this house and build your own appartement. Well, that's a skyscraper!

Donnerstag, März 13, 2003
Sweet Wondergirl now can walk when she has just one hand either in my hand or at a wall. The other hand just has to be busy. If not, she wants both hands held and walks, too. Will she do it until her birthday in five weeks? I seriously doubt it. But she is so damned cute! Mr. Lilli and I really adore her so much!

Should pupils be allowed to demontrstrate?
Umm... yes, I think so. In the best case, the teachers would be with them and so have their duty done, too. We can't on the one hand lament about the new generation which doesn't show any interest in anything else than themselves and computers, when we kick pupils who try to articulate their opinion in political meanings like Ananova reports here. I have no idea how it is in other countries but here in germany we have a decrease in youg people accessing group-event, if political party, if scouts or Falcons or even sport-groups. Our kids individualize more and more (at least that's what the studies say) and if they do something together like demonstrating we are thinking of not allowing it?
When I was at school (in the 80ies), peace-demonstrations were absolutely a must. I went there instead of school, too and some of my teachers were with me. Okay - many others weren't and send me notes home, but at the end it was tolerated because I could stand for my things and fight for my point there. Normally, peace-demonstrations are peaceful and nothing happens as long as all parts play by the rules.
The last Peace-demonstration I was, is a few weeks ago, when we built a peace-sign from people in the city of cologne (my hometown). It was wondergirls first one. I fear she won't remember it really, we'll go to another one when she'll be older.

How come I'm not a bit surprized about that? I am a child of the 80ies and I can synchronize the whole "Breakfast Club" Movie! I wanted to look like Molly Ringwald all the time.

what decade does your personality live in?

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Mittwoch, März 12, 2003
EU-court opens
18 judges started their work at the big European crime-court. Many, many countries have signed the contract for it, just four bigger countries didn't. You guess who? China, Iraq, South Korea and the US. Isn't that a group?

Go and join them!
You know, I am a SETI fan. I had it on my old computer since I read about it close after they started in 99. Now with the new computer, one of the first things I got again was my SETI. They are moving to a really important step now, as one can read at a letter I got today:

Support SETI@home - Join The Planetary Society
Without the unwavering support of The Planetary Society,
we would not be embarking on this round of re-observations.
We strongly urge all SETI@home users to join The Planetary Society
and help keep our project alive. If you join now, you'll receive a
free poster titled "Is Anybody Out There?" featuring an evocative
image of the millions of stars near the center of our galaxy. Go to:

The Planetary Society supports several different searches for
extraterrestrial intelligence, as well as extra-solar planet research
and many other worthwhile projects. For a look at the full range of
their activities, visit

Thanks also to our other major sponsors: the University of California,
Sun Microsystems, Network Appliance, Fujifilm Computer Products, and
and to individuals around the world who have generously donated to

Scientific News
With the help of participants like you, SETI@home has analyzed
about 10,000 hours of data from the Arecibo radio observatory,
producing a database of several billion events
(spikes, Gaussians, pulses, and triplets).
From this database, we have extracted the "candidates" that,
in our judgement, have the greatest likelihood
of coming from an extraterrestrial synthetic source.
The factors in this evaluation include:
- Signal power
- Goodness of fit
- Detection several different times
- Proximity to a nearby star, especially one similar to our Sun.
Our next step is to re-observe the top candidates
by pointing a radio telescope at that location in the sky
and checking for a similar signal.
We applied for telescope time at Arecibo and were granted 24 hours,
in three 8-hour chunks on March 18-20, 2003.
If everything goes well, this will be enough time to re-observe
about 150 candidates.

The re-observations will be done using the main receiver at Arecibo,
which has a smaller beam and greater sensitivity than
the antenna we normally use.
We'll record the re-observations on magnetic tape,
both in our usual format of 2 bits per sample,
and in a higher-resolution format with 8 bits per sample.
Then we'll analyze the recorded data in three ways:

- We'll do a fast analysis using computers at Arecibo;
this will guide us in choosing candidates on which to spend more time.

- We'll analyze the 2-bit data using the current SETI@home client;
this will take place during the week or two after the Arecibo visit.

- We'll analyze the 8-bit data using a new client program
based on BOINC (see below), yielding better sensitivity.
This will take place a month or two after the Arecibo visit.

More information on the re-observation project is here:

Project News
The re-observation is just one of the things keeping us busy.
We have built a new data recorder capable of handling
the 13-channel multibeam receiver at Parkes in Australia.
This will produce data for our new "Southern SETI@home" project,
which we hope to start later this year if we can raise the necessary
In addition, we are preparing a new distributed computing project,
Astropulse, that will analyze our current SETI@home data,
looking for evidence of evaporating black holes,
fast pulsars, and new types of ET signals.

Our upcoming distributed computing projects will use the
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC),
which we are developing with support from the National Science
BOINC will also be used by science research projects in other areas,
such as molecular biology and climate prediction.
BOINC lets you choose how much computer time to devote to each project.
The transition from SETI@home to BOINC will be gradual.
We'll continue to record new data at Arecibo even while BOINC ramps up;
for now you can help us most by continuing to run SETI@home.

Whether or not the re-observations find an ET signal,
SETI@home has been a tremendous success and a lot of fun.
We are very grateful for the participation and enthusiasm
of our users all over the world,
and we look forward to continuing working together
to investigate the mysteries of the universe.

Dr. David P. Anderson
Project Director, SETI@home

Stupid White Men in the White House don't eat French Fries
We all know, politicians are not automatically better or more intelligent or what ever. But some seem to be a tad more... special than others, like cinnamon shows us here. The french will be so relieved they don't have to give their name for such fat stuff. You do know that American is something to eat in germany? You get it at the bakery, it's some kind of sweet cake with a white or black and white coat. Doesn't taste really exciting, but as a child I loved it.
Freedom Fries.... silly. Do they have wings? Are they from white doves? Do they have feathers? Are they carried by the statue of Libert`y? I doubt so, but they might call them like they want. Their still fried potatoes with salt and then whatever (vinegar, or ketchup or salad sauce - depends on the culture you grew up).

Vindictive? a link into a link I came to this site. As far as I understand it, it was set up by a man who was cheated at by his wife. He potst pictures and names and adresses of people who should have been in bed with her. Well... no, here in germany this would not be possible, and somehow I can't think this is a too bad think. Suer, I support Free Speach, but this also has to do something with responsibility, or? Maybe the difference is that germany is such a small country and the US so big, that noone cares, if you're socially dead in one end of the counry, you have still 50+ other states to live at. Could be. But still - this guy doesn't sound really healthy about it. He's not done his grieiving, instead of it he's still hitting at the pain. I hope he'll get better, soon.

Zoran Djindjic killed
The serbian leader Zoran Djindjic was killed today. The world, and especially Serbia looses one of the most democratic leaders the whole area had. the complete Balkan-Area looses a part of its hope to peace and democracy with him. Remember, he was an important part of bringin Milosevich, one of the most cruel leaders in the war to the EU-Judges.
Zoran Djindjic had studied in germany, was pretty fluent in german and wanted to move Serbia into a European democracy. I do hope there are others who will carry on his work and let his killers find out that he was not the only one who wanted peace and democracy at the whole area.
I feel sorry for his family.

Dienstag, März 11, 2003
Firefighters think about strike again
Here in germany one can't think about firefighters on strike. From their employment they're not allowed to strike at all (like policemen and teachers, too). But they seem to be thinking about this strike stuff, again. It is a wide phenomenon that people, who do really "lifesaving" jobs (like nurses and firefighters and kindergarten-teachers) are poorly paid. I have no idea why this is so, but 16% sound still a bit much to me.

Blair looses in polls
Well, since Mr. Blair is the closes friend to Geroge W. Bush, one should think he gots support from the Brits, who all see the deeper meaninh and Real Truth in this war, but many people in his country seem to think really different, like it's to see here. He would not be able to win any election at the moment, if you can trust the polls. He looses more and more the support from his vorters because of his position in the War Against Terror. So - what do you think why do so many Brits stand on this position? Are they anti-americanists, too? Do they envy the US for anything, too? What is it what makes them protest?

What number are you?
I like this quiz stuff. Maybe you do, too?

Sonntag, März 09, 2003
Mulligatawny Soup
We have a good tradition in the Lilli household at New Years Eve, and this tradition is also done in many other families - we watch "Dinner For One" before we start our New Years Party. Now isn't this a successfull Broadway Show or something like that, it's a piece of theatre for two people and a dead tiger. I won't go so far and explain the whole play here, anybody interested can find it via search words "dinner for one" or "Freddy Frinton" or "Miss Sophie". What interest me is - Mrs Sophie gets a soup served and this is " a Drop of Mulligatawny Soup". I always thought it to be a phantasy name, until I found it in my favourite british cookbook. You do know, our whole family is a tad anglophile? Yes, we still are, besides politics :-). So we own lots of british cookbooks. And we found out, what for us is Italian food (gettable at the next corner and nothing special. Something you go and buy in a paper-box to get it delivered or carry it home) is indian food for the Brit. We have some indian restaurants, but we have about minimum ten times more italian pizza-deliveries and restaurants. I went to an indian restaurant from time to time, but normally I prefer Italian or chinese. Anyway, I get dragged away - I found this recipe for Mulligatawny soup at our cookbook and we had it some week ago. I loved it. Then I had a look at the net for it, and I found soo many different Mulligatawny's. Some more look like a curry-cream to me, others look more like the stew-like stuff it was when we had it. So, here, here , and here are some of the places where I found nice ideas for Mulligatawny Soup. Any others are highliy welcome!

Of course!
What do some people say? Much evil comes from the french? This here seems to be sch a case. I mean - how can one really beso silly, to take such a mail for serious? But well, some see to have, so have a piece for our scumbag-collction:

Von: "yaya aminu" An:
Datum: Thu, 06 Mar 2003 06:15:08 GMT+1

FROM:DR.Yaya Aminu

Dear Friend,
I know that this email will surely come to you as a surprise, but I will crave your indulgence to view it seriously and I apologise, but I hope that it will be a welcome surprise. Before I run out of steam, I will like to introduce my self and go straight to the point. My name is DR.Yaya Aminu a banker. My primary reason for writing to you is to seek your partnership/assistance in a business transaction. I need
your partnership and assistance because of the following reasons:
a. it is practically impossible for me to carry out this business alone.
b. you live in a foreign land far away from mine. This should normally not be a requirement, but when you understand the transaction then you will understand why it is important that you live far away from me.
c. The amount of money involved in this transaction is US$18,500,000.00, which is too much for a man of modest means like my self to
handle in my country. I believe from my few points above, you can begin to get an idea why I need your participation.

Let me explain how the money, which is the basis of this business I am proposing, came about. Before I became a deputy director, some years ago I used to be Accounts Officer to some special corporate customers. One of these very important customers of our bank(Union Bank PLC) was Engineer Johnson Juan Creek an American citizen, who had spent most of his years before his death working in
Africa and mostly in Nigeria. He died in a plane crash in 1996 in Nigeria. This money belonged to him. Technically speaking now,it
belongs only to his name. The money is payment he received for a contract he executed on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing for the government (Installation of Pipelines in Warri Refinery). My reason for deciding to carry out this transaction is
that Engineer Creek did not mention any next of kin in any of the documents held by the bank for the number of years he had banked with us. Since 1996 we have searched for any body that could be related to late Engineer Creek , I was mandated by the bank to search for a relation of late Engineer Creek and I did this from January 1997 to December 1999 after which the search was called off in the
belief that soon a relative may turn up to claim his estate.

Nevertheless, as it is, there is no relative. Now, the Chairman of the bank who is a retired soldier has indicated his intentions for the money. During the last meeting of Directors and Deputies, he said that he would donate the money to a military trust if it is
not claimed soon, this invariably means the continuous flow of more arms and ammunition. I know for sure that not all of the money will
go to the military trust some will surely line his pockets and that of anybody who is in support of his plan.

My plan is to get a trust worthy person that can, under my constant guidance present him self as a cousin to the late Engineer Creek. I
want you to note that your citizenship does not matter; You do not have to be an American. The papers demanded by the normal
procedure for the claiming of an inheritance will take care of everything. You will be sole beneficiary to the estate of Engineer
Creek. All I need is for you to follow my instructions closely because I am experienced in inheritance matters here and I am on ground here to advice you on every step until you receive the money. Then we meet. For your participation, we will allow you 30% of the gross.

All expenses incurred in the process of this transaction will be deducted from the gross value and shared at a commensurate ratio; this we will done at the end of the transaction, because the money is bonded. An estimated 10% or less will cover all incidental expenses
and we will take 60% for ourselves. The most important thing to me right now is trust on both sides. Now the money is still in the care of the bank, I hope the trust will still be there when we must have legally established your relationship as cousin to Engr. Creek and the money is paid to you. I need also to trust that you will not tell people or your bank about this business.

You will collect the money first, then I get my share, then you can tell anybody what you chose thereafter. I shall need your help to invest in your country; therefore, any experience you have in this area will be beneficial.

Surely, you must have some questions or may be you just need further clarification. I will be happy to receive a telephone call
from you or a fax message to this effect, this will enable me explain further what the next step is and the general plan. I will also need your most confidential telephone number and fax number, if you have a mobile phone I believe it will help so that I can reach you anytime.
Please kindly respond by Phone or email only
Your positive and response is highly welcome.
Dr. Yaya Aminu.

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Samstag, März 08, 2003
Anti Americanism?
Why is being anti - war automatically anti-americanism? Little dark Angie Schultz over there at her Blog seemed to have much to write here about one of my comments.

Her writings and some other things going on in my head recently let me face two questions: Why do the Americans always shout "Anti-Americanism" whenever a tad of critique is heard and why are we here in germany and most of the rest of Europe so "american-criticising"?

The first question is one I can't answer, since I am not an american. I can just give a subjective picture how it's seen from here:
Most Americans look pretty unsecure from here since they can't stand any critiques, they know, the most of their people have their roots in the "olde europe". Most of them have family origins in Great Britain or germany. (When I read names like "Schultz" I don't have to think if Angies ancestors have lived in germany, I'm pretty sure. There are Schultz in England, too, but from what I know the name origin is german.)
So - how comes they can't deal with critique? Is it maybe a part of american culture that it's not allowed to have another opinion than a friend? To have other friends than a friend and not to be part of every argument he has with others? I can't imagine they think so simple, but it would be an explanation. (I know - my comments just allow 400 characters, but one can mail me and I'll post it here if there should be a longer comment, at least there are comments possible.)

They think they are right and we are wrong. Okay, but is this a reason to treat us like we were blabbering children? Their reasons are good reasons, but ours are equally good! This whole discussion - culture reminds me of classes at school where were taught to attac opinions and not people and their ability to think and where we learned that thinking humans can see the same reasons and come to different results by thinking of them. This is possible, but to here it seems the US denies it. They are simply saying the germans, the french and anyone who is on their side is too stupid to understand the real truth. Well, do friends act this way?

The other question is about the anti-americansim here in germany. Well... yes, I think there is one. It's hard to be thankful for over 50 years and anyone who thinks we should be has never risen any children. I am happy, the americans were part of the allies who freed germany from the nazis, and I'm sure with me feel about 90+ percent of all germans. I know many pretty intelligent germans went to the USA before WWII and close after. This is a good thing, I might have done it myself if I had lived then and there. We would not be using computers and much other stuff, if we were boycotting american products and it were silly to do so. We had the Aerobic hystery, we had the Breakdance-hystery, we had the Jogging-hystery and many others we directly copied from the USA.

The US is really dominant when it comes to technics and industry, but we feel superior when it comes to culture and history. We perceive here the americans have a very much higher criminal-rate, they have gangs and ghettos and all that. Many here think they are barbaric because of the death-sentence (as we think of any other country having and enforcing it) and I don't understand why they are not allowed to drive fast on their motorways, but any person is allowed to have weapons. This might be okay when you're next neighbour is living anhour away, but in a city? Well - it seems... not really civilzed somehow.

I do know, they are not these fat, multi-coloured clothed, burger-eating people with photo-cameras, they are pictured sometimes. Just like I eat sometimes something different than sauerkraut and bratwurst. And uniforms are not really modern right here. Some germans try to excuse the Holocaust with the Americans killing the native-americans, which is as silly as any comparing of bad and evil. Massacres never can be good things.

Well - what does this make in complete? I don't think we are anti-americans to the core, we just like to feel superior at least in some points, since we know that the US is in some other. I don't know about the french, they tick so different, I can't see. And since I don't speak french so that I can't read french newspapers, I have no sources, too. Just translated stuff, which I do not like too much.

So what's the result of my ponderings? 1) I have no idea why the US just can't accept the different opinion of a friend; 2) I'm sure, I am not anti-american, I just care for my complexes and stay by my right to be critical when I think I have to. Does that count?

Freitag, März 07, 2003
Do you feel protected by the US Army?
The author of this article, seems not to feel the same. Go and read this interesting point of view I found via Netron.

There are brains on both sides!

Oh my, I know there are people who have problems with my english and say I put many things too simple.

Sure, but when I see how simple native English speakers put things like war and friends and enemies, I really get pissed.
You know what I mean? There's just two possibilities. Either you're adoring the US and seeing the one and only truth its president owns in the question of Iraq, or you're a friend of Saddam. Or worse - a muslim-friend. Or even more worse - a german or a french. There is no place for anything in between. There is no chance for any admittance of the existence of something like a brain in a peacefreaks head.

I have learned in many places that it is always good for communication, when you can disagree with someone but still can accept this person as a thinking human being. It's really soo silly, when you see sites where noting else happens than bashing. Peacefreak-bashing, Saddam-bashing, Iraq-bashing, palestine-bashing, Russia-bashing; german-bashing, french-baching, china-bashing. One of my friends uses to shout: these countries did have a culture, when your country (means the USA) was inhabited by people you murdered some years after in a really barbaric way, but this can't be a real reason for anything.

I must admit - I don't know any german in private who open declares to support the war. 87% of all germany don't want this war said the last poll. So the only pro-war folk I know, I know from a distance (either in the UK or the US) via phone or mail, what makes discussions more difficult.

Why don't you pro-war people see, that there are soo many thinking and at least as intelligent as you folks who don't want the war? When do you start to at least see that there are reasons which could be seen to support a peace-politics and not the war politics? Why can't you stop to act like stupid children when you run around and bash other countries?

I'm far away to start a discussion about which country has the "better" people. We should not go so far and count inventions and other stuff on each side. The US is the biggest guy in schoool at the moment. No doubt. But that's no reason for people to behave in that way, or? A human being is not plain stupid just because he has another opinion I have.

The US is here perceived as highly paranoid and making up this threat through Saddam to be able to fulfill its oil and power needs in the middle east. But I would not go so far to call all US-folks paranoid and power-needing. That would be stupid. I can imagine there are many americans feeling their president is totally right in what he does. But - and here is a big but - what's about the many thousand americans who do not support it? Who go on the streets, wear T-Shirts and make up homepages? Are they all stupid and dumb? Are they all just happy peace-calling morons?
I don't speak about celebrities. It's people's fault when they ask an actor about a topic he has no knowledge of.

Mittwoch, März 05, 2003
Saddams voice by an actor
And there are really people who ask what I mean with manipulation? Well, this is part of what I call so. Why would a station have someone speak the translation with an arab-accent? Because of Pawlow. I'd bet people worldwide (not only in the US) have become so much aware of dangers when they hear someone speak with an arab accent, this alone is enough to make anyone feeling uncomfortable. Again, I include myself here. At our big Roses-Monday Parade (over 1.000.000 people come to cologne and have Carnival - Mardi Gras seemsto be similar) I was really aware the two dark skinned tourists next to me who were speaking with something I thought sounding like Arab or so. (By my luck they were Danes or Portugese, and it was me, being silly). But well, I saw them and what was my association? Terrorists, of course. And I'd bet most of the americans would have the same one. So maybe this accent of Saddam was just to prevent that people find him nice and fun or so. But who would at all? By all pro or anti war stuff, I don't think there are many countries in the world who would really grieve if he would disappear from the surface today for ever. So what was this for?

Finding oneself at the same side with the Vatican,
is something that doesn't really happen often to me. Abortion? I say yes, they say no! Celibate? I say no, they say yes! Condoms? They say no, I say yes! So, what's wrong right now when I see this?

Dienstag, März 04, 2003
What do Europeans think about the US
Luckily, I do not speak for all Europeans. I even don't speak for any more germans than myself and people I'm in closer contact with. So I found this poll by Ananova really interesting, because it showed a glance about what the rest of Europe thinks about the US. And I wonder - it isn't so much different from what I feel. That might mean, we're brainwahsed by the same media. Or not.

Politician - icons
Via Schockwellenreiter I found this site where one can download icons of their most loved - or not - politician. It maybe helps to illustrate some site?

Human shields
Oh my! Yesterday we had a report on TV about some of the disappointed human shields over in Iraq. I mean - how stupid can one be? They really went to Iraq and thought Saddam would let them shield schools and hospitals. Yes - sure. And the Pope converts to jewish religion. And if - I mean, who really thinks any pilot would care if there is one of this enthusiastic human shields in a building they want to bomb? I can imagine not many who would give this a second thought.
So they showed this human shield, a german one, who was now totally disappointed and pissed, because Saddam didn't let him shield schools or so, but some agricultural buildings or trainstations. The report left me, really stunned in disbelief there are folks being so naive and stupid and still being able to somehow handle alldays life til now. I mean, this guy was in his forties! How did he survive til now? I wonder why he never went int a bus or so. Isn't it fascinating, how some people tick?

I just can't resist
And again I just couldn't resist to comment this stuff. I know, I should know better than to expect anything but unreflected flame, but somehow I still hope to help at least the one or the other start thinking. Of course, I'm not in possession of the ultimate truth about Saddam and Iraq, but I know when someone tries to sell me foul eggs for good ones. And the US try to sell these foul eggs at the moment. I don't like too much conspiration stuff, but we can't run from the now dead communist-bashing to Islam-bashing, just because little Georgie needs an enemy. This is really way too silly!

Sonntag, März 02, 2003
The Danger of Cyberplanning?
For those of us who like to dig through a text from time to time I found this. For me it was interesting, I hope it'll be for you, too. The author writes about how Al Quaeda could use the cyberspace for their plannings.

American colour-pics from WWII
Via Die Zeit I found this link to the colour pics from Americas WWII in colour. Really interesting pictures. Hmm... somehow I never thought of america's side, I mean - here in germany we have enough stuff happened in WWII to think about for ages, there was no need to think about others.

One more for PETA?
Okay, it's not that I want a fight with PETA and their activists. But when I read this link via Netron on a side, I couldn't suppress a bitter laugh. I mean, what do we read there. There is a guy who worked as a chicken killer and now can't live with it any longer. Well - no problem with that, but he did it for more than five years! One wonders, if not th fact that he doesn't work there anymore has started this process in his brain which led to this letter, no document, to PETA. Sorry, but this is ridiculous.

Some new truths
Did you know about the site Did you know? ? Read here the lastest news.

March 15th
I'm sorry, but PETA activists I do look t with the same disbelief than any other -ists. From what we see here, we want to eat dead animals on March 15th. And I surely will. As I wrote in some post - my ancestors have not chewed them to the top of the food-chain for me to eat salad and other green stuff. I like dead animals and I'll eat them if I like. What I don't like is to let them suffer more than necessary, but that's a completely different matter. So what will we have on March 15th? Hmm... lets start with breakfast: Mr. Lilli will go and get some breadrolls (Broetchen), then we can have some good german sausage and ham on the bread. For lunch I'd make either dead cow or dead pig with stuff and green and for the night we might grill a nice corn-chicken. Yummy! Wondergirl loves chicken and these little "Bratwurst". She even eats liver, I was totally impressed.

Samstag, März 01, 2003
These greek....
When I read what ananova presents here, I can't stop shake my head. It's art! It's satirical and fun! So how can one human being be so... dumb and small minded to take legal actions against it?